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Tips For Buying The Best Sterling Silver Jewellry

Accessories are always an amazing way to spice up one's dressing and really does create the same effect that seasoning does when it comes to food. A drab outfit or plain coloured dress could be transformed by the addition of the right kind of necklace or a nice shimmering brooch. Bikers are not left out from accessorising and the pleasure it brings. Biker culture not only celebrates but also encourages accessorising as accessories are almost always a part of every bikers dressing. Whether it be bracelets, rings, earrings or chains, bikers jewellery is speak to the bikers personality and the authenticity of the culture.

Sterling silver is a good material choice for jewellery any day, any time being made up of 92.5% of silver and 7.5% alloy, usually copper. To always make a right buyers choice when it comes to sterling silver for bikers jewellery, here are a few tips that can be used as guides.


1- Authenticity:

When buying sterling silver jewellery for bikers, one needs to consider how long the jewellery is intended to last. It is advised that a buyer must look out for some tell tale signs which shoe that the sterling silver is authentic and as such would last longer. For instance; for a lot of sterling silver rings, the  number ‘925’is engraved on it is a usual indication of the  authenticity of the sterling silver.

 2- Longevity and Durability:

One of the important things to note is how long one intends this bikers piece of jewellery to last for. The thing about sterling silver is the fact that it is very prone to tarnish, that is, it is not tarnish resistant. To get the best out of buying sterling silver for a biker, it makes a lot of sense to ensure that it is coated in rhodium. Rhodium is a high finish but it's great feature is that it is tarnish resistant. This would help the sterling silver maintain its original colour which is one of the main bikers colours especially when it comes to jewellery as it prevents it from rusting.


3- Design and Style:

In picking sterling silver for biker jewellery, the design of the jewellery is an important factor to take into consideration. Because the sterling silver is usually a very strong metal, it is great for designing biker jewellery which is most times characterised by bold and daring designs like bikes, skulls, bones or animals really need something strong enough to do the job.

Silver on its own may be bent out of shape and therefore not strong enough to provide such support but the inclusion of other kinds of alloy especially copper in sterling silver improves its strength and boosts its ability to support biker designs. It is necessary for the buyer to be mindful of the content of the silver which brings us back to the authenticity of the sterling silver.


 4- Care and Maintenance:

Every thing which would last will require that it is treated in the right way. This also goes for sterling silver jewellery for a biker as the piece would take good maintenance for it to keep its best appearance and performance. The sterling silver usually requires a lot of care and careful handling. A lot of people do not pay special attention in caring for their jewellery pieces which leads to damage. Because the sterling silver is not tarnish resistant and could easily rust, it is necessary for the buyer to consider if the wearer of the piece is one who would take out time to look after the biker jewellery piece. The sterling silver biker piece is one which would require to be properly packed and bagged when not in use. It also cannot be worn when using materials which are high in chlorine or bleach. It should also not be worn when using a lot of cleaning agents as they tend to change the colour of the sterling silver.

 One must consider how often the piece is to be worn and the kind of places where the piece would be used to ensure the best buy. For instance, a highly chlorinated pool will extremely ruin any sterling silver biker jewellery and therefore cannot be used for a pool photo shoot.


 5- Personality:

This may seem like a point far-fetched but it really is not. Just pay attention and you'll see why. The personality of the biker or biker culture lover would determine a lot of things in making a sterling silver biker piece buy in order to ensure that the best buy is made. Take for example, the wearer may be a lover of bold, statement pieces and would go for the heavy pieces which require sterling pieces with adequate alloy support as opposed to being coated with silver which cannot provide the needed support.

 Some people on the other hand may be subtler when it comes to their biker pieces and so may get away with the silver coating without damaging the jewellery piece. In the same vein, just as highlighted above, the buyer may also need to take in consideration the maintenance nature of the wearer in making a purchase.

Some people do not pay special attention in caring for their jewellery in the manner that is required by the sterling silver. Where such is the case, the buyer can employ the method of coating the sterling silver with materials which are tarnish resistant so as to ensure that it meets money’s worth by lasting longer.


6- Engraving:

Sometimes these pieces are to be engraved on. The coating of the sterling is important here as silver coating will be damaged by engraving. Biker pieces work best with sterling silver because of its copper content for this.

For your best sterling silver biker jewellery, the Biker Ring Shop offers the most awesome that choices that can be found. For premium sterling silver pieces, a look at the shop's catalogue would be totally worth your while.


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