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Biker Rings – It’s Time to Gear Up!

Biker rings are an indispensable attribute of modern tough-looking men, rebels, and those who seek thrill, freedom, speed, and roar of the engine. These items are a recognized symbol of courage, strength, and power. Not all men have an attitude and guts to rock them though. Those are a choice of self-asserted individuals who strive to look solid, maintain a kickass image, and be in trend. It is not necessary to own of a motorcycle to flaunt biker rings. This accessory will harmoniously suit rock enthusiasts, fashion plates, and fans of unusual and snazzy body ornaments.

There is a plethora of men's biker rings but all of them share similar features - impressiveness, rigor of execution, tough design, and cold shine of silver. This is worthy jewelry for strong men able to assert their confidence and boldness. Made from sterling silver, these rings are durable and resilient, resistant to stress, can easily withstand a long road, and are not prone to mechanical damage.

Types of Biker Rings

All-Metal Biker Rings

These rings are made of metal without any inserts. However, you shouldn’t think that all-metal rings are boring. On the contrary, they are fancy and sophisticated thanks to decorative elements. They may feature carving, engraving, diamond edges, oxidation, matting, etc. The secret of their appeal is a contrast of textures and colors, fancy relief or shape, unique idea, and, of course, the beauty of metal.

Wedding Rings

Wedding rings are the most obvious example of all-metal rings. A classic wedding ring is a simple and most often smooth band of various widths. Traditionally, such rings are made of gold but you are a biker, so yellow color is inappropriate. Besides, gold rings can easily be scratched, bent, or, even worse, broken. Therefore, we offer an alternative - a silver smooth ring like this model. It has a simple design but it is molded from very thick metal so that you can rest assured that nothing will happen to it. 

Engraved or embossed rings

If someone stole your heart, you should show it with a wedding (or engagement) ring. But what if you don’t like simple smooth bands? The solution is an engraved or embossed ring which will give your look that extra zing. Check this Carp Koi ring out. It features nothing but solid sterling silver metal but how beautiful and magnetizing it looks thanks to carp koi design. These fish are known to be determent, hardy, and resilient; they do not stop even if their path is dotted with obstacle and challenges. They are a great symbol of family life showing that you will overcome everything when you are together.

Fancy All-Metal Rings

These rings are everything but uninspiring. They may feature various shapes, from geometric, animalistic, to totally bizarre designs. Even if such a ring doesn’t benefit from an innovative shape, it may boast audacious coatings or finishing. Just take a look at this one hell of a ring. It is shaped like a dragon claw that wraps around your finger. It doesn’t need any inlays or original finishing to steal the show.


Multi-metal rings can feature any design but the most important thing is that they consist of two or more metals. The most popular combination is gold and silver. For instance, this skull biker ring is molded from silver but the forehead cross detail is cast from gold.

Signet Rings

Initially, signet rings served as an imprint stamp to sign important papers. The ring was supplemented with a raised pattern which depicted a family coat of arms of the noblemen or a certain combination of letters and symbols. Since that time, a signet ring has a distinctive shape with a flat platform in the center. It can bear carved images and, rare, stone inlays. This type of jewelry is chosen by men who seek to emphasize the massiveness of their fists and the strength of their hands. In the Bikerringshop catalog, you can easily find a variety of signet rings such as this one. It boasts a wide shank decorated with stars and a rectangular plate with the lucky number 13.

Championship rings

When it comes to design, Champion rings are very similar to signet rings. They are just as massive and contain a plate with an engraved or embossed image or text. The difference is in the occasion. Champion rings are awarded to winners and runner-ups in American team sports as well as outstanding athletes who are included in the Sports Hall of Fame. The ring usually indicates the team, year of winning the championship, and the league. Most often, they do not include stones, but there may be exceptions like our Green Sport Men’s Ring.

Finger Armor Ring

These rings are especially popular among Gothic men but bikers can rock them too. It is not the best option to wear when riding a motorcycle but if you join a rally and want to show off your individuality, an amour ring will be just perfect. These rings are very wide, normally consisting of three segments that cover the entire finger. There is usually a joint between two segments to ensure you can bend your finger. Some rings, though, consist of stiffly joined sections. The latter is implemented in our Medieval Armor Ring. It is, in fact, two rings connected together with a shield-shaped plate. All parts of the ring carry Medieval carving that resembles patterns emblazoned on knight’s shields. Although most armor rings don’t feature gem inserts, we throw in an encrusted cross to add more drama.

Multi-Finger Rings

As it is clear from the name, multi-finger rings can be worn at two (sometimes three) fingers of the same hand. Basically, those are two separate rings attached to each other with a chain. Normally, they have an identical or similar design, although the style of every individual ring depends solely on a designer’s fantasy. This tricksy accessory is largely popularized by hipsters and hip hop enthusiasts. Although bikers are neither of those, they enjoined the idea of a pair of cool rings joined by a chain.

Eternity Ring

Original eternity rings symbolize unfading love due to multiple diamond inserts placed in a circle across the band. They denote that love doesn’t have an end. Bikers don’t wear diamonds and their love can last for eternity only to their motorcycles, fellow riders, and the biker culture on the whole. The biker interpretation of the eternity ring is a piece adorned with kick-ass biker symbols, for instance, skulls that surround the whole band.

Spinner Ring

These rings consist of two bands, one of which is a base and the other is inserted into the first band and spins around it. The outward shank of the spinning band normally features various patterns, sometimes identical but often dissimilar so that you can pick what pattern to put in the center by spinning it. For instance, this skull spin ring accommodates several skulls that alternate with inverted skulls as well as a single gilded skull. You can place the goldie in the center or display only silver skulls.

Christian Rings

Such rings are usually worn by people of faith or spiritual individuals to indicate their devotion to God. Christian rings, as a rule, are small and discreet because showing off wealth is bad according to the Bible (this said, clergy rings are heavily decorated and luxurious). This is why you won’t see many Catholic rings encrusted with precious stones. Bikers often rock rings with religious symbolism but they adjust them to their notion of the proper jewelry. They boost their size and might add bizarre images but still leave them stone-less. This designer cross sterling silver men’s ring features everything bikers like – burly appearance, sophisticated design, and cross symbolism. It even has gold-plated detail to help highlight the silver cross.

Rings with Inlays


Traditionally, clergymen and bishops wore massive gold ecclesiastical rings that denoted their loyalty to the church. These rings didn’t belong to them; they were a property of the church and passed from one clergyman to another. The most prominent ecclesiastical rings are bishop rings featuring an oval or round (rarely square) shape and a large stone (usually, amethyst) as a focal point. It may be surrounded by clear stones of smaller size. This Ruby Bishop Ring additionally boasts a carved shank and setting, as well as a silver cross for an extra accent.

Single-stone Ring

With a massive stone in the center, this ring will draw in all looks to your finger. Normally, it has only one stone but sometimes there may be inlays of other stones, smaller in size and discreet in appearance. They are placed either around the central stone or adorn the band. Not only that but various decorations might be added to spruce up the appearance. For instance, this Sapphire Men’s Ring carries Greek-style patterns around the faceted sapphire stone and dragon design engraved on the shank.

Multi-Stone Rings

Such rings can feature from two to an endless number of stones, uniform in size or with different dimensions. Moreover, an inlay may include the same type of stones or varied stones. In this tribal skull gothic ring, you can see two black stones inserted into the skull’s eye sockets and a multitude of smaller stones along both sides of the shank.

Fancy Encrusted Rings

There is no clear example to describe fancy rings. They can be of any shape and style but what makes them different from the rest is an unusual and startling design. Since we are talking about biker jewelry, these rings can be shaped like skulls, animals, birds, dice, dragons, motorcycle parts, crosses, etc. This skull pirate ring portrays a fierce dead pirate captain with an eye patch encrusted with small emeralds and a bigger emerald in his other eye.

Biker Rings Motifs

Those rings wouldn’t be called ‘biker’ if they didn’t carry signature features. We have already emphasized that jewelry for motorcyclists is made of silver to mirror the luster of motorcycle chromed parts. The other prominent key aspect of these items is symbolism. Below, we listed the most widespread motifs to be seen in biker rings.


Embracing the romantic side of motorcycling, bikers adopted many symbols from the Celtic culture known for intriguing patterns. However, there’s more to Celtic biker rings than meets the eye. They are imbued with a profound meaning emerged from ancient Celtic legends that are much older than the biker movement itself. Crosses are one of the most loved motifs in jewelry for motorcyclists so no wonder that you can often see the famous Celtic cross carved on their rings. On top of that, riders adopted other signature Celtic symbolism including dragons, Triquetra, trinity knot pattern, shamrock, etc. Sometimes, Celtic patterns are paired with other symbols (hearts, crowns, shields and others) to add a dash of ‘je ne sais quoi’. For instance, in this ring, a Celtic Cross adjoins several Latin (Catholic) crosses placed on the shank and the centerpiece.


A skull is a symbol that has been alongside bikers since day one. It is said that the biker movement has been originated by former pilots of the Hells Angels squadron who have later given this name to the (in)famous motorcycle gang. The image blazoned on both military aircraft and biker colors is a winged skull. The symbol has further evolved influenced by Mexican culture that has actually introduced the first biker rings. Today a skull can be seen all over biker gears – jewelry, jacket patches, helmets, motorcycle stickers, etc. It performs two roles at once – protects riders in the event of danger and serves as momento mori – a reminder that we are all mortal.


Just like gamblers long for adrenaline in their blood and a tingle of excitement when they get the hoped-for cards, bikers find their passion in speed, sense of companion, freedom, and the privilege to live and act as they please. Both are thrill-seekers in their own way. Bikers don’t mind gambling at all because without any risk life would be dull. To demonstrate their love for gambling, they may flaunt items with gambling motives – cards, card suits, dice, roulette, etc. One of such items is our Dice Lucky Ring that carries both playing cards and dice in its design.

Lucky Numbers

Who wouldn’t mind enlisting the support of luck? Bikers need it too because biking is one of the riskiest and most dangerous ways of moving around on wheels. Whether they need help in their endeavors or just seek protection against incidents and life troubles, bikers try to get luck on their side. To do so, they wear amulets and lucky charms depicting ‘lucky’ symbolism and even lucky numbers. Although many people have their own lucky number, such as a day they were born or something good or exciting happened to them, the most common number to draw in luck is 7. It is interesting that 13 is supposed to scare luck away but for some people, it is actually a good sign.


The first cross to find its place in biker jewelry is an Iron Cross, the highest military award in the German army. American soldiers took the awards of defeated enemy soldiers as trophies. When they retired and returned back to the USA, they didn’t like what they saw there. The society has changed and the former heroes couldn’t find their place in life. They started protesting and putting Iron Crosses on their clothes as a sign of manifestation. With time, Iron Crosses became so widespread among bikers that they lost their original meaning and became just a piece of out-there biker jewelry. Those are not the only crosses immortalized in biker rings. Maltese, Latin, Celtic, Jerusalem, and other types of crosses stare at us from motorcycle gears.


In fact, eagle symbolism has a similar background with skulls. Eagles have been drawn on military aircraft during World War II. They came back from war with pilots-turned-bikers and integrated into motorcycle symbolism. These mighty feathered predators soar freely in the sky and can travel hundreds of kilometers looking for prey or a partner. Bikers associate them with freedom, power, speed, and might, the traits they respect and crave for. An eagle is also a famous symbol of the United States and is much respected (as well as utilized) by patriotic motorcyclists. Finally, an eagle is featured on one of the numerous Harley Davidson logos so it has been used by the fans of this brand in their wardrobe and accessories.

Totem Animals

Eagles are not the only representatives of fauna that are admired and respected by bikers. Totem animals are either emphasize / enhance similar traits inherent in bikers or serve as amulets. For instance, a dragon is a powerful lucky charm. A wearer of a dragon rings gets his patronage and protection. Also, an owner of such an item desired to emphasize that he is wise, shrewd, sly, and maybe a bit cunning. Owners of wolf rings show that they belong to a pack or, vice versa, that they are loners. Carp Koi depicted on a ring denotes a determined, strong, and goal-driven person. A lion ring demonstrates that you are not going to obey the will of others. The bottom line is that there are many totem animal rings and every rider can pick an item that suits his personality.


For a biker, a motorcycle is his best friend, an object of worship, and vehicle, all rolled into one. To show dedication and love for steel horses, motorcyclists flaunt thematic rings that feature popular models of motorbikes, favorite manufacturers (Harley Davidson themes are the most commonly seen in branded jewelry), as well as various parts of motorcycles (V-twin engines, gears, pistons, tires, exhaust pipes, etc.). For example, the item depicted on this 925 Sterling Silver Harley Ring is the iconic V-twin engine invented by the Harley Davidson motorcycle company and installed on the legendary DAH Hillclimber, WLA - The Liberator, and, of course, 11 HP V-Twin released in 1915.


Rugged and raw, tribal biker jewelry pays tribute to mighty tribes ruling the world in the past. Whether it features Indian motifs (feathers, Mohawks, axes, Indian chiefs), Aztec deities, or primitive patterns, tribal jewelry is out of ordinary. Probably this is why it caught the eye of men on motorcycles. In fact, these motifs migrated from Mexico where Aztecs and Indians were a running theme in men’s jewelry.


Daring, brave, desperate, and hardy, pirates have always been lawless. Nevertheless, they will remain in history as romantic heroes who go against the rules but have their own code of honor. Sounds familiar? They are the same as bikers, free and unencumbered by social norms. Therefore, bikers respect pirates. Jolly Roger, dashing captains of pirates in characteristic cocked hats, one-eyed sea wolves - all these motifs are present in pirate-themed biker rings. Inspired by legendary Jack Sparrow, this ring features everything we know about pirates – their recognized hats, crossbones, sharp daggers, and an eye lost in a battle. There is a room for a twist too. Instead of the familiar Jack Sparrow appearance, the ring brings us his skull.


If you are aware of the history of biker culture, you already know that the first motorcyclists, the founding fathers of the biker movement, were military veterans. They took a lot of awards and trophies with them from war and started to implement them into their wardrobes. Many of them had army rings of a military unit they served in. Although former soldiers were disappointed in the government, they never forgot about the people they fought alongside. As a tribute to their brothers in arms, they proudly wear army rings. This Army Eagle Airborne Ring respects military design as well as an eagle as a symbol of air forces, independence, and freedom.

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