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Men's Silver Jewelry ABC by Bikerringshop

It’s time you learn more about Bikerringshop and our collections of men’s silver jewelry. Check out our jewelry ABC and get to know how, why, from what, and for whom we craft. 

A – Alloy

Alloy is a mixture of two or more metals to produce jewelry. Here, at Bikerringshop, we are dedicated to Sterling Silver, the alloy that contains 92,5% of pure silver and 7,5% of copper. Such a composition gives the alloy durability, wear and tear resistance, while preserving attractive appearance, hypoallergenic properties, and non-tarnish finishing.

B – Biker

We create our jewelry for bikers, rockers, Goths, and other tough men able to pull off eye-catchy, stout, and badass ornaments. When crafting our items, we keep these three principles: 1. Made by hand. 2. Made from 925 silver. 3. Feature iconic biker motifs including crosses (Christian, Celtic, Maltese, Iron Crosses, etc.), skulls, Harley-Davidson themes, dragons, wolves, eagles, flames, etc.

C – Christian

Although bikers are not the most religious people, you can often see Christian motifs in biker jewelry. It is not because they worship God (more like, they worship their bikes) but because they want to outrage public and show contempt for norms and beliefs accepted in society. So, bikers rock massive cross necklaces or cross rings but don’t put any spiritual significance in them. Another popular piece of biker jewelry is a bishop ring, highly-decorated gold (or silver with gold plating) ring with a big amethyst stone.

D - Drop Earrings

Drop earrings by Bikerringshop feature gems or other decorative elements that dangle. Such earrings catch the eye thanks to the movement of the dangle part, exclusive design, and massive size. If you believe that dangle earrings are only for chicks, you should consider everything you know about biker jewelry. Just take a look at these snazzy earrings with ominous grinning skulls. We are sure every biker would be excited to add those to his jewelry collection.

E – Exotic

Biker accessories are not only metal jewelry but also stylish and appealing wallets made of exotic leather. We craft our bi-folds and tri-folds from genuine leather of ostrich, lizard, snake, stingray, and crocodile. Not only are these skins known for their attractive appearance but also for unsurpassed durability. Quality-made exotic leather product can serve you for more than 50 years!

F- Fleur-de-lys

Fleur-de-lys is a popular motif in gothic jewelry that means royal power. Although it features a flower (lily), it is a primordially male symbol that now denotes masculinity, courage, and at the same time sense of style and sophistication.

G – Gothic

Not only will our jewelry please bikers but also Gothic enthusiasts. We draw inspiration from ancient gothic symbols, interpret them in a modern way, and create elegant pieces filled with dark aesthetics. From dragons rings to heart and dagger necklaces, our gothic items are romantic, mysterious, and elegant.

H – Hand-made

We forge every single item by hand. When our designers come up with an idea for a new jewelry piece, our artisans craft a cast and fill it with sterling silver. When the metal hardens, we remove a piece out of the mold and polish it manually. When it comes to wallet production, we cut and stitch them by hand, too. We don’t use any conveyors or automated production. In such a way, we are able to create pieces with unique character and charisma.

I - Inlays

To add our jewelry items more pizzazz and individuality, we often adorn them with gem and stone inlays. Our bishop rings feature large purple amethysts while gothic jewelry is complemented with rubies, garnets, onyxes, sapphires, and emeralds.

J – Jewels

When we emblazon our rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, etc, with jewels, we incline to natural stones and gems. We select jewel inserts to maintain cohesiveness and spirit of gothic and biker jewelry. Thus, we pick stones with cold vibrant colors for gothic items that emphasize the parlor and sublimity of silver.

K – Keychains

If you go for a biker image, you need to make sure it is cohesive from top to bottom. Therefore, you can’t miss any single opportunity to show off your biker accessories. One of the ways to do so is original, trailblazing, and daring keychains. Those are not some discreet cookie-cutter keychains you see everywhere. Our items are truly works of art featuring skulls, quirky chain designs, and luxury weight courtesy of solid silver.

L – Leather

Bikers love leather and flaunt leather jackets rain or shine. The leather is an excellent material for biker necklaces and bracelets. First of all, it ties the entire kickass look together. Secondly, it creates a perfect backdrop for silver elements. Indeed, shiny metal stands out against dark leather cords. Thirdly, genuine leather is very durable, attractive, and it carries a natural appeal.

M – Money clips

Want to organize your cash in a tidy way? Why not try one of our audacious money clips? All money clips from Bikerringshop are imbued with biker vibe thanks to striking designs and original finishing. Skulls and gems nestled in the shiny silver setting will help you carry your money with style.

N – Necklaces

We are proud of our enormous silver necklaces collections. Whether you prefer burly chains or elegant pendant necklaces, you will easily find an item to your liking. All our neck pieces owe luxury weight to solid silver that blends well with other items from Bikeringshop’s inventory. Not only that, but we also offer necklaces made of leather that are especially attractive when combined with silver cross pendants.

O – Oriental

Although biker culture has originated in the USA, it adopted many Eastern symbols the main of which are dragons. Unlike West where dragons are considered to be evil creatures, in the East, people revere dragons and believed they were wise, courageous, and protective. A person wearing dragon jewelry is safeguarded by this mighty mythical beast. Besides that, bikers respect carp koi fishes for their determination, purposefulness, and durability. There is even a legend that a carp koi swimming up the Yellow river will turn into a dragon. If animalistic jewelry is not up your alley, we have many other products boasting oriental style – samurai sward pendants, fan pendants, Oni mask jewelry, etc.

P – Punk

Punk, rock, and biker cultures are closely related. They share the love for leather outfits, daring accessories, and rackety lifestyle. If you are a fan of punk music, don’t miss your chance to complement your wardrobe with diverting punk jewelry by Bikerringshop.

Q – Quirky

We adore everything unconventional, leftfield, and even shocking. That’s why our collections are dripping with quirky accessories that may raise eyebrows but will never be overlooked or missed. Check these devil pig earrings, can you avert your eyes from them?

R – Rocker

If you’re a rock music buff, you will definitely crave for rock-inspired items found in our assortment. Although popular biker themes are the same widespread among rockers, we also offer jewelry with dedicated rock symbols such as stars, guitars, guitar picks, headphones, microphones, etc.

S – Silver

Silver is a number one metal for crafting biker, rocker, and Gothic jewelry. Thailand, where our business is based, is one of the world’s leaders in silver mining. That’s why our jewelry is so quality and budget-friendly. We craft burly and solid silver jewelry at a fraction of the cost of other brands. Men’s silver jewelry by Bikerringshop is a style you can afford.

T – Tribal

Ancient tribes can offer something raw, untamed, and earthy in their crafts. If you admire symbols and techniques of our ancestors and want to add some rugged jewelry to your collection, we carry a wide array of tribal rings, pendants, and earrings made of silver and treated with blackening for a more antique look.

U – Unique

Sometimes we draw inspiration from iconic biker items such as the famous Keith Richards skull ring. But most of our items are designed and crafted by our talented artisans in-house meaning you won’t find anything similar from other manufacturers. If you are seeking unique accessories, Bikerringshop is your go-to online store.

V – Vikings

We admire these fearless hardy men that inspire fear in their enemies with their looks. Do you think that bikers have a lot in common with Vikings? We think that too, that’s why we created these Viking-inspired items for bad-ass, tough, and adventurous men.

W – Wallet Chains

If you are looking for a way to securely attach your biker wallet to your belt, there is no better way to do so than with our striking wallet chains. They feature clasps on both sides, one for a belt loop and the other is for a wallet grommet (make sure your wallet has it). We craft our wallet chains from silver, brass, and leather so that you can pick an item that flawlessly matches your style. Original skull and cross links make our biker wallet chains unique and sought-after.

Z – Zircon

If you can’t afford real diamonds but wish your jewelry items to spellbind with sparkly clear stones, then zircon crystals are the best alternative. They are inexpensive yet eye-catchy. You can’t go wrong if decorating jewelry items with zircons as generous as possible. These minerals look appealing in the silver setting and they can easily blend with other precious stones. For instance, the combination of a large amethyst and accent zircons, such as in our bishop rings, looks mesmerizing.

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