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Designer Rings with Gemstones from Bikerringshop

We are used to seeing sparkling, edgy, and formidable gemstone rings on women’s fingers. Such dramatic jewelry is believed to be a female’s prerogative while men have to settle for something minimalistic and discreet. Meanwhile, men’s rings strewn with precious stones have been known throughout centuries. On a men’s hand, they denoted high social class, prosperity, power, and whatever gentlefolk wanted to exhibit. For a while, ornate bands made way for more simplistic models but today, they are all the rage again. In today’s post, we are going to show our selection of men's designer rings enriched with precious gemstones.

Historical Significance of Gemstone Rings

Rings featuring natural gemstones are present in every ancient culture. Initially, rings played the role of identification marks (in this meaning, they are mentioned, for example, in the Indian epic of the 11th century BC). In ancient Egypt, the commonplace finger jewelry was gold signet rings carrying hieroglyphs or images on a wire rim. The much-loved stones of the ancient Egyptians are malachite, lapis lazuli, and carnelian. Such rings then passed to the Greeks, Etruscans, Romans, and others. In the Roman Republic, senators and horsemen wore gold rings while commoners had iron bands. During the Roman Empire, all free-born citizens could wear gold rings and silver jewelry was for freedmen.

In the early Middle Ages, it was customary to wear one ring on the ring finger. The rings were quite simple - with ornaments, patterns, inscriptions, and a single stone. Over time, their shape became more sophisticated, bezels became larger, precious stones and enamel were seen right, left, and center. By the late Middle Ages, all fingers were embellished with rings. Some even flaunted two rings on the same finger, one for each joint.

The 17th century gave us rings with large faceted stones in the center of an engraved band, as well as secret compartment rings. One century later, men shifted their attention to diamonds in modest settings, although lush rings adorned with all kinds of bows and flowers compete with them on a par. At the junction of the 18th and 19th centuries, jewelers created rings with embedded miniature portraits in a pearl or diamond frame.

The fashion for gemstones changed all the time throughout the centuries as jewelers discovered new minerals that could be beautifully showcased. Plus, they found new ways to process and cut well-known stones. For example, the 18th century popularized red carnelian, moss agate, layered onyx, and multicolor agate. Amethyst, rock crystal, and smoky topaz experienced a revival thanks to introducing intaglio engraving.

During the Napoleonic wars, Europe saw the ‘iron’ trend marked by utilizing cast iron for crafting jewelry. Soon enough, in the second Rococo period, gold rings were back to fashion. They featured colored enamel and frequently had a secret stash. At the end of the 19th century, fashionistas were crazy about platinum-rimmed solitaire rings. Finally, after a century-long period of decline in the 20th century, men’s gemstone rings are in again.

Types and Models of Designer Rings with Gemstones

Gemstone rings men adorn their fingers with feature a multitude of designs. Some of them rely on a single statement inlay while others take advantage of a scattering of smaller stones. Although today we can see myriads of designs, we can break them down into four large groups: single stone rings, signets, multi-inlay bands, and rings with auxiliary gems.

Single Stone Rings

Otherwise known as solitaire or birthstone rings, they exhibit one, normally large, stone. Unlike solitaire rings for women that may feature a rather delicate band in contrast to a large inlay, men’s models always have an enlarged setting. Together with an imposing stone, it creates a harmonious dramatic look. Some people believe that expressly humongous rings are only for gangsters, drug lords, and Mafioso but we tend to disagree. A toned-down piece in silver or white gold finishing with a muted stone (clear or black) radiates a refined style. At the same time, you can look modish with something more ostentatious. For example, bishop rings that draw inspiration from jewelry worn by Catholic clergy, deliver eye-catching amethysts enclosed in a burly gold mount. Such pieces are a must-have for individuals with a quirky dress sense.

amethyst ring

Gemstone Signet Rings

Another massive type of men’s gemstone rings is a signet. The very first signets didn’t feature any stones. Instead, they had a flat bezel with sunken engraving in reverse that, when being pressed into hot wax, left an impression with a person’s monogram or family crest. It is a no-brainer to guess that these rings were an instrument for authentication and branding documents. Since the 18th century, when jewelers learned how to engrave precious stones, signets began to feature those.

signet ring

Nowadays, nobody uses signets to sign documents. Nevertheless, men still rock these original rings. The main difference between single-stone and signet rings is that the latter carry flat stones while the former normally flash them convex or faceted. Due to the complexity of engraving over gemstones, these signets often have no personalized images. As an alternative, jewelers may apply designs made of gold or other metals over the centerpiece inlay.

Multi-Inlay Bands

While the previous two groups show off a single dominant stone, multi-inlay bands showcase a handful of stones smaller in size. This design is available for both men and women, but with a small difference. While ladies can afford to flaunt multi-color inlays, men tend to choose minerals with a uniform color. Those can be of stand-out blue, red, or green hues, as well as clear and monochrome gems. Design-wise, we can single out two popular types – infinity and cluster rings.

Infinity, sometimes also called halo rings, feature gem inserts all over the band. They may be grouped around a centerpiece (like the skull in the picture below) or scattered across the shank thus forming a piece without a beginning or an end (that’s why those are known as infinity rings).

skull gemstone ring

Cluster rings introduce a group of stones inlaid in the form of a circle, square, heart, or any other figure. Thanks to dominating the setting and reflecting the light, these rings set the world on fire. It takes guts to show up with a men’s designer cluster ring in public, but if you seek attention, it is destined to provide it in spades.

Rings with Auxiliary Gems

Gems are not the main characters of these pieces. Rather, they help to manifest their designs in a new light and add a hint of pizzas. In Bikerringshop men’s ring collections, you will find plenty of models with gems. Those can be dragons or skulls with ruby eyes, cross rings glistening with a single gem at the bar intersection, sugar skulls carrying inlays in their foreheads, and many other appealing designs. On top of that, small stones may supplement a bigger stone in a solitaire or signet ring. No matter which designs you end up with, our artisans made sure that they look masculine and original.

Why Wear Gemstone Rings?

A ring adorned with gems gives your image a captivating power. Even an unremarkable outfit complemented with such a trailblazing accessory will immediately gain a style appeal. A carefully selected gemstone ring to supplement your evening suit will emphasize your impeccable taste. The ability to instantly create a festive look is an undeniable advantage of designer rings.

Rings enriched with precious and semiprecious stones are not only aesthetically pleasing but also endowed with magical properties. When picking such a ring, you should consider a stone’s meaning, symbolism, and compatibility with your personality. Below, we briefly described what various jewels mean.


A ring with the toughest and most expensive gemstone can easily become a fixture of your style. Models featuring large diamonds will give you a royal charm, infinity rings will speak of your originality, while auxiliary diamonds will reveal you as a humble yet fashion-forward individual.

Diamonds possess a restraint and simultaneously solemn appearance. Diamond accessories are self-sufficient and do not require aid from other jewelry pieces. As a mount for a diamond, you can pick any shades of gold. They perfectly emphasize its natural transparency.


Ruby is considered the most expensive gem after a diamond. Some specimens can even surpass a diamond in value. The color of ruby stones can vary from pink to rich red and burgundy.

A ruby ring will become an eye-catching detail of a seductive image. In temperament and color, this stone is close to a bright flame of fire. An owner of a ruby ring will be completely safe even surrounded by enemies. This stone accommodates great strength and power. Ruby should only be worn by strong and balanced personalities. It contributes to the development of leadership qualities and nobility. On top of that, it symbolizes passionate love.


Thanks to the vibrant green color, emerald jewelry holds in thrall. The stone hues vary from light green to grass green. Color intensity largely affects its cost - the richer the color, the more expensive it is. Rings featuring rose and yellow gold finishing reveal the luxurious appeal of the green jewel.

It is believed that emeralds help normalize blood pressure as well as relieve headaches and fatigue. The green stone safeguards family ties, keeps peace and harmony in the family, and protects from bad thoughts.


Amethyst, as the most expensive variety of quartz, has been known since ancient times. A beautiful stone with hues ranging from pale purple to bright blue looks exquisite in men’s jewelry. The color intensity of amethyst can be enhanced with incandescent. Jewelers even got to obtain green amethysts of incredible beauty.

Amethyst is considered a noble stone. While the favorite color of royal dynasties is purple, this stone encapsulates regal grace, daintiness, and elitism. Besides its ties with monarchs, it also has a connection with the church. Catholic bishops wear gold Episcopal rings featuring amethysts.

It is said that these purple stones can help resolve conflicts. They bring a calm sleep and relieve tension. Astrologers consider the amethyst to be the patron of air signs.

A single amethyst looks harmonious in silver and white gold. In yellow gold finishing, amethysts look grand if teamed up with clear stones.


Jewelry with glistening blue topaz stones looks exquisite and lordly. This incredibly transparent stone radiates sophistication and grandeur. It looks grand stand-alone and when blended with other stones. A topaz ring can be made of silver, gold, and platinum - the stone looks harmoniously in any setting.


The energy of this blue stone will help in self-realization and bring harmony. It is an ideal companion for those who struggle to express their thoughts. The magical properties of topaz contribute to eloquence and ease of communication.


Garnets can exhibit practically any color of the rainbow, except for blue. The most popular garnets are red ones. In many cultures, a vibrant red mineral symbolized love, friendship, and joy. In others, it was given a meaning of passion, courage, and bravery. Travelers used to wear garnet jewelry to become more resilient. The wearers of black garnets believed that they had found a connection with the souls of the dead.


Onyx is a stone of the layered structure, which color varies from gray to saturated black. Since ancient times, onyx was known as a stone of leaders and victors. It reinforces memory and spiritual strength, protects against evil deeds, and promotes the ability to rule over people. Along with that, onyx boasts healing properties - it helps normalize the emotional state, relieves pain, and strengthens the spirit.

Onyx is considered to be a man's stone. In gold or silver designs, it looks bold and stylish.


Agate is a ‘stripy’ semiprecious stone. Wavy stripes of different colors form incredible patterns in which you can see landscapes, castles, lakes, and mountains. These stripes may be pronounced, of different hues, or subtle, showcasing the shades of the same color.

In the Middle Ages, it was believed that God's mercy descended on a person possessing agate. The owner of a stone was considered a pleasant conversationalist. Today, many people are sure that agate accessories bring harmony, beneficially affect health, give confidence, and protect from dangers and negative energy.


Opal is a semi-precious organic stone that has been popular since the dawn of civilization. The peculiarity of this mineral is that it contains up to 20% of water. In nature, the mineral is found in a variety of shades - from black to fiery orange. The ancent Romans called this stone no other than “enchanting eyesight” (opalus). "Stunning to the eye" –ancient Greeks echoed the same views. The secret of opal is in the incredible optical effect – opalescence. When being put in bright lighting, the stone starts glowing with mother-of-pearl multi-color tints or spots.

Since ancient times, opal has been used as an “antidote” to withstand dark magic, witchcraft damage, the evil eye, and natural disasters. To this day, people claim that the unusual mineral protects its owner from thieves, fires, lightning, and other accidents. In eastern countries, people wore opal amulets to safeguard love and family happiness.


Here, at Bikerringshop we are sure that men can (and should) wear gemstone jewelry. In our immense collections, you can find designer rings boasting precious and semi-precious jewels, as well as inexpensive CZ stones.

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