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Mind-Blowing Biker Gears - Harley Jewelry

Harley Davidson motorcycles are definitely a must-have for every badass motorcyclist who considers himself a true biker. Indeed, these mean machines personify the masculinity to which the bearded-muscular riders aspire. The smell of leather mixed with gas fumes, the brilliance of chrome parts, and the roar of a powerful engine under the rump – isn’t it what happiness is for the fans of road romance? An iron stallion in your stall is proof of your love for the American motorcycle brand on its own, but is it the only way to show your loyalty? Here, at Bikerringshop we are sure that you can tell the whole world that you breathe and bleed for Harley Davidson motorcycles with Harley jewelry.

What is Harley Jewelry?

Every piece of Harley jewelry is biker jewelry but not every piece of biker jewelry is Harley jewelry. Too complicated? We will explain everything in a bit.

So, biker-style rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and pendants, for both men and women, if complemented by the Harley Davidson logo or any other image associated with the brand, are considered Harley jewelry. Such products may include an emblem as a focal point or a combination with other common biker symbols such as flames, skulls, eagles, motorcycles, etc.

As a rule, biker jewelry, including that with HD symbolism, is molded from silver or other materials with metallic colors (titanium alloys, stainless steel) to blend in harmoniously with the chrome parts of a motorcycle. As for us, we make our products from high-quality alloy with 95.2% silver content, otherwise known as 925 sterling silver. Why did we choose it? Because it is durable, wear and tear resistant, easy to care of, and is filled with biker spirit, if you will. By the way, we craft all our products by hand. This is our tribute to those bikers and mechanics who customize Harley motorcycles using nothing else but their hands and hand tools.

Jewelry with Harley Davidson Logo

Harley Davidson has dozens of logo varieties. There are so many of them that one could write a book about it. However, the image that pops up in the head of everyone who hears Harley Davidson was the very first company’s logo. Created in 1910, the emblem remained almost unchanged for almost 110 years. By the way, we have already written about the legend of its creation, read about it here.

So, the iconic Harley Davidson logo is called Bar & Shield. It consists of two parts - a bar with the words Harley-Davidson carved against the background of a shield with the Motor Cycles engraving. This image is imprinted in the mind of every biker, and even if you have never owned a motorcycle, you can easily tell which brand it belongs to. Experts recognize Bar & Shield as one of the greatest logos in history and emphasize that it possesses a literally tangible machismo, strength, and durability.

So, Harley jewelry carries carvings with the Bar & Shield, its silhouette (so-called open Bar & Shield), Harley Davidson inscription in various trademark styles, and stylized HD letters.



Our Harley rings are adorned with recognizable HD letters branded on the housing of the legendary V-twin engine. Yes, the same engine the iconic Harley-Davidson motorcycles are equipped with.

Harley Jewelry with Eagles

In the 1930s, the Great Depression raged in the United States and the number of motorcycles sold by HD dropped dramatically. In order to somehow spur sales, in 1933, Harley Davidson gave its customers the opportunity to order a graphic on the tank. It looked like an eagle drawn in the art deco style. This year is considered to be the unofficial date of the customization birth. Since then, an eagle has been associated with the famous American brand. But it was not until 1999 that an eagle appeared on the HD logo.

In the end of the past century, the company developed branded performance parts that received the name the Screaming Eagle. By the way, it was a nickname of the US Army’s 101st Airborne Division. Harley Davidson introduced their Custom Vehicle Operation program with a distinctive logo featuring an eagle. According to the creators’ idea, the eagle on the brand’s logo symbolized patriotism, strength, freedom, and independence.

A little bit later, the eagle made its way on the Harley Owners Group’s (otherwise known as HOG) logo, an organization that was created to maintain long-term relationships with consumers of the brand’s products.

Motorcycle Parts

Motorcycles are engineering masterpieces that enclose thousands of individual parts into a compact housing. Each gear, bolt, and piston play an important role in the mechanism that takes riders thousands of miles away. Some of the motorcycle parts have gone down in history, such as the worldwide celebrated V-twin engine. This is the ingenious invention of Harley Davidson to which the company owes its immense success. In addition to the mechanical heart of the motorcycle, you can often see other parts of steel horses in jewelry items. For example, they may carry engravings of exhaust pipes, wheels, ape hangers, etc.

In our mechanical silver biker ring, we pay homage to the complex yet beautiful combination of gears, bolts, and nuts that are the muscles and bones of a motorcycle engine. All together, they create a unique roar that is music to bikers’ ears.


Skulls are a running theme in biker jewelry. No wonder that eventually HD turned their attention to this eerie symbol. It was blazoned on one of their special-occasion logos created for the 2000 Daytona Bike Week. Interestingly, that this particular emblem was created by Willie G, the grandson of the HD co-founder William Davidson.

The skull has a sacral meaning for bikers. Jewelry accommodating skulls shows that its bearer has no fear of death though it may lie in wait at the next turn. At the same time, the skull plays the role of an amulet that invokes good luck and drives misfortune away. Read more about biker skull symbolism in one of our older articles.

Often, skull rings feature no additional detail since the skull is a powerful symbol by itself. However, our designers decided to go one step further and rolled out this mechanic wrench cross skull ring. It features a brutal grinning skull embraced in flames. By the way, flames is another popular biker motive symbolizing purifying, freedom, as well as a new life, which motorcycle clubs give to bikers. Going back to our ring, its crossed wrenches clearly refer to crossbones, a ubiquitous symbol seen everywhere, from the Jolly Roger flag to the Death Head.


The immense popularity of Harley Davidson motorcycles has created such a phenomenon as customization. Factory modifications of Harley bikes serve as the basis for re-designed and re-assembled handicraft motorcycles. The most famous of them, receiving an iconic status, is the motorcycle of the Easy Rider’s main characters. It has a characteristic sitting positioning when a rider tilts back and the widely spread handle bars nicknamed ape hangers. Such a modified version of Harley Davidson bikes is known as a Chopper (more on that in our customizing for dummies article).


Our designers could not ignore the huge popularity of choppers among motorcyclists and civilians. Our collections feature several hand-made rings dedicated to these unique motorbikes. For example, this Iron cross molded ring carries a large crossed lettering West Coast Choppers. It pays tribute to all creative people who have shaped the motorcycle industry, both who work in the world leading motor corporations and who create masterpieces in their garages.

By the way, did you know why bikers wear Iron Crosses? The first bikers were American solders who fought in Europe during the World War II. They took medals of the defeated enemies as trophies. Coming home, they began to rebel against changes taking place in the society. As a symbol of protest, they put Iron Crosses on their clothes. So, not only does our Chopper ring appreciate customized Harley bikes but also to revere original biker traditions.

Bikerringshop presents our collection of Harley Jewelry

Bikerringshop is an online store created by bikers and for bikers. We respect biker history, culture, and unique symbolism. Popular motives whether it be skulls, crosses, flames, totem animals, etc. found their place in our immense catalogs. Check our website out to find a one of a kind silver ring, mind-blowing bracelet or formidable necklace. Maybe you are looking for a durable chain to secure your wallet? Then you’ll be surprised to discover our inventory of badass wallet chains.

Harley riders can get an awesome item to emphasize their masculinity and bad-to-the-bone attitude, too. We, of course, have no right to place the HD trademark image onto our items but we play with shapes and symbols to create awesome Harley-inspired jewelry with an old-school vibe and head-turning potential. Get one of our rings, necklaces, pendants, or bracelets and ride with style!

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