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A Short Guide to Jewelry Styles

Each man chooses jewelry in his own way. Most people pay attention to two factors: cost and appearance. And only after that other factors begin to be taken into account: the type of precious metal, the type of a gem, the style of jewelry, etc. Speaking of which, how many jewelry styles do you know? If you would like to learn more then this article is exactly for you.

Classic style

The distinctive features of this style are elegant, refined, strict, and not excessively intricate forms. The most common shape of such jewelry is a circle or a rectangle. The main advantage of this style is that it is not subject to fashion. Your pieces will remain relevant all the time and in any place, with a working suit or a tuxedo.


Avant-garde implies unusual ornaments which manifest the denial of all the traditional forms. Jewelry, made in this style, follows only one rule - the talent and taste of a jeweler. Normally, such ornaments are shocking, eccentric, unusual, bold, and catchy. Avant-garde pieces can combine unusual materials: precious stones can coexist with gems, and platinum can adjoin leather. There are also no rules regarding the use of proportions and shapes.

Zoological style

Such decorations depict the figures of animals, birds, fish, in other words, all the creatures of flora and fauna. Sometimes zoological ornaments look frivolous, sometimes funny, and sometimes intimidating and badass, especially when we talk about animal-style biker jewelry.

Ethnic style

It is also often called folklore style. Such adornments interpret the motives and culture of certain nationalities: India, Spain, Japan, China, Russia, etc. For example, a typical representative of ethnic style is Celtic jewelry. The other type of jewelry that can be attributed to the ethnic style is exotic ornaments, the most well-known of which are African style jewelry. Such pieces are normally made in vibrant, evocative, and appealing colors.

Gothic style

Such jewelry carries ritual attributes, crosses, gargoyles, roses, etc. In the interlacing patterns, you can clearly trace pentagram, runes, magic signs, or elements of the Middle Ages, for example, spires of towers. Gothic style jewelry is most often characterized by dark and gloomy color palette.

Art Nouveau style

The Art Nouveau jewelry is distinguished by a large number of smooth lines, elongated shapes, fluidity, asymmetry, and refinement. The main themes in the jewelry of this style are floral motifs, elegant compositions and mystical coloring of things. The value of precious stones and metals is not important here; the meaning that they carry is the only thing that matters.

Modern styles

The art deco style combines luxury and simplicity, the clarity of lines and the bright sheen of precious stones. Hi-tech style features minimalistic shapes and precious metals. In general, attention is paid to the quality of metal processing, however, precious stones in the jewelry of this style will rarely be found. Constructivism is subject to one idea: the form must reflect the name of an object and its purpose. Transforming jewelry and multifunctional pieces are pretty common for this style.

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