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How to Choose the Best Biker Wallets for Your Style

As a fellow biker, I can tell you right now, how we carry our cash is important.

But, our biker wallets aren't just an accessory to carry our money -- they're so much more than that.

They're personal.

They give us a unique opportunity to make a statement with our style.

In this article, we're going deep with biker wallets. And, we're sharing some tips on how to choose the best wallet for your style.

Biker Wallets: The Lowdown

The Material

In terms of practicality, biker wallets need to be made of an authentic animal skin - snake, crocodile, or plain genuine leather - whatever rocks your world.

Now, consider the statistics. A motorcyclist is 27 times more likely to die from an accident and 6 times more likely to be injured.

I'm not advocating quitting the lifestyle here! Real bikers already know these facts.

Nevertheless, we need to dress, not just to impress, but to protect ourselves as well.

Even the most experienced riders have to ditch their bikes, facing the possibility of getting injured on the road.

If you've already invested in the leather jacket, vest, boots, and gloves to avoid suffering from road rash, why risk destroying the things you need day to day just to get by?

Leather products are known to be very durable, deteriorating only under extreme environmental conditions while remaining water resistant.

The Art

Pairing the wallet with the art should be a no-brainer.

Biker wallets need to have awesome artwork depicting the lifestyle. The skulls and biker fashion we're used to seeing is great to show people what you stand for.

Skulls represent our immortality after death. Once we die, whether by the bike or not, our bones will remain.

Finding wallets with the right art is important to remind yourself that death always rides along no matter the circumstances.

You want your accessories to showcase you, and there are many variations of the iconic biker symbols to choose from.

Your Personality

Do you consider yourself a badass?

Whether you're a minimalist or not, finding the right wallet doesn't matter if you and your personality don't blend with it.

You want a wallet that tells people something about yourself.

When you own the right wallet, you're not only protecting your valuable documents but your image.

Now, what exactly is that image you're going for?

What Sort of Wallet Will Meet Your Needs?

You need a wallet that's not only stylish but comfortable to wear while you ride.

So, before you start accessorizing like Jax and his team from Sons of Anarchy, you'll need to ask yourself a few questions.

  • How many cards do I need to carry?
  • How much cash do I usually keep on me?
  • How do I like to fold my cash?
  • Do I tend to carry a lot of loose change?

The perfect wallet needs to accommodate these questions.

Can you imagine riding long distances with a heavy wallet in your back pocket? Or maybe you're simply worried about losing it while you ride.

In either case, let's go through the different types of biker wallets available and the perks of owning one in the first place.

A Bifold or Money Clip

So, you don't need a whole lot of space? All you want is your driver's license, some cash, and a credit card or two?

Bifolds are great for you.

They can go into your front pocket, making the ride much more enjoyable.

Sometimes, bigger wallets have a habit of becoming over-stuffed. Not so with the bi-fold option.

Although these wallets are limited in space, if a more minimalist approach is what you're looking for, that doesn't even register as a problem!

Medium Sized Wallet

Being on the road obviously means a lot of traveling. That might mean you want something larger to fit your needs.

A medium-sized wallet, or a trifold, is a great option when you need to carry more on you. Keep in mind though that a medium-sized is almost impossible to conceal in your pants.

Some people find that the size of a medium sized wallet weighs them down a little. If this bothers you, look into balancing it out with a lighter material such as snake skin.

Large Sized Wallets

Do you carry too many things on you at once?

Lucky for you, there are even larger wallets available to carry smaller practical items like pocket-knives, keys, loose change, and your normal items all in one place.

For the ladies, this is a great accessory for a purse. It also allows for more storage rather than having things floating loose in your bag.

For the men, this is useful for when you travel long distances. You can carry it in your jacket without any troubles.

Maybe it's time to liberate those pant pockets from crowding and extra weight!

What About Chains?

You've probably seen them by now. Biker wallets are notorious for being completed with a chain.

But should you have a chain on your biker wallet?

Without a doubt, yes!

Besides keeping up with the latest trends, there are practical benefits to wearing a chain on your wallet.

When you're on the road, climbing on and off a vibrating motorcycle stresses the areas where you carry a wallet.

Would it be unheard of to lose a wallet... or two... or three?

Nobody needs to waste their time replacing cards.

When you ride, the chain is your safety net. It helps you keep your valuables close without the worries of losing them while you ride.

So What Do You Think?

Biker wallets are a must have and a great gift for anyone living the biker lifestyle.

Not only do they highlight the image you want to create for yourself, they're great for keeping your precious valuables protected from any sort of danger.

What have biker wallets done for you? Have they been effective during any close calls while riding?

Leave a comment and tell us your story!


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