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Top-10 Best Genuine Leather Men’s Wallets from Bikerringshop

Today, when cashless payments are a usual thing, men still can’t do without a wallet. We haven’t yet invented a better way to store money, credit cards, IDs and other small hodgepodge items than a pocketbook. If a wallet features a ring or grommet to add a chain, you won’t have to worry that you may lose your belongings. So, not only is a wallet practical but also safe. Here, at Bikerringshop, we cater to our clients’ needs when it comes to awesome, durable, and fashion-forward billfolds. In this post, we compiled 10 audacious genuine leather men’s wallets we are proud of.

Indian Skull Biker Wallet

You will be amazed by the beauty of this biker bi-fold. Its entire exterior, both in front and behind, is covered with an intricate Indian skull pattern. The skull is placed here for a reason- it is one of the most deeply revered biker symbols. But this wallet carries a skull with a difference - he wears a stunningly beauty Indian war bonnet. Muted colors represented by a black background and brown tooled pattern strike the right note. This clever design solution makes you feel like the billfold arrived right from the Wild West.

The wallet is constructed from soft yet durable cowhide leather with a slightly textured finishing on the outside. The snap closure sits on a flap that mirrors the wallet’s feathered design. It is decorated with a large silver detail to further elevate the billfold’s look. The interior is made of the same material but without textured patterns. The pocketbook lends plenty of space for your essentials thanks to 10 credit card slots and 3 roomy compartments.

Pirate Chopper Wallet

This pirate chopper wallet will sweep you off your feet the moment you see it. The highlight of this item is a large skull image. It is not hard to guess that in his past life he was a pirate – a bandana and eye patch are still with him. This skillfully carved image is highlighted with mild grey accents to make the skull really pop. To achieve a voluminous look, our designers saw on some elements of design such as the bandana and eye patch.

If you look closer, you’ll notice one more popular biker symbol carved on the skull’s head – the Iron Cross. It has a twofold meaning. When being given as a reward, it emphasizes courage and valor. In the 20th century, bikers started wearing it to show that they disagree with the US policy and the changes in society. So, whether you want to demonstrate your boldness or rebellion, biker accessories featuring Iron Crosses will be up your alley.

The wallet carries a stingray appliqué that adorns the back of the item and continues along the flop. The flop accommodates a snap fastening embellished with a round silver detail.

Genuine Snake Skin Wallet

This breathtaking wallet features no intriguing patterns or eye-catching appliqués yet its look mesmerizes. The genuine snake leather it is made of oozes irresistible natural appeal. We dyed the material in ivory with a touch of grey to highlight the beauty of snake’s scales and their original texture. The pattern features large oval scales that merge into smaller scales from both sides. Such scales placement shows off the uniqueness of snake skin. Please keep in mind that every wallet will feature a slightly different pattern because there are no two snakes with identical skins.

The side of the bi-fold features a silver grommet if you’d like to add the wallet chain to it. One more silver detail rests upon the clasp flop. It features raised flame patterns that really pop when highlighted with oxidizes silver finishing. Despite the compact design, this wallet has 8 card slots, a coin pocket, two bill compartments, and an ID slot.

Indian Cowboy Wallet

The pearl in the crown of men’s wallets in our catalogs is this leather Indian biker bi-fold. Every inch of this mesmerizing pocketbook is covered with a sophisticated pattern that will send shivers of excitement down your spine. The raised fretwork design, easy on the eye color scheme, and the beauty of floral patterns won’t leave you cold. We added the volume to this design thanks to deep carvings and pops of chocolate brown peeping through the pattern. The original shades of brown ranging from saturated dark to light sandy color create the sought-after retro appeal. The item comes with a silver grommet for those who prefer rocking wallets with a chain. On top of that, there is an eye-catching silver element decorating the clasp. The pop of color due to turquoise inlay adds even more character to this unique piece.

We’ve constructed this item by hand from high-grade cowhide because you’re worth the best. The attention to every detail and quality materials will allow you to enjoy its dazzle for many years.

Tribal Biker Wallet

This sleek spellbinding item is one hell of a biker wallet. It is as tough as bikers themselves thanks to durable stingray leather. On top of being one of the sturdiest natural materials, stingray leather shows off devastating appearance. It looks like a million tiny pearls shinning at the light. You’ll be wowed with this stellar texture and natural head-turning capability. We dyed this material black to further emphasize this unique shining finishing.

Tribal swirly appliqués complement this wallet in a manner that defines bikers’ true personality. Thanks to the raised design and smooth cowhide material, these decorative elements stand out despite cohesive black finishing. Right in the center, you can see how pattern elements overlap forming a cross, which is among the most popular biker symbols. Due to its unusual shape, some might see crossed wrenches, which is totally fine if you are a motorcycle enthusiast.

Two more things define its biker style – a silver grommet placed on the side and a pair of silver skulls adorning the clasps.

Not only the exterior but also the interior can knock your socks off. Thanks to the red silk lining carrying flower patterns, you won’t be able to stop admitting your wallet every time you open it. The leather interior elements are crafted from genuine cowhide to accommodate your credit cards, money, ID cards, and other essentials.

Koi Fish Tattoo Wallet 

What do bikers and carps koi have in common? Many people love these Japanese fish for their bright coloring not typical of other river species. Red, orange, yellow and black, they draw in the interest thanks to their unusual attire. However, bikers respect carps koi not for their attractive appearance. Vivid colors can create an image of carefree aquatic animals who bask in the cool waters of rivers and lakes all day long. But in reality, carp koi life is filled with challenges and overcomes. They constantly have to contend with the turbulent currents of mountain rivers and go thousands of miles downstream in search of food and mate. Strength, endurance, and persistence made carp koi the favorites of men on motorcycles.

One such carp is depicted on this biker wallet. Our craftsmen deliberately designed it in soft brown hue because you do not need to shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow to be original. Instead, the fish is captured in a movement, which conveys its true essence. The whole exterior is made of polished cowhide leather that bears a raised fretwork carp koi pattern. Inside, the wallet has a brown exterior featuring wide stitches. It lends several credit card slots, a banknote compartment, as well as a spacious pocket for change.

Golden Emperor dragon leather biker wallet

One of the items we take pride in is this Golden Emperor dragon leather biker wallet. The expertly carved dragon keeps your eyes glued to this piece. We highlighted the dragon with golden accents so that it really stands out on the dark brown background. Every detail, whether it is the dragon itself or the rugged background it is surrounded with, is carved with a great deal of care. You can make out the finest scales on his body, his strong claws, and the grinning face.

The dragon is portrayed in the Eastern style – its long flexible body resembles that of a serpent and its face is complemented with a moustache. Japanese and Chinese dragons are wise, calm, and helpful, unlike their vicious and sly European relatives. If you believe in these magical creatures, an accessory featuring a dragon can become your talisman.

Besides the prominent dragon design, this wallet features other fine details that tantalize the eye. The contrasting stitching along the wallet’s perimeter adds a touch of individuality and makes the whole piece look more solid. With a silver grommet, our designers cater to motorcycle aficionados who can easily attach a wallet chain. A clasp sitting on the flap shows off a large silver stud embellished with floral carvings.

On the inside, the wallet is entirely made of durable cowhide. The interior is pretty roomy courtesy of 10 credit card slots, large zipped pocket, and thee bill compartments.

Lion Carve Leather Biker Wallet

A wallet for a biker is not only a utilitarian item to carry money but also an accessory that defines his style. With this Lion wallet, you will definitely gain respect and admiration of the fellow bikers. Its rugged artificially weathered exterior carries a tooled lion design on the front and ablaze flame patterns on the back. Thanks to the aged look and manually applied tattoo carving, this wallet carries an undeniable retro vibe. It seems like it has been crafted 70 years ago when the biker movement was in its infancy. Bikers are huge fans of these worn and grunge looks because they reminiscent of the good old days when motorcycling was imbued with romanticism and the sense of adventure.

Besides the lion and flame designs, this wallet has much more to offer. The stitching around the bi-fold that continues along the flap makes the pocketbook look even more stout and sturdy. The grommet makes it possible to easily affix a wallet chain while the silver clasp detail ties all the design elements together.

Fresh Water Crocodile Skin Wallet 

If you like intriguing men's wallets but standout patterns are not up your alley, why not try something simple design-wise but no less attractive? Wallets fashioned from crocodile skin have long been considered to be a staple of men's wardrobe. There are multiple reasons for this among which are incomparable durability, amazing texture, and prestigious status.

You, too, can appreciate the magnetizing power of crocodile leather with this sleek and chic wallet. The focal element of its design is signature crocodile horns. You can see four prominent horns sitting in the first row and two more bumps right below. Only crocodiles feature this horn patterns so you can be confident that this is exactly crocodile leather. The horns are surrounded with lateral crocodile leather that boasts an interesting pattern, too. The rich brown finishing brings sophistication and pizzas to the item.

Inside, the wallet is constructed of premium cowhide leather that makes the piece complete. Ten credit card slots, bill compartments, and clear ID slots will accommodate all your necessities.

Ostrich Leather Biker Wallet

One more rather simplistic design that won’t leave you cold is this pocketbook. The key to its appeal is exotic ostrich leather. After removing the feathers, ostrich skin reveals tiny knots scattered all over the place. Such a small yet noticeable detail effortlessly brings the sense of originality you are longing for.

Ostrich leather is one of those materials that have the best of both worlds - a delightful appearance and unprecedented durability. Its grooved surface covered with small bumps can turn even the most ordinary wallet into a work of art. And if you take care of your wallet correctly, it will stay with you for a lifetime.

We endeavored to emphasize the advantages of this original leather with a non-mainstream brown coating. This combination engages attention without being in your face. To emphasize the beauty of this exotic leather, the wallet’s perimeter has a complimenting black braided framing.

Inside, the wallet is made of traditional cowhide in a contrasting color. Despite its small size, there are all the necessary compartments to put your essentials.

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