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Are Men’s Rings Sizes Different from Women's?

Men’s and women’s jewelry, although made of the same metals and carrying the same purpose, is not exactly the same. While rings for ladies are elegant, sophisticated, delicate, and encrusted, men rock rugged, tough, and stout pieces often featuring a controversial symbolism. Does it mean that women and men have different ring sizes? This post will give you the answer.

When it comes to clothes and shoe sizes, both sexes have different sizes indeed. It is because women’s and men’s bodies are different. Men have broader shoulder and narrow hips, girls have a larger chest and wide hips, let alone guys are generally taller and ‘wider’. That’s why women are not smaller men. When a man buys jeans, his size is based on waist measurements whereas women sizes utilize hips measurements.

Now let’s look at men’s and women’s fingers, you can’t deny the look the same – all of us (with few exceptions) have ten digits comprising of three phalanges and a nail. Yes, men’s hands are more imposing and strong while ladies boast smoother lines and better proportions. But still, the design is pretty much the same so there is no reason to create a ring size chart for each sex individually.

Typical Ring Sizes

The international and US ring size charts alike are based on a finger circumference. The only difference between them is a unit – the US chart uses inches while the international – millimeters. For example, the ring size 7 shows that a wearer has a finger circumference equal to 2.14 inches. The corresponding European size is 54.5 mm. Our ring size chart will help you easily convert jewelry sizes from the US to International and vice versa.

Women’s rings are normally ranging from 3 to 12 sizes. The most popular sizes are between 6 and 8, which constitute approximately 50% of all ring purchases. As for men’s rings, they typically range from 8 to 14, with the most popular rings in sizes between 9 and 11. Since the size chart is the same for both sexes, a girl with, let’s say, the size 9 can easily find a ring in the male’s department and it will fit perfectly.

Ring Size Tips

All jewelry manufacturers stick to the same ring sizes but the difference between two adjacent sizes can differ. While some companies produce only whole sizes, their counterparts may craft bands in half and even quarter sizes. The latter id great if your finger is somewhere between two sizes. Bikerringshop manufactures whole and half sizes while the most popular options (between 10 and 11 sizes) go with a quarter inch range. By the way, if you are stuck between two sizes, we always recommend sizing up because it is much easier (and cheaper) to make a smaller ring than expand a band that wraps too tight around your finger.

One more piece of advice – keep a shank (band) width in mind when you buy a ring. Wider pieces always fit tighter than thin rings. If you wear a thin band and you want to replace it with a more massive finger accessory, it makes sense to size up. Otherwise, your new ring might be too tight even though you measured your ring size correctly.

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