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925 Sterling Silver Jewelry Items to Put Together a Biker Look

Have you ever admired dudes on motorcycles and wished you would look the same? Boys and girls alike find biker image breathtaking. Indeed, riders are the embodiment of masculinity, independence, and boldness. If you are keen on looking like those, you don’t really need a motorcycle. What you really need is an awesome jacket, distressed jeans, biker-themed t-shirt, and a pair of stout boots. With such an outfit, your masculinity level will go through the roof in no time. But there is a catch – without proper accessories, your look won’t be complete. Nobody is going to believe that you a biker in your heart if you don’t rock massive rings, mind-blowing necklaces, or heavy-duty wallet chains. 925 sterling silver jewelry is essential to add the final touch to your look.

Why Do Bikers Wear Jewelry?

Motorcyclists flaunt jewelry for the same reason we all do – to look cool and noticeable. After all, as we have just said, jewelry makes their look complete. Nobody wants to present a half-baked look so jewelry is the easiest and effective way to spruce up the entire image. Along with that, there are some other reasons why jewelry is so widespread in the biker community.

  1. It helps identify fellow bikers. It is a no-brainer to figure out a biker in a crowd when he rides his motorcycle and rocks the signature biker attire. But how to tell who is a biker and who is not when guys wear civil outfits and hide their tattoos under long sleeves? Jewelry will come in handy. Bikers rarely part with their trinkets so if a massive necklace or bracelet peeps out from under the clothes, you can be sure that this dude breathes and bleeds for motorcycles.
  2. Show off biker symbolism. Every detail of biker jewelry has its meaning. For instance, skulls are not just a cheap trick to outrage the public; they really have a profound significance for bikers. The same goes for other widespread symbols including Iron crosses, lions, eagles, flames, 1%, and so on. Often, jewelry mirrors symbolism depicted on a motorcycle’s club colors and insignia. If members of a club wear, let’s say, wolves on jacket patches, it won’t come as surprise to see wolves in body ornaments.
  3. Manifest what they believe in. You don’t have to scream about your beliefs and principles to let people know about them. Jewelry can do it for you. As we have already noted, biker jewelry items always carry some meaning, which can tell others about your personality better than any words. For instance, if you wear a 1% pendant, people will know that you share the outlaw ideology. Carp koi rings often substitute wedding bands, so with such a ring, you will let others know that someone has stolen your heart.
  4. Emphasize individuality. All biker jewelry items are rather big, thick, and heavy. Plus, there are many running themes in all these rings, necklaces, and bracelets. Does it mean that all biker ornaments look the same? Absolutely not! There are countless ways to portray the same idea meaning you can wear your skull ring without fear that it won’t be unique. Many biker jewelry brands work with the same materials and the same symbolism but they add some fresh ideas and designs to make their products one of a kind. Bikerringshop, for example, crafts all jewelry pieces by hand, which ensures that you won’t be able to find two absolutely identical items. With such an abundant selection, you are capable of standing out even in the crowd of bejeweled bikers.

If we have convinced you to purchase a couple of biker accessories, here is what you should be getting in the first place.

Biker Ring

The most comprehensive and sought-after men’s jewelry piece is a ring. Even the most conservative men who reject trinkets don’t mind wearing rings. Enhancing your look with a biker ring, you won’t be able to avoid attention. Due to their massive shapes and left-field designs, these items command interest anywhere, anytime, anyplace.

The most popular choice among biker jewelry is skull rings. If it is your first biker ring, you won’t go wrong with Keith Richards skull ring design. The look of this ring is borrowed from the iconic piece of jewelry resting on the Rolling Stone guitarist’s finger. Of course, it is not the original ring but it recreates the famous design with great attention to detail. The ring features a realistic-looking skull with a mirror-polished finishing. Although you may need some time to adjust yourself to such a stout piece, you’ll love how it looks on your finger and the wow-effect it creates.

If you are not sure yet which biker symbol is right for you, you can pick a ring that features no prominent symbols. For instance, with this sterling silver tribal band, you’ll benefit from an eye-catching and masculine design. Its wavy pattern highlighted with blackened carving will look harmoniously with biker outfits. Since there is no shocking symbolism or over the top design, you can wear this ring anywhere, even at the office.


Ring owners who want to elevate their biker style further can throw some necklaces to the mix. Basically, there are three popular necklace types:

Chunky chain necklaces. Normally these pieces are short so that they rest upon your chest. The most versatile models are necklaces featuring Curb, Figaro or other weavings and nothing more. Although, some designs might have an element of surprise such as a skull-adorned clasp. Nevertheless, the highlight of these chain necklaces is the burly shape and solid weight instead of standout elements. For instance, this Cuban chain necklace weighs whooping 345 grams! It will look appropriate with street style attire, athleisure, casual, and rocker outfit. If you pick a necklace with moderate thickness, you can flaunt it even in the office.

Thin necklaces with a pendant. Such a necklace can be made of anything but the most popular options are metal chains, hemp ropes, and leather cords. Unlike the previous type, these models are worn over clothes, although you can easily hide those under your shirt for a more formal look. Pendants are chosen the way to look cohesive with necklaces: the thinner the neck piece, the smaller the pendant. Thin pendant necklaces will suit artistic and romantic guys, although bad boys pull them off with flying colors, too. If you are slim and tall, such a model will fit you much better than a stout piece.

Burly metal necklaces with a pendant. Such models have the best of both worlds – massiveness of chain necklaces and a focal point of pendant-ed designs. Technically, these pendants are embedded dangly details, i.e. they are not removable. The whole piece is normally cast from metal, although leather and gemstone accents are welcome. Models belonging to this category are designed to steal the show. For instance, this skull biker necklace features skull adorned links that hold a massive skull pendant. With such an item, attention to your persona is guaranteed.


You already know that a pendant is a companion of thin elongated necklaces. If you have a leather braided cord or discreet silver chain, you can amp up their look with an audacious pendant. These accessories are made of silver or steel, rarer of white gold. Traditional yellow gold is not exactly a thing for bikers. This said, golden elements are often present in biker jewelry to help reveal the idea and accentuate elements of design. Instead of silver, the role of accents can be played by brass, bronze, or other non-white metals. Along with that, jewelers make use of gem inlays to present an engrossing piece worthy of note. It may sound unbelievable that bikers like colorful stones but they really do. Not like women though, gems and stones are only accent elements and not the central piece.

In this rider bell pendant, you can see two skulls with ruby and diamond eyes. Can anyone say that this gemstone adorned pendant is girlish or glamorous? Nope, even bejeweled, it retains its undeniable masculine spirit.


Once you’ve adorned your fingers and neck, it’s time to think about wrist ornaments. Bikers wear bracelets too, although they rarely go for multiple pieces on the same hand – it won’t feel comfortable while driving. Instead, they incline to a single statement item.

There are many options to choose from when it comes to biker bracelets:

Thick chain bracelets. Those are exactly the same as chain necklaces, just shorter. By the way, it is a great idea to rock matching necklaces and bracelets since they’ll contribute to the cohesiveness of your look. If you ride a bike, make sure to pick a model to snugly fit around your wrist; otherwise, it will cling to sticking out parts of your motorcycle.

Cuff bracelets. Those can be made of stiff half-circles with a hinge or a single circle with an opening enabling you to shove your hand through. These models have no size but you can adjust them to your wrist by squeezing the circle and making the opening smaller. An example of bangle design is this classic skull cuff entirely made of 925 sterling silver. It will make a perfect ensemble with skull rings, especially of the same clean and sleek design.

Fancy bracelets. These are made of metal too and may feature chain design but with a difference – instead of smooth links, they can boast skull carving, dragons, lions, eagles, wild cats and anything that can come to mind. Just look at this motorcycle piston bracelet, it will become a cherished gift for any motorcycle enthusiast. Bikers love everything motorcycle related and they’ll be wowed with the look and feel of this wrist ornament.

If bikers enjoy leather vests, pants, and jackets, can they rock leather jewelry, too? Sure they can! In fact, leather bracelets appeared on their wrists long before the metal ones. The thing is that bikers used to wear wide leather gears to protect the wrists from fatigue. They could also save wrists from damage in an accident. Over time, those gears have been transformed into fashionable leather bracelets. There are many such options in biker jewelry stores. Normally, they are adorned with studs, spikes, or other eye-catching details. In recent years, leather cord bracelets have been gaining more popularity, both within the biker community and among fancy dressers. It is not uncommon for these items to boast various metal elements for a more dramatic look. This dragon leather bracelet, for example, carries oriental motifs including dragons, Yin Yun sign, and dragon claws.


Not every biker wears earrings but when he does, he picks striking models designed to engage attention. Below are three sought-after options construction-wise (plus, there are countless models in terms of design):

Stud earrings. It is the most wanted model due to its versatility. You can wear stud earrings everywhere, even at a business meeting. When it comes to bikers though, they prefer original molded designs instead of popular diamond studs. Such earrings are probably not a good idea for office but they will do nicely in any other ambiance. Go for these Own Gothic earrings and you’ll earn the reputation of a bold and stylish individual.

Hoop earrings. They are simple, easy to wear with any clothes, and affordable. On a par with studs, these are a classic of men’s earrings. From smooth discreet hoops to imposing attention-seeking models, you’ll find everything you are looking for in the range of hoop earrings. You can even choose wide half-circles adorned with skulls or Iron crosses for a dash of pizzazz.

Dangle earrings. Those attract attention even without any shocking design. Dangle earrings are normally bigger than studs and hoops so you need to have some boldness and attitude to pull them off. The ever-moving dangle element will command interest whether it is carved as a skull, dragon, cogwheel, crown, etc.


Besides these popular yet obvious choices to elevate your biker-inspired look, you can also add a dashing belt buckle, audacious wallet chain, or quirky keychain. Bikerringshop is a go-to place to get all these accessories.

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