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How the biking culture has resulted in badass biker rings

The Biker Culture

Lately we’ve been seeing biker custom clothes, jewellery, head scarfs, and patches rise in popularity as shows like Sons of Anarchy bring to the mainstream the world of badass gangs on big shiny bikes adventuring and causing trouble wherever they go.

It’s a lifestyle that many aspire to, even if they don’t ride; the freedom, the fight against authority, pushing the social norms, and taking what you want, when you want appeals to the rebel inside of everyone.

biker culture

One way to join in with the badass world of bikers, and let your own edgy style shine through is to get one or more biker rings. There’s no rules for which finger to wear it on (some bikers used to wear them on every finger like a knuckle duster), so whether you choose a thumb ring, a pinkie ring, or even to make it a more badass wedding ring, it’s bound to make an impression.


Why do bikers wear rings?

Traditionally worn by those who have proven themselves within a biker gang, and especially the leaders, the rings often depict scenes of death, skulls, or other similar symbols, to remind them that life is short. There can also be imagery of weapons or chains to signify danger.

Gangs often used them to show “belonging” to their particular gang, making them instantly recognisable to others. Having several big heavy rings can also make a great substitute for brass knuckles, which were illegal as a weapon, but very effective in a fight.


The first biker rings actually originated on the dangerous streets of Mexico, and you can find many Mexican style biker rings ( for sale even now. It then became ingrained within the culture, spreading across the globe.


What makes biker rings stand out?

Biker rings were made to be seen. Shiny, big, and shocking, with hands up on the handlebars of a hog, it’s hard to ignore. The rings shouts “born to be different”, and the badass looking images on the rings instantly gives the impression that the wearer could be dangerous.


Where can I get a biker ring?

While there are shops you can visit selling badass fashion pieces, or even real biker shops which will may stock them, the easiest place to find them is online, where you can find an incredible selection of biker rings for both men and women and check cool gear ( It may also be useful to look through biker blogs, or badass fashion articles to understand how to wear them correctly, and what to match them with day to day.

So, to complete your badass style, and stop passers by in their tracks, grab your biker ring today.

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