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Types and Designs of Harley Rings

Every person wants to look stylish, fashionable, elegant, and not like everyone else. Jewelry is perhaps the best “tool” to emphasize your individuality. Women have a lot of such “tools” but what about men? A modern guy has the freedom to express who he is in a variety of ways. If you consider yourself to be a bold, masculine, and confident man, why not try Harley rings? Originally made for motorcyclists, they are now available for everyone who wants to stand out from the crowd.

Harley rings are all the rage these days. By Harley jewelry we mean not only trinkets with Harley-Davidson logo or accessories the company produces but rather items imbued with audacity, pluck, and boldness; something true bikers would wear. Not only bikers though but every dude who believes he can pull it off. So, if you think it’s time to add some new stuff to your ring collection, let’s take a look at some items inspired by motorcyclists but made for every confident man.

Importance of Men’s Rings

As we have already pointed out, jewelry always reflects the individuality of its wearer. Since most men don’t normally cover themselves with bling bling, the most common jewelry you can see them wearing is a ring. In today’s world, a ring is a way to declare something about yourself or make a loud statement.

Throughout mankind history, male rings have undergone several semantic transformations. It used to be a way to wear his rank a status, show belonging to a specific group, a tool to verify identity and authenticity of correspondence, a stash, and even a weapon. With time, rings have lost a lot of these meanings and now they are a means of self-expression or a reminder of who we are. They may carry a sentimental meaning to evoke memories of important events and people, celebrate milestones and achievements, or bring to mind goals we are perusing. Every guy puts a unique meaning into his ring and it’s great because it makes jewelry special.

Types of Biker and Harley Rings

We have talked about the symbolism and significance of biker rings many times. In this post, we want to focus on the aspects of design, mainly, the look, shape, and purpose. We have broken men’s biker rings into six categories, each bristling with unique features and looks.

Wedding/engagement rings

This accessory speaks for itself. There is much more behind a wedding ring than beauty and appearance. It is a sign of fidelity and eternal love. No one forbids removing a ring after the wedding but most men prefer to wear it to manifest their family status. Traditional engagement rings are mostly made of gold, platinum, and silver (or their combinations) and feature a smooth finish or simplistic designs. However, this post is not about traditional jewelry, it is about biker rings. Therefore, biker wedding designs reflect a cool attitude of their owners.

Since biker jewelry heavily relies on symbolism, wedding rings are no exception. You can often notice symbols that we associate with love, friendship, loyalty, faithfulness, etc. One of the best designs to blend all these qualities is a Carp Koi Ring. Carp koi are persistent, tireless, and, dedicated to their goals. They are worshiped in Japan and China for their strength and tenacity. Many people believe that they represent family ties, happiness, and aspiration to overcome obstacles on your way. It comes as no surprise that bikers respect these small fish and wear Carp Koi jewelry with pleasure. A biker’s girlfriend will enjoy Koi rings, too, thanks to their beauty and delicacy.

A wedding is not a reason to give up your beliefs or refuse from audacious biker jewelry. If you’d like to incorporate biker symbolism in a wedding ring, eternity designs will come in handy. Those imply a band with inlays or embossing all over the shank but with a difference driven by motorcycle culture. Instead of stones, these rings feature skulls. Do you think that a skull is not appropriate for a wedding day? You just don’t know the history. In the Middle ages, spouses had been wearing memento mori rings featuring skulls to remind that life is fleeting. A skull as a sign of inevitable death makes us remember that we should live our lives with dignity and stay true to our beliefs and ideals. Also, a skull signifies eternal life – why not rock it as a symbol of a happy family life?


Symbolic Rings

The most famous symbolic rings are those carrying biker symbolism. Skulls, flames, Indians, totem animals, Iron Crosses and other images are widespread among bikers and everyone who wants to be like them. As we are talking about Harley rings, we can’t ignore motorcycle symbolism including HD logo, V-twin engine, choppers, motorcycle parts, wheels, and other bike-related stuff.

A specific category inside symbolic rings is jewelry with religious symbolism. Many motorcyclists are religious indeed but most of the riders wear crosses and icons as an act of defiance. A massive cross carved on a ring will surely draw in attention and maybe even outrage pious Christians; well, this is something bikers are totally ok with. So, if you notice a burly cross-themes ring on a burly hand of a rider, it is probably not because he is a believer but rather that he enjoys playing with fire.


Since antiquity, signet rings have been used to seal letters and documents. The ancestors of modern signets had a rounded head with an image carved on it. In ancient Egypt, those were images of gods and hieroglyphic inscriptions. In the middle ages, noble and prosperous men ordered signets with their initials or family crests to press them against hot wax thus putting a signature and sealing correspondence.


Nowadays, nobody is bothered to sign documents in such a fancy way, not even the highest ranks in the biker club hierarchy. Bikers rock signets only because they look massive and solid. A bezel of a modern signet may carry various images (both engraved and embossed) or be completely flat. A signet featuring a clear geometric shape and deprived of stones will look great with both your biker outfits and clothes you wear at work. This is an option for guys who require a simple and easy to maintain accessory. Large stones, especially vividly colored, on the contrary, add an interesting flair to your image. While looking mind-blowing in combination with leather jackets and various biker accessories, it may clash with office suits and formal attires. Therefore, you might have to leave it in a pocket while at work.

As for bezel shapes, the most popular are the following:

  • •Round. Such rings have a rounded apex. Many people consider them to be more elegant and contemporary than other types.
  • Oxford Oval is a traditional shape for signets because it was easier to apply engraving on an oval than other figures. Besides, rings worn by catholic clergy tend to have oval bezels because they resemble a halo. Anyways, Oxford Oval signets look chic while preserving a touch of conservatism in their appearance.
  • Rectangular, otherwise known as a cushion, bezels are known for soft, slightly convex lines and rounded corners. Such rings were extremely popular in the Victorian era. Today, they are men’s favorites thanks to a solid look and luxurious weight.
  • Marquise bezels boast a unique shape, something in between of a diamond cut and a stretched oval. Signets of this design will please men who gravitate towards unusual looks.

Besides these common shapes, biker signets may feature quirky designs showing off interesting forms – shields, stars, Iron Crosses, octagons, and even totem animals. 

Designer rings

A man’s image should have some zest and jewelry is designed to bring it out. Discreet models remotely resembling wedding bands, accessories with ornate patterns, quirky designs or massive shapes - finding a beautiful men's ring is not a problem. A variety of materials, textures, and styles make it possible to get a ring that resonates with your inner self. A designer item can become a manifesto: you can clearly exhibit your worldviews, beliefs, or a protest with deliberately eccentric and self-explanatory models.

Please keep in mind that every single item found in our product range is made by hand. As a result, they retain a touch of uniqueness. At the same time, we keep our prices low so that everyone can purchase Bikeringshop rings without breaking the bank. Designer jewelry has never been more affordable.

Stone Rings

Since the dawn of civilization, a massive ring made of precious metal with a protruding precious or semiprecious stone has expressed the status of the owner. For many centuries, only prosperous and powerful men could rock stone rings. Thankfully, those times are gone and now absolutely everybody can buy such a ring without going broke. If you don’t mind splurging, go ahead and grab a ring with a large gem in a gold or silver frame. Out top choice is a Bishop ring flashing a large purple amethyst. For more thrifty shoppers, we deliver a wide range of inexpensive silver rings adorned with garnets, rubies, onyx, and CZ stones. You don’t have to flaunt a huge rock– not everyone likes its Mafioso vibe anyways. However, a ring strewn with small dark gems framing an audacious design is a thing. It looks both elegant and manly, just what you really need.

Spinner rings

There’s more to these scintillating rings than meets the eye. They are more intricate than regular rings thanks to a mechanism allowing you to spin the shank. Every one of us likes fiddling stuff when we’re nervous, so this ring may become an anti-stress item. Plus, it looks awesome. Our favorite spinner ring features a double row of skulls emerging from the darkness and a single skull in a golden finish. Hide this golden cranium or face it towards the world with a light spin – you choose how your ring looks today!

How to Wear

There are no hard and fast rules on how to rock your Harley ring. The most obvious choice, in our book, is putting it on the ring finger. However, some guys reserve it for a wedding ring. Indeed, we have a tradition of flaunting wedding and engagement bands on this finger because it is believed that it opens the shortest path to the heart. Luckily, people have two ring fingers (at least, most of us) so keep one of them for a wedding accessory while leaving the other for your favorite biker ring.

Men who choose the index finger for their ring are known for strong will, determination, pride, and thirst for power. Esoteric advises shy individuals to put rings on this finger as it is supposed to help gain self-confidence. A ring on the right hand may indicate prudence while wearing it on the left hand can be a sign of excessive self-esteem.

The middle finger is the most effective way to show off your jewelry. Want to look irresistible and eye-catching? Just put your ring in the center. And if you have hereditary jewelry, it’s the best place to flaunt it.

Creative individuals prefer to adorn their little fingers. A massive ring complementing a thin digit distinguishes a person from the crowd and creates a compelling contrast. Experts in esoteric suggest that businessmen wear their rings on a pinky because it symbolizes dexterity, eloquence, and the ability to find a solution in a difficult situation. Besides entrepreneurs and artists, a pinky  is a favorite ring location among gamblers.

The thumb is a choice of a man who is willing to assert himself in any way, especially sexually. Undoubtedly, a man who puts a ring on his thumb possesses very strong energy.


That’s it, our short tour through Harley and biker rings has come to an end. If you enjoyed the rings we talked about in this post, feel free to rummage through our inventory. We have much more in store for bikers, Goths, punks, rockers, and everyone who has a soft spot for kick-ass jewelry.

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