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What hand do men's rings go on ?

Men’s rings are on the rise – there’s no better way to stand out and make a statement than to display a certain ring on your finger. From small silver rings, to large rings adorned with jewels, each type sends a different message, and so does the hand – and the finger – you wear it on. Throughout history, men of status – whether they are gang leaders in Mexican biker gangs, rulers of empires, mafia bosses, or wealthy history changers – have sent a message with how they wear their rings.

Before you find yourself the perfect ring, you need to make sure to figure out how to measure ring size and maybe refer to a ring size chart to get that perfect fit – but first, which finger do you need to measure?

Which hand should I wear my ring on?

Mostly, there are not really any rules in place for whether you should wear it on your left or right hand – with certain exceptions. If you’re using a ring as a wedding ring (even if it’s a badass looking wedding ring) you should wear it traditionally on your left hand.

Some organisations do have certain rules about how you can wear your ring, but these will align with the personal rules of that organisation, and you’ll have to check when you join.

Yet while there are not really any specific rules for wearing non-ceremonial rings, it can still send a subliminal message to those who see you wear it:

The right hand – As most people are right-handed, this is seen as a “dominant” hand and is the one you will wave around the most as you speak or if you’re using your hand to get something done. Wearing your ring on this hand can be a symbol of power, authority, and maybe even responsibility. It will be the first thing seen when you undertake any task, or when in gestured conversation.

The left hand – Following on from the idea that the right side of the brain controls your logic, and the left side controls your creativity and ideas, wearing your ring on the left side can show your personal beliefs or attributes you live by. Those wearing rings for religious reasons or to show some creativity might wish to display their ring in this way.


Now you’ve decided which hand to wear your ring on – how about which finger?

This is what each finger represents:

The pinkie: Represents intelligence and persuasion in astrology. It’s the ring most used to make a statement so flashy, large rings are often worn on this finger.

The 4th (ring) finger: This is the wedding/engagement ring finger. A ring on the left hand signifies that the person is taken (usually married) and sometimes on the right it can signify engagement. Promise and commitment rings are often worn on this finger too.

The middle finger: The middle finger is the largest (on most people) and therefore can represent manliness and boldness – however, it can be hard to wear a big ring on this finger and still complete manual tasks, so it may be the best choice to wear a smaller ring if you’re going for this one.

The 2nd finger: This is actually the most popular choice of finger throughout history, as wearing it doesn’t interfere with any work you may have to do – traditionally, people have worn family crests, or rings to signify belonging to an organisation on this finger. As it’s the pointing finger, it can represent power, authority and responsibility. 

The Thumb: Usually a sign of wealth and status, it’s a choice for those who want to wear multiple rings on one hand, and very popular globally. Thick and chunky rings work brilliantly on the thumb.

Whatever hand or finger you choose to wear your ring on, make sure you grab a ring that will help you stand out and make a statement. You can find some fantastic choices for a sterling silver men’s ring online.

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