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Biker Totem Animals Jewelry

Biker jewelry often bears images of various totem animals. The biker culture is still young, it is only about 70 years old, so the meanings of these animals were adopted from other, more ancient cultures, for example, Indians, Ancient Chinese, Greeks, etc. Let's figure out characteristics of these totem animals and what qualities people who wear animal jewelry have.

Lion Ornaments

As a totemic animal, a lion symbolizes the sun, strength, fire, courage, steadfastness, justice, law, and military power. Also, a lion stands for cruelty, ferocity, and bestial way of life. He is a symbol of war and is often an attribute of the Gods of war. Shamans believed that if riding a lion, you can tame the universe.

Biker Rings with a Tiger

A tiger is the creator and destroyer at the same time. He also has a royal dignity, cruelty, strength, power, courage, and fury, which he needs as a defender. According to the Aztecs, a tiger symbolized the western setting sun, the hidden dark power, and forces of the earth. A tiger is often peculiar to gamblers. In the Chinese, the God of wealth rides a tiger that guards coffers with coins.

Tiger is considered to be one of the strongest totems, and not every person is able to withstand its nature. If you chose a tiger as your totemic animal, be ready to become a king of your own castle. From now on, you are the ruler of your life.

Jewelry with a Wolf

This animal symbolizes valor, devotion, and mutual assistance. He is a true team player, rallying a pack around. But he can also be a loner, and at the same time his loneliness will give him strength and won’t oppress him.

In the Greco-Roman culture, a wolf is dedicated to Mars (Ares) as the embodiment of rage.

A wolf is the forerunner of new ideas, the one who is seeking the way. He is who returns to a clan to train and provide help. If you lived in the Wolves clan, you would understand the power of a pack as well as the power of individuality.

Biker Rings With an Octopus

An Octopus.. he is nowhere and everywhere. He is all plans of being and something more that has no limits. An octopus is flexible but strong as a thousand snakes. He is a cephalopod, and this represents a deep level of integration of different and many things into a single whole. An octopus lives in the depths at the very bottom, which personifies the most profound, basic level of existence. He is not seen, but he controls all levels of depth and all worlds. For those who wear rings with an octopus, there is no suffering, obstacles, and enemies.

A Symbol of Snake in Jewelry

Snake is an extremely complex and versatile symbol. The snake and dragon are often interchangeable, and in the Far East, there is no difference between them. The symbolic meaning of the snake is polyvalent. It can be male, female, and also self-reproducing. As a creature that kills it means death and annihilation; as a creature that periodically changes its skin, it stands for life and resurrection.

A coiled snake identifies the cycle of natural phenomena. It means the solar and lunar origin, life and death, light and darkness, good and evil, wisdom and blind passion, healing and poison, a guardian and destroyer, spiritual and physical revival.

It also symbolizes the primordial instinctive nature, the inflow of vital force, uncontrolled and undifferentiated powers, potential energy, an inspiring spirit. It is an intermediary between Heaven and Earth as well as between Earth and the underworld.

Owl Jewelry

An owl is an ambivalent symbol. It is a bird of wisdom, but also darkness and death. In the culture of American Indians, it means wisdom and prophecy. In Ancient China, it symbolizes evil, crime, death, and horror.

However, with this being said, all ancient peoples without exception treated this bird with respect. After all, its main strength is in the ability to see the hidden, see through the darkness, and transmit the wisdom of ancestors to the descendants. An owl is the personification of earthly and heavenly wisdom sent to the earth to help people.

Eagle Biker Rings

An eagle is a Solar symbol of all the gods symbolizing the spiritual beginning, ascension, inspiration, liberation from bonds, victory, pride, royal origin, and power.

It was believed that an eagle can fly to the Sun and, without blinking, look at it and connect with it. In this regard, an eagle personifies spirituality in a person who is able to soar to Heaven. Two-headed eagles are attributes of twin gods; in this form, an eagle can mean omniscience and dual power. An opposition between an eagle and a bull, or an eagle and a lion, in which an eagle always wins, personifies the triumph of spirit and intellect over the carnal nature. The conflict between an eagle and a snake, or an eagle with a snake in its claws, shows the victory of the spirit. In this battle, an eagle personifies the forces of good, and a snake symbolizes the forces of evil.

Biker Jewelry with a Bull

A bull is a symbol of fertility, natural strength, and power. The bull is able to work hard and is able to give life. Another meaning of a bull is self-sacrifice. A bull is the manifestation of the Earth, it symbolizes its masculine nature bearing fertility. A symbol of a bull is related to material well-being, prosperity, and property. A bull stands for a fruitful development and implementation of initiatives that have a practical or material purpose. In addition, a Bull is a symbol of the fire - he is stubborn, strong, active, energetic, powerful, self-willed. All these qualities are inherent in both a bull and fire.

Horse Ornaments

A horse was associated with both funeral rites and birth: the souls of people enter this world and leave it on horseback. In Hinduism, stallions are harnessed to the chariot of the solar god Surya, and in Greek mythology - to Helios' chariot. In Chinese astrology, a horse is associated with such qualities as attraction and gift. Horses symbolize freedom, and sometimes unrestraint, and this is exactly what characterizes a biker nature. A horse can personify movement and travel. And for this reason, bikers’ motorcycles are also called steel horses.

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