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Talisman Charm Rings: Why do You Need One?

A long time ago our ancestors wore amulets as protection against evil spirits. Initially, they were in the forms of pendants but later people began to use talisman rings as well. Their circular shape is designed to protect the energy of its owner and prevent negative flows from outside. In fact, a ring is like a defensive wall, but instead of a fortress, it protects a person.

History of Talisman Rings

According to ancient legends, a talisman charm ring is a piece of a metal chain. It consists of links and, apparently, occurred even before rings. The evidence for this statement is the ancient Greek legend of Prometheus.

Zeus chained him to a rock as a punishment. The Thundered became angry when he found out that Prometheus had given the people a divine fire. The confinement was long but not eternal. Later Zeus freed the captive and put one of the links of a chain on Prometheus' finger.

The ancient Greek legends say that later Prometheus finalized his ring. The Titan decorated it with a piece of a rock he was chained to. This served as a reminder of the hardship he experienced.

It is not known for sure what kind of a stone he used. Perhaps, there were amethyst druses on the rock. This lilac variety of quartz is a mineral commonly used by the Greeks to decorate jewelry. The ancient people believed that purple quartz bestows luck and protects against adversity.

With the spread of religion and especially Christianity, rings were given protection properties to drive away evil spirits. Early Christians did not wear crosses; their role was performed by rings. Now you can combine these two symbols in a cross ring to get a powerful talisman.

Being an important part of peoples’ lives, talisman rings became more than all-metal pieces and jewelry with mineral insets. There are dozens of varieties of charm rings.

Types of Rings with Protective Properties

Talisman rings can be distinguished by the type of metal they are made of. According to esoteric, silver rings are considered to be peaceful. The energy of this metal is calm and it helps to attract creative powers.

Medics highly appreciated silver as well. The white metal has antiseptic properties and it kills about 650 types of pathogenic microbes. Until antibiotics were invented, wounds were stitched with silver threads. Sometimes even bandages with metal impregnation were used. There were also customs to put silver rings in jars with water. Silver disinfected the fluid giving health to the whole family.

Gold rings are also popular as amulets. The power of the yellow metal, according to esoteric, is belligerent. Rings of gold are good for energetic people who crave for victories. It is believed that the yellow alloy attracts energy, accumulates, and stores it.

The same as silver, gold was also used in medicine. This is evidenced by Egyptian papyri, treatises on Ayurveda from India and the Atlas of Tibetan medicine from China. Western healers also paid much attention to gold, especially Paracelsus.

What is a Charm Ring For?

What can a charm ring give? Gold strengthens the will and memory, relieves stress, and gives vitality. Paracelsus claimed that the yellow alloy relieves the arrhythmia of the heart. Warlocks agree with him: the heart beats more evenly when a person is not under the influence of evil eyes or bad thoughts.

Engagement rings are also a form of talismans. Their modern versions are often decorated with carvings and stones. However, traditional wedding rings are smooth. They are considered to be protective. A smooth surface reflects any filth away from spouses. Our ancestors believed that unevenness is a hook for evil spirits and thoughts.

Rings also carry a magical mission. Ornaments were used in witchcraft rituals. Depending on the symbols on their surface, they can be attributed to black or white magic. For example, many magical rings are decorated with runes. The runes were sort of letters for people from Northern Europe. Their "alphabets" had about 20 characters. Some of them are associated with the forces of light while others carry the energy of destruction and darkness. Sorcerers used rings with runes in their rituals.

Charm rings are often decorated with symbols. For instance, they can carry images of totem animals or other powerful symbols. You need to be careful when picking such rings. Some signs have an ambivalent nature. For example, skull rings can mean resurrection and deliverance from death and at the same time, they can imply destruction and mortality.

Besides runes and symbols, talisman rings often have mineral insets. Astrologers and esoterics have assigned some magical properties to precious stones and gems according to the signs of the zodiac and individual needs of people. For instance, quick-tempered people can pacify their temper with the help of diamonds.

Moonstones are “prescribed” against apathy. Sapphires and carnelians “cure” envy. Pearls relieve manic ideas and obsessions. Amethyst and malachite can be inserted into a ring for women. These gems will free from the influence of jealousy and black magic.

Talisman Rings for Men and Women

Silver rings are associated with the lunar energy that is considered to be feminine. However, men can wear white metal in order to pacify an excessively lascivious nature or to improve their health. Gold is charged with the energy of the Sun and it is a symbol of the masculine. Women can use a yellow alloy in moments of apathy and when they have to fight against someone or something.

Precious stones can also be feminine and masculine. Those who wish to know motherhood should pick a talisman ring with a garnet or opal. Carnelian will support the health of women. Rock crystal will protect the offsprings of a woman. In addition to gems, men can wear amulets made of bone. A canine of a bear, for example, will give strength and a long life.

How to Pick a Charm Ring?

When choosing an amulet you should keep in mind that not every jewelry piece can become one. It is believed that rings bought from a shop have weak energy. Therefore, people try to get charm rings as a present. However, you need to make sure that it is given with good feelings. Goodwill is an additional charge of positive energy a decoration will carry.

A stolen ring cannot be a charm. To be sure about a ring’s history it is better to choose family jewels. They concentrate the power of a family and there is no reason to doubt the origin of such decorations.

It is not always possible to get the desired gift or to take a centuries-old talisman from a family jewelry box. In this case, you can buy an amulet in a shop or order a custom-made ring as our ancestors did. After a purchase, you need to put a spell on it. You need to turn to tradition keepers to ensure that a product you buy turns into an amulet.

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