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Why biker chic never goes out of style


Whatever the trends on the catwalk, there is one simple way to ensure you remain looking up to date and stylish – biker chic. It is a fashion statement that never fails to be relevant and you can be sure it won’t date. But why does it have such timeless appeal? Here are six reasons that we can think of.

The open road

We all have a secret fantasy of just walking away from our job, mortgage and family and riding down a long straight road towards a glorious sunset. Biking offers freedom and flexibility. The idea that you can do what you want, and have great mates who’ll have your back. And although you know deep down you’ll never actually take the plunge it’s a nice daydream and wearing a biker jacket makes you feel just a little closer to that sunset on the horizon.

Older is better

True biking leathers or denims will look worn. Sandblasted by airborne grit, with oil stains and the odd scuff from where you’ve taken a tumble they look used. So it’s actually better to have well-worn clothes in your wardrobe. And because the materials used – leather, denim, metal – are designed for a hard life you can invest in a garment and expect to get literally a lifetime of use from it.

It suits everyone

Biker chic is characterised by thick, hard-wearing, heavy duty materials. If you’re worried about a bit of flab then high-waisted jeans and a biker belt (especially wide to protect the lower back and internal organs in the event of a crash) will hold everything in. And you can still pull off the look if you’re in the plus range – think 300lbs of well-padded solid muscle flying along the highway on their Harley.

Celebs love it

Marlon Brando might have kick-started the biker-leathers-and-rebellion trend but it’s still popular with today’s celebrities. Pink, Ryan Gosling, Ewan Mcgregor, Tom Cruise – to name just four household names known for their love of bikes and biker gear. If you want to look like a star then throwing on some biker boots and a leather jacket is a good place to start.



There are almost no situations short of formal weddings or Royal garden parties where you can’t add a biker jacket, leather trousers or heavy boots to an outfit. Replacing a suit jacket with a biker jacket or throwing one on over a cocktail dress lends a edgy feel to your outfit. And the next day you can wear the same jacket with slouchy jeans for a trip to the supermarket.


Biker gear is designed to protect you from road rash if you hit the ground hard and fast. And if you’re bike touring you’ll spend several hours in the saddle so you need your clothes to be comfortable. A trend that combines practical clothing and looking amazing? That’s surely the real reason that, however exclusive the designs in Paris are, biker chic will always look cool.

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