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How to Rock Biker Rings and Silver Jewelry

Biker jewelry is bold and expressive items for really cool guys. Massive, eye-catching, provocative, they are a perfect complement to a masculine image of burly men riding powerful bikes. With time, biker jewelry has gone beyond the scope of this subculture and started grabbing the attention of fashionistas who just want to flaunt a stylish accessory. Today, biker rings can be seen on rockers, rappers, street artists, athletes, and men who care about their appearance.

Why Silver?

The cold white shine of silver resembles the radiance of the moon. Since ancient times, the moon has been considered the patron saint of women. The sun and its golden glow were associated with power, might, and the male principle. Thus, the metals happened to be divided according to genders - silver was believed to be a female metal while gold became a metal of the male. However, this separation did not last long. When pretentious jewelry items stopped being in vogue, men started paying a closer attention to silver. Men's silver jewelry is more restrained in design, less showy, and at the same time, it perfectly fits any image and style.

Men's silver rings and other ornaments are able to emphasize masculinity, decisive character, and a cool attitude. They help to make an image of a confident and fearless man complete. Silver ornaments are equally suitable for business and purposeful men, as well as athletes whose active lifestyle does not allow wearing expensive jewelry with precious stones.

Today, you can find millions of variants of products crafted from this noble metal - silver men's rings and signets, chains and pendants, as well as watches, lighters, bracelets, and even wallet chains.


A symbol imprinted on a biker ring or a necklace can tell a lot about its owner. Such jewelry manifests bikers’ beliefs and even acts as an amulet.

For example, a skull ring or other item is believed to protect against death. Such an amulet is very important for a biker because a fast ride is often fraught with great danger and risk to life. According to one of the beliefs, when Death sees its mark on a person (the skull), it thinks that it has already been here so it passes by. Therefore, for a biker, jewelry is not only an ornament, but also an esoteric symbol with a deep meaning.

biker skull ring

Iron crosses are also widely spread among bikers. This symbol is borrowed from the German military award. By putting on enemy awards, motorcyclists protested against the enslaving American power. Unfortunately, there is still the opinion that these symbols are associated with the nationalist political views of bikers, which is not true.

The Confederate flag, which is officially banned in public places in most states of the United States with the exception of some southern states, is a peculiar symbol of non-conformism and right-wing beliefs of bikers.

In addition to these symbols, biker jewelry can carry various motorcycle symbols – logos of motorcycle manufacturers, stylized images of bikes, exhaust pipes, engines, drive chains, etc. You can often see Harley rider accessories that denote a biker’ belonging to the Harley-Davidson fan club.

Biker Silver Rings

There are several types of biker rings. The most popular designs are bands, cluster rings, and signets. Band rings are suitable for men of all ages and style preferences as they have smaller sizes and various designs. You can easily combine them with other jewelry, including wedding rings and bracelets. Solid signet rings feature massive shapes and large sizes. We recommend wearing them separately from other types of rings.

All men's biker rings feature a quite impressive size, heavy weight, and an eye-catching, sometimes even provocative, design. At the same time, they allow showing off men’s individuality and complementing almost any image. Biker rings perfectly harmonize with casual or fashion clothing.

Men's Silver Bracelets

Men's silver bracelets have gained popularity only in the last few decades. Before that, such jewelry had been considered exclusively women's prerogative. These were bikers who introduced fashion for men's bracelets. In the early days of the biker movement, motorcyclists wore wide ‘shields’ of thick leather to relieve tension from the wrist while riding. Over the course of time, they started decorating bracelets with metal inserts to protect the wrists when a rider ‘eats asphalt’. Thus, the familiar image of a biker bracelet has been originated - a leather wide strap with metal rivets or spike. This style is still in demand among bikers and subcultures sharing similar symbolism - rockers, punks, metallers, etc. Today, however, the practical meaning of a bracelet has been lost so you can see a lot of other designs — thick chains, multiple intertwined chains, various combinations of metal and leather, and much more.

A silver bracelet can be combined with any other jewelry, although I would refrain from wearing it together with a watch. You can mix a bracelet, pendant, and some rings in the same look but the main thing is to choose the right size, shape, and design. This rule applies to all men's silver jewelry, though.

Chains and Necklaces

When choosing a biker necklace, you should pay attention to how it blends with other jewelry items, especially with bracelets. Silver chains/pendants and bracelets should have the same weaving type, only a slight difference in size is allowed. Biker pendants can be worn on their own or in combination with other jewelry. However, you should keep in mind that a mix of a silver pendant and golden rings look not so good.

So, biker jewelry reflects the motorcyclists' love for speed, wind on their face, and the roar of an engine. Biker rings are exactly the same as bikers and their two-wheelers - powerful, masculine, shiny, and eye-catching.

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