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Sons of Anarchy Rings - Inspiration for Your Style

The Sons of Anarchy made a revolution in biker-themed entertainment content. This high-profile show displayed the biker community the way it is, without sugarcoating, embellishment, or lies. The prototypes for this TV biker gang were the one and only Hells Angels, the fathers of the motorcycle club culture. The Sons of Anarchy is much loved by bikers and regular viewers alike. The latter got a chance to learn more about bikers, their lifestyle, the rivalry between biker clubs, and everything that makes riders different from civilians.

The character’s distinctive looks even created a fashion phenomenon. Everybody wanted to look like the Sons of Anarchy. For instance, the famous SO NS biker rings worn by the main character became a sough-after accessory among the show’s countless fans. Here, at Bikerringshop, we couldn’t ignore the show’s phenomenal success either. Although we can’t copy jewelry stuff presented on the silver screen (it is all because of licensing), we tried our best to craft items that will please the SOA’s fans. Here is our collection of silver biker rings inspired by the Sons of Anarchy.

Love for Motorcycles

Bikers and motorcycles can’t live with each other. A rider spends a huge chunk of his life in a saddle. It creates an indestructible bond between the machine and its master. We created this mechanic biker ring to show how close bikers are with their motorcycles. These tough men are made of blood and flesh but their hearts are definitely mechanic. The sophistication and beauty of motorcycle gears come to life in this awesome ring. It will become a testimony of your eternal loyalty to motorcycles and the culture it has them at heart.


Another ring that worships motorcycles and biker culture on the whole is our Mechanic Wrench Cross Skull Ring. It blends the most popular biker symbol, the skull, and two crossed wrenches resembling crossbones. The skull conveys the biker’s essence – stern nature, not-to-be-messed-with attitude, and the need for speed. The flames embracing the forehead simultaneously imply short temper bikers are known for and the feeling of ecstatic they get when riding their steel horses.


It is known for the fact that bikers love and respect skulls. This symbol, terrifying for many people, is designed to bring good luck for riders. They believe that with a skull tattoo, jewelry, or patch, they can fool death. Besides that, a skull is a symbol of friendship, fraternity, and equality in the biker community. Every biker is proud to wear skull rings, and we are proud to have them in our biker ring collections.

Look at this fierce and fiery skull. Its magnetic power will draw in all the eyes. You won’t be able to turn away from it either. The belligerent facial expression, a large than life size, and intricate skull details carved on both sides make this ring unique and desired. If you are looking for a gift to your biker friend or want to get a jaw-dropping accessory for yourself, you can’t go wrong with this one hell of a ring.

Grim Reaper

Do you still remember what is depicted on the SOA’s colors? Yeah, the Grim Reaper himself. In the biker culture, this symbol says that riders are not scared of death. They are brave and fearless no matter what is waiting for them behind the next turn. We are all mortal, we can’t escape from what is destined to be. So, a Grim Reaper is a reminder of our mortality and also a cool way to intimidate the enemies. You can also get your personal Grim Reaper with this badass silver ring.


Lucky Number

Bikers believe in destiny and good luck. They would proudly flaunt talismans protecting from the bad and multiplying the good. With this Lucky Seven ring, luck will be on your side whether in love, game, or on the road. Stylized as the Grim Reaper’s scythe, it will eternally remind you that a biker’s life is a balance between the good and bad, peace and battle, life and death.


Knuckle Duster

A brass knuckle is a weapon of real men. It won’t do everything for you, unlike a shotgun. I will only enhance your strength if you have it. Knuckle dusters are banned in many states but who can ban knuckle duster jewelry? This ring will become a loyal companion for those of you who had to fight for your beliefs, your freedom, and your life. Put it on your finger and let everyone know that you rather die than let others enslave you.

Rings from Bikerringshop is a Synonym of Quality

Why buy rings from Bikerringshop? It’s simple – we put quality first and will go the extra mile to please our clients. All the items we supply rock affordable price tags. However, we go even further and offer free worldwide shipping to save you even more money.

Despite the surprisingly low price, our quality is hard to match. We use only 925 sterling silver to make sure our rings stay the same beautiful for a lifetime. Sterling silver is tough, strong, and is not prone to tarnishing – it is the best choice for biker jewelry.

Bikers are known for their individuality and they deserve the best jewelry capable of emphasizing it. We do not churn out charisma-less mass-market jewelry. Instead, we design, craft, and finish every single ring by hand. Only painstaking labor ensures you get one of a kind item that means the world to you.


Although SOA’s characters didn’t wear any of our rings, we are sure that if given a chance, they would be thrilled to. But you, as a fan of the show and motorcycle culture enthusiast, can get yourself a ring steep in a cool biker vibe. With Bikerringshop, you won’t have to break the bank for it. Just browse through our assortment of kickass biker ring and we guarantee you’ll find an item becoming a gem in your jewelry collection.

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