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6 Steps to Ensuring Your Leather Products Lasts

Looking for a way to make your leather goods truly last forever?

Buying leather can be quite an investment. But caring for your leather products is actually easier than you might think.

Whether you're worried about making that wallet, pair of boots, or stylish belt stand the test of time, keep these top tips in mind when taking care of your products

1. Know the Different Types of Leather

There are many different types of leather out there, and the way you care for your leather products will depend upon which type they're made out of. Educate yourself on these types so you know what to specifically do for each product you own.

In general, leathers will be full grain, genuine, bonded, or top grain. The higher the grain, the better the quality.

Bonded leather, in general, will be your lowest quality of leather. Average leather products will be made out of genuine leather.

If you aren't sure what type of leather you are purchasing, ask a salesperson or employee of the store.

2. Be Wary of Stains

Stains are the most common when it comes to wear and tear of leather products, and they can really stand out depending upon the product you own.

Because you don't want to be walking around in that snazzy new jacket or carrying that exotic skin leather wallet with prominent stains, make sure you avoid situations that will cause these stains.

The most common situation involves water, which can stain leather irrevocably. If you intend to be traveling in the rain or snow at all with your leather jacket, for example, make sure you have a raincoat handy at all times or a cloth you can use to wipe the stains away.

Other situations involve liquids that are difficult to remove, such as oils, paints, or food particles.

We recommend investing in a stain protector, which will enable your leather product to be water resistant. This is a hassle-free solution to the fact that your leather goods will be very porous and receptive to stains.

3. Set Up a Cleaning Regimen

Once you've identified the type of leather you own, it's time to set up your cleaning system.

Most leather can be gently cleaned with a simple soap and water solution. Remember that water does stain, so this may be a more appropriate step for caring for leather boots or shoes.

If you have a leather jacket, consider looking at a gentle brush for combing away dust or any other particles. Remember that no matter what cleaning routine you establish, you'll always want to use products that won't scratch or stain your goods.

4. Know How to Maintain Shape

A lot of leather items will be crisply shaped when you first purchase them, such as a pair of boots or a flat-bottomed bag.

You may notice that wear and use will cause these items to lose their shape.

Not to worry. You can keep the shape of your leather shoes by filling them with crumpled plastic or paper bags, or by using a shoe tree. The same goes for bags and coats.

You'll definitely want to store your leather items properly. This means always hanging up your leather clothing pieces, and setting shoes in places where they won't encounter stains, extreme temperatures, or other damage.

If you are traveling with leather items, stow them carefully and don't shy away from wrapping them.

5. Pull Out the Polish

A lot of leather products have that irresistible shine. It can be amazing how quickly this shine leaves over time and with a lot of use.

You can easily polish your leather items to keep up with this shine. We don't recommend that you polish leather jackets, but you can definitely polish your shoes, boots, bags, and wallets.

There are many different approaches you can take to shining your shoes. First, you can have someone else do it for you. Second, you can invest in a polishing kit that will do the job nicely.

Home Remedies

There are a lot of home remedies that will let you polish your shoes easily and cheaply. Or, you can invest in a middle-grade polish from nearly any shoe store or online.

Before you shine your shoes, make sure you spread out a towel or newspaper first. Then wipe off any dust or dirt on your shoes so that you'll be working from a clean surface.

Use a brush specifically made for polishing shoes to rub the polish in. Don't leave any clumps and be sure to target the seams.

With polish, your leather items will gleam until the end of time.

6. Don't be Slack

It's easy to start caring for your leather and then drop your cleaning regimen due to a busy schedule or plain old forgetting.

But if you've invested in a leather item, it's important to not let this happen. Stick to a schedule and make the care of your leather products a routine.

This is definitely the biggest tip when it comes to ensuring your products really do last a lifetime.

Ensuring Your Leather Products Last

When it comes to your leather products, it's important to keep the quality you start out with. Whenever you purchase anything made of leather, it's key to have a good sense of what your care regimen is going to be to make sure your product lasts as long as you want it to.

Once you make your leather purchase, identify the leather type so that you can care for it. Set up a cleaning routine and invest in a stain protector to avoid stains setting in. Know how to maintain the shape of your leather satchel or shine of your leather boots.

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