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7 Pieces of Jewelry Any Hardcore Biker Can Rock

Got a thing for the bling? Or feel that leather and glitz just don't match? Either way, we're about to open your eyes to several pieces of jewelry that any hardcore biker will want to sport out on the open road.

We're not saying that you should be dripping with dangling charms that can get caught in your gear and seriously throttle not just your bike, but your body. But it's truly possible to show off some style even if your leathers cover just about every inch of skin.

Release the clutch, point your wheel to the destination, and rev up for some style for your miles.

1. Knuckle Up

Mama said knock you out, but what about being a knockout? One way to combine the toughness with the glitz is to be sporting brass knuckles.

Long a stereotypical staple of the gang scene, brass knuckles - a single piece of metal that traverses your entire hand - date back to the ancient Roman time period, where they originated as a type of minimal glove.

As a biker, you may choose to sport brass knuckles themselves, either on top of your gloves - size down the gloves or size the knuckles up to ensure they fit through the glove fingers - or under.

Of course, brass knuckles have become so iconic that you can sport them as other types of jewelry too, from belt buckles to zipper pulls to rings.

2. Going Gothic

If someone accused you of being gothic right now, how would you feel?

We've come so far from when gothic was truncated down to "goth" and was heaped on the quiet, sad high schoolers who had trouble making friends and a penchant for wearing black.

Today, gothic jewelry is a booming business, one that many bikers find themselves drawn to.

It's no surprise, either, as the City University of New York cites many gothic-related items that a biker could certainly appreciate:

  • Dungeons and labyrinths
  • Villains and heroes
  • Rugged mountains
  • Magic and the supernatural
  • Moonlight, candles, and shadows
  • Castles and catacombs

Let your dark light shine with some help of gothic jewelry.

3. Biker Labeling

No, we're not talking about the stereotypes that often wrongly befall a biker.

We mean the label itself, the one associated with your bike and inevitably emblazoned all over it.

Whether you're a Harley fanatic, die hard Honda rider, or ride and die Yamaha freak, no one will know it once you park, lock, and step away from your bike.

Or will they?

Bikers can find jewelry that shouts their allegiance so no one will ever mistake them for members of "another club."

Famous brands of bikes may be found emblazoned across everything from a tiny earring to a brass knocker of a pendant. If you want to be heard but not so loudly, reach for a money clip with your preferred brand square and center.

Keep an eye on what you buy, as many knockoffs and ripoffs exist. Buy from the source to ensure your money goes to the right company.

4. Got Your Mind on Your Money

It takes money to keep your bike fueled, serviced, and on the road, but many a biker doesn't realize that his or her wallet can also serve as a total bling thing, too.

While your wallet may just be something you stuff into your back pocket or saddle bags, it's actually an ideal way to serve as optimal self-expression for when you're riding or land-locked.

The fun decisions begin with the material itself and there's something to match every carnivore, vegan, and in between's desires. Leather, canvas, even duct tape options abound.

Then you get to trick it out with options such as clips, charms, patches, and more.

And don't forget the wallet chain!

5. Smiling Skulls

Remember when the socket-heavy rictus grin of a skull used to cause fear?

Yeah, we don't either. Now, skulls are everywhere, in fact, they've pretty much been co-opted out of the hands of the biker who used to worship them.

But take faith, just because skulls show up everywhere from diapers to stuffed animals, you can still choose them as the biker jewelry of your dreams.

In fact, you'll be joining a fad that goes back to around 7,000 B.C., one of the earliest skull citings. Today, bikers can show off their cred with a fistful of skull rings, or branch out and make your own set with necklaces and bracelets.

The beauty of this kind of jewelry (and yes, we truly believe in the beauty of the skull and its beholder) is that you can match your own style by choosing:

  • Gemstones (red ruby eyes!) and other polished stones
  • Additions such as crosses or animal style skulls
  • Colors
  • Styles such as thick cuffs or delicate links

6. Going to the Dogs

Bikers are all about forging their own path, but one option for biker jewelry takes a nod from another existing hardcore group: the military.

Soldiers in the Civil War are credited with being the first to wear dog tags, but these days, civilians are just as likely to be sporting them.

The difference?

On civilians, dog tags run the gamut of glitz that our military just doesn't get to participate in. You'll find dog tags that easily slip under your bomber jacket yet stand out with diamonds, glitter, and just about every type of logo, picture, slogan, and design.

Celebrate a life milestone, commemorate an occasion, or keep a lost loved one close to your heart with a dog tag.

7. Buckling Down

All too often, we think of jewelry as something small that we wear to flash around, but it can be functional, too.

Bikers have a great opportunity to dress up their riding outfits - or their off-bike apparel - with belt buckles. Yes, we consider belt buckles a jewelry option!

We aren't saying you have to go rhinestone cowboy on your metal steed, though you can if you want to.

The beauty of the buckle is that it's basically boundless. You can get a buckle with your name or initials, the logo of your riding club, or even your favorite cartoon character.

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