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Tips on Buying 925 Cross Pendants

Accessories are like butter icing on a cake; they are the perfect add-on to any and every outfit.

Pendants are the” it” thing now, especially amongst the younger generation, bikers, and rock music fans. They are usually worn on the neck with a chain, as a bracelet or ring. They are used to indicate a community people with similar ideology like bikers.

Pendants are worn by male and female alike as fashion-forward individuals or as religious remainders. The silver cross pendant a beauty that is non-comparable. These pendants are usually of various designs and shapes. The crosses are usually an average of 1.5 inches in length from top to bottom unless customized for a client and the chain a16” or 18” long of whatever material decided.

A pendant is borne from the Latin word: “pendere” and the old French word “pendre” both of which mean “hang down.” It means a piece of jewelry that hangs loosely from a chain attached by a small loop to form a necklace; this is known as a pendant necklace.

Pendants are fashionable, attractive piece of jewelry that can be made of different metals gold, platinum or silver. The silver kind of jewelry is now in vogue. Silver is a metal by nature and of luscious white color, it is easily malleable and durable. These properties of silver make it the preferred metal in making ornaments and pieces of jewelry in this case cross pendants. Original silver is made up of 92.5% silver, and 7.5% alloy usually coopers. This silver is called the sterling silver or the 925 silver denoting the percentage of the silver component and originality of the metal.

Silver can be the perfect gift for any occasion or to oneself as they are affordable and not as expensive as gold, they are also the best compliment to any skin tone and the perfect enhancer too, buying a piece of silver can be very tricking with the number of fake products in the market. So purchasing originality, these are some tips to avoid buying fake silver pendants. The number 925 should be engraved on it. This signifies that the metal is at least 92.5% pure and original. Silver is usually a soft metal, and so it is strengthened with another metal usually copper.

Don’t be deceived, there are silver coated metal other there, to know if the silver is original, let it pass through the nitric acid test. This is done by dipping a few drops of nitric acid onto a piece of silver; if it turns green it is silver coated, but if it turns grey, then you are in luck, it is pure sterling silver.

The cross pendant is in vogue now, while some wear it as an expression of their Christian faith others wear it for the design and the impression of wearing a religious related element, but for whatever reason, you wear them silver cross pendants are enjoyed for their sustainability and conventional look.

The cross pendant has different meaning and purposes.

The baptismal cross pendant is worn by Christian to commemorate their baptism into Christianity. These crosses are usually silver or gold and have the baptized child’s name engraved on the back of the cross pendant after the baptism of a child. These pendants are blessed by a priest or reverend and are used as an insignia of heavenly protection over the children and their families.

The Celtic cross pendant is worn by the Celt converted to Christians; they are worn as a medium of identity and as pride of their Christian heritage and traditions.

The designer cross pendant is worn by lovers of pendants and crosses as a fashion statement not overshadowing the fact of what it symbolizes- the hanging of Jesus on the cross. For whatever reason you wear a silver 925 cross pendant, the right one makes all the difference.

Tips to buy a 925 silver cross:-

Genuineness: there is no better satisfaction knowing that your silver cross pendant is genuine. It should have the 925 engrave to show its originality

Longevity and sturdiness: silver is prone to dulling, so to enjoy a silver cross pendant have it coated in rhodium to protect the silver and make it long- lasting. Rhodium is a highly resistant metal coat that is resistant to tarnishing and rusting.

Style and personality: silver is a soft metal that can be designed to any shape, the addition of copper boosts its strength and durability. So, how your silver cross pendant is shaped or designed should reflect your personality and style. The why a cross pendant is needed and the occasion or usage should be a criterion in getting a cross pendant. Some want it bold and big while other want small and subtle cross pendants. Maintenance: every good thing has an expiry date, and silver is no exception but to enjoy the durable nature of silver cross pendant means proper know-how is needed. Silver like any other metal is prone to oxidation that is rusting. In such situation avoid putting the silver pendant in contact with water especially during bathing or in water that contains chlorine like swimming pools that can tarnish the look of the pendant.

Engraving: most times cross pendant are a sentimental object that reflects a season and reason, though engraving personalizes the pendant when done by an inexperience blacksmith can damage the cross pendant. Silver cross pendant from will guarantee you quality cross pendant with beautiful engravings. Finishing: always make sure that the finishing on a piece of the pendant is perfect and blemish free. The finishing of silver cross pendant gives it shine with perfect symmetry especially on the cross and with a beautiful appearance.

Brands: always buy your silver from reputed brands and makers. Inquire from jewel stores or online for well-known silver makers. Also when buying a silver pendant from stores beware of halogen and blue lightings as they make silver shine and can be very deceiving.

To get a 925 original cross pendant, check out for variety and variations to fit every style, personality, and event.

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