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About Us

About us | Bikerringshop
We provides only quality products.

We deliver high-quality accessories for bikers and everyone in love with spellbinding jewelry.

Bikerringshop is a leading biker jewelry store from Thailand. We are your ultimate source of edgy biker jewelry. If you, too, are a fan of a bold biker look, our items are perfect to define the inner rebel in you.

We supply a vast range of excellent biker products that will take pride of place in your collection. Our inventory bustling with diverse accessories including biker rings, necklaces, wallet chains, pendants, bracelets, belt buckles, cuffs, money clips, and many others. Not only that but we also supply wallets and handbags featuring biker-culture inspired motifs.

Our biker items reflect a cool attitude of a true biker. We design our stuff to suit a badass biker persona that oozes the right dose of flamboyance, dynamism, boldness, and masculinity. The signature biker symbolism including crosses, skulls, skeletons, dragons, as well as Gothic patterns, is a highlight of our awesome collections.

We are passionate bikers ourselves and hence are dedicated to catering to our customers with authentic top-notch accessories. To craft our jewelry, we use high-grade 925 sterling silver since nothing can define the inner essence of a biker soul as perfectly as the raw dazzle of the pristine metal. The additional dark oxidization accents and embellishment with precious stones and gems further enhances the wild beauty of our product lines. Besides silver, we provide a robust selection of genuine leather products such as bags, wallets, necklaces, bracelets, and belts. If you enjoy durable and practical items, you can boldly go with cowhide, while fashionistas will be delighted with our dramatic exotic skin accessories. Every product is handmade by our expert craftsmen ensuring the best possible quality as well as the edgiest designs.

Whether you are a chopper enthusiast or a Harley Davidson aficionado, our biker accessories are sure to be your best companions while you are gushing through the streets.

Bikerringshop was created when a group of bikers and rock buffs who enjoy stylish accessories met in 2004. The founding fathers of Bikerringshop highly appreciate solid 925 sterling silver biker jewelry as well as hip genuine leather products and believe that every person deserves to own them. To make your access to top-notch yet affordable jewelry easier, we established our brainchild, Bikerringshop. No need to look elsewhere, everything you need to make your biker look complete is available at your fingertips in our online store. We deliver worldwide at no additional cost, so why not pamper yourself with an audacious and cheap at the price biker accessories?

We keep in mind every detail when crafting our jewelry as well as carefully follow the latest trends to provide you with the most stylish and well-made products. Whether you are hunting down rocker jewelry, celebrity-endorsed items, or genuine biker accessories, we’ve got you covered. On top of that, Bikerringshop is your trusted source of silver Gothic jewelry that fits men and women alike.

We hope our skills, passion, and dedication will resonate with your needs and wants. We go the extra mile to guarantee that you find what you are looking for in our store.

Stay tuned for more of our products!!!!

You can contact us at:
Or by phone at 660865050143.

We are located at:
Tepparit Kacha
54 Intramara 17,Sutthisarn Rd., 
Samsennai, Payathai 
Bangkok 10400

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