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A Symbol of a Skull in Men's Jewelry

The skull is one of the most popular symbols used in men's jewelry and accessories. At all times a skull carried elements of mystery. Images of skulls can be found in different cultures and mythology. Today, fans of this symbol can be found among representatives of different subcultures, especially skull is in favor of goths, bikers, mystics, etc. What is the reason for such popularity? What does a skull symbolize?

The Symbolism of a Skull in Different Cultures

Celtic tribes have always believed that skulls contain the soul of their owners. Therefore, they guarded and demonstrated the skulls of their ancestors or major enemies with extreme caution. The Celts brought the skulls of defeated enemies to their temples in order to subjugate the life force of the dead. The same goal was pursued by some tribes of North American Indians who had the custom of scalping captive enemies.

It was quite widespread among the ancients to make cups from the skulls. When a man drank from such a vessel, together with a drink he absorbed the life force that was stored in the skull.

Some Buddhist cults use decorative human skulls as an amulet reminding them that life is sacred. In many cultures, a skull is the embodiment of a mysterious power (manna). Some tribes in the upper Amazon have sacred places where they store skulls. It is believed that the spirits of the deceased obey a person who kept these skulls. They are able to scare away hostile, evil demons, and also the power belonging to a deceased person becomes yours, thereby increasing yours.

In Mexican and other cultures death is not the end, it is only a state between different lives. For them, a skull symbolizes life and reincarnation. This is a message that death is not your total destruction, but only a transition to a new state after your physical life.

In many traditions, especially in the East, a skull was considered as a receptacle of the spirit, vital energy, and intelligence.

Skull is a Symbol of a Hermit

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By and large, the sign of a skull always associated with death and was its immediate symbol. However, not everyone knows that the symbolism of a skull is closely connected with the hermits, who for a long time had the commitment to seclusion and meditations about life and its end, that is, death. Therefore, it is believed that a person who chooses jewelry with a skull is not indifferent to such important concepts as life, death, and loneliness. A man who wears skull jewelry is not afraid of "otherworldly" topics, considering death as just a stage, a transition to another world.

On Trend Skull Jewelry

Symbols mean a lot to people who are knowledgeable about their essence. However, fashion dictates its own rules. Stylish jewelry with a skull will give a man who wears it a touch of toughness and vibes of brutality. Even if a piece is heavily decorated with stones, no one will dare to consider it as glamorous. Rather, on the contrary - to be able to wear such jewelry means to have a sense of taste and own style. Our extensive range of jewelry includes skull necklaces, pendants, rings, belt buckets, rings and much more. You can pick a piece of jewelry that will help emphasize your image to the fullest.


As you can see, a meaning of a skull is dual. It is a symbol of death and at the same time, it represents powers that oppose it. Whatever you think about when you see a skull - disgust, fear, admiration or joy - all this has only one indisputable truth: a skull symbolizes only what you want to see.

Whichever value you personally attach to a skull, with biker jewelry by the Biker Ring Shop you will always look stylish and manly.

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