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Which way should a skull ring face?

We have plenty of articles dedicated to topics such as which finger to wear a ring on, how to rock it, how to properly combine it with other accessories, what metal is best for biker jewelry, etc. We also published a few posts about what the skull symbol means in the biker community. However, information about which way a skull ring should face is nowhere to be found on the Internet. Meanwhile, how you rock your biker skull ring will determine which message you want to convey to others. Let's bridge this gap and talk about a skull symbolism when your ring points in and out.

To Face Outwards or Inwards?

Right off the bat, there is no 100% correct way to place your ring. Most men wear a ring so that it can be clearly seen to onlookers, that is, this finger jewelry face out towards other people. However, bikers are not “most men”, so what is accepted by civilians is not necessarily right for motorcycle enthusiasts.

Before you put a skull ring on your finger, you should ask yourself what it means for you personally. Depending on your answer, wear a finger ornament either pointing out or pointing in.

If a ring is a way of self-expression, an accessory that defines your style and is a link between different elements of your outfit, then you should rock it facing others. In the end, a silver skull ring is proof of how fashionable, tough, and dashing you are, so you need to demonstrate it to society.

If a ring has sentimental meaning or it features significance that is clear only to you, then its best to wear it so it faces you. For example, you received this ring as a gift from a friend, another member of your club, or it is in honor of the deceased comrade. In this case, you are the only person whom this ring is intended to, so the skull should look straight at you.

If you are a member of a biker club and you wear a ring as part of an insignia, then a skull should face out. Everyone should know which club you belong to. That’s why you must make sure that people can easily see your ring and make out what is depicted and written on it. In addition, if you have a beef with other biker groups, you need to wear a ring the way it is the last thing your opponent sees when your fist punches him in the face, that is, again, it should point out.

If it’s customary in your club to wear a ring the other way around, then it is right to rock it as your clubmates do. You should respect the traditions and customs of your club whether it is the Code or a common way of wearing rings. If for any reason you find it inconvenient or for personal reasons you want to invert a ring, it won’t hurt to talk to the club president and explain your motivation. If your reasons prove to be convincing, he should agree to let you wear a ring in your way.

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