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Movie Character Rings by Bikerringshop

Ahead of the movie award season starting in Spring 2021, we cannot help but talk about movies. More specifically, about movie characters. Even more specifically, about movie characters found in Bikerringshop ring collections. Cast in silver and embellished with vibrant gemstones, our movie character rings are the best accessories to turn heads. Take a look at 10 exclusive men’s rings you won’t find anywhere except Bikerringshop.


The jungle of South America, Schwarzenegger at the head of the paramilitary rescue team, and something dangerous lurking in the thicket and trying to kill the members of this elite team, does this sound familiar? If you were born before the 1980s, you’ve surely watched the original Predator movie. If you’re younger, you might know The Predators (2010) with Adrien Brody or 2018’s reboot The Predator starring Olivia Munn and Keegan-Michael Key. If you don’t know any of these films, what kind of rock have you been living under? The original Predator is a must-watch. And if you enjoy this kind of science fiction and its antagonist then the Predator ring is a must-have.

Made of high-quality sterling silver and complete with red gemstones for the eyes, the ring displays the iconic features of the deadly alien hunter – dredlocks and the helmet-slash-mask. The sleek shiny appearance is guaranteed to glue everyone’s eyes to your ring. Whether you go to a Comic-Con event, thematic party, get-together with your friends, or are just looking for a striking everyday accessory, the Predator ring by Bikerringshop is worthy of your consideration.


The Alien is another guest from distant planets on our list. Even more iconic than the Predator, the Xenomorph species are vicious and beguiling at the same time. Not for nothing did it find millions of fans across the globe and its legacy spans five decades.

The very look of the Xenomorph screams danger. Large teeth, sticky saliva, and acid-spitting ability are no joking matter. One such alien can wipe out an entire colony of settlers, and even brave space marines won’t be able to stop it unless their names are Ellen Ripley. Despite the terrifying appearance, aliens are firmly rooted in the popular culture and occasionally come to life with the next installments, prequels, reboots, and other works parasitizing on the people's love for them.

The alien ring by Bikerringshop recreates the familiar Xenomorph look with its smooth oblong head, barely visible eyes, and exposed teeth. Something that simple yet horrifying is the best way to ‘spice up’ your look. Excellent craftsmanship, great attention to detail, and polished silver ensure to send shivers down your spine. And if you happened to watch and enjoy Alien vs. Predator, you might want to flaunt rings with both characters at the same time.


How many cyborg movies do you know? Off the top of my head, devious David in the Prometheus and its sequel, Robocop, Blade Runner, and, of course, The Terminator Franchise. The movie featuring Cyborg in its title can’t be ignored either.

People have always been fascinated by the idea of creating human-like machines that are stronger, smarter, and more efficient than the best of us. However, as these science fiction films predict, our creatures may turn their powers against us. Nevertheless, we are still thrilled to watch flicks about intelligent robots with human body parts. If you are one of the many fans of robots, cyborgs, and human augmentations, you might want to express your passion with an appropriate ring, such as the Cyborg ring by Bikerringshop.

The ring showcases a skull with one of its sides exposed to reveal its true nature. While cyborgs are high-tech, this ring offers something old-school and analog. After all, it represents biker fashion known for its old ways. The ring is crafted using centuries-old traditions and technologies. In other words, it is made by hand using hand tools. Not as advanced as robot production but it’s the most efficient way to ensure excellent quality and flawless look.

Darth Vader

Darth Vader, the antagonist of another much-loved franchise, found embodiment in the eponymous silver ring. With menacing vibes and a frightening appearance, it has every chance to become the baddest boy in your jewelry collection.

We are lucky to be able to observe the evolvement of this controversial character from an innocent child to a space dictator. Going to the dark side changed both his personality and appearance. Its horrific scars are hidden behind a helmet, which, in turn, amplifies an already blood-curdling voice. A personality of such a magnitude has left a colossal mark in popular culture - for sci-fi geeks, Darth Vader has the same significance as Judas is for a righteous Christian.

Nevertheless, we have some respect for Dart Vader but not for his villainous deeds and for his inner power and somewhat non-trivial fashion choice. Even a person who has never watched Star Wars can easily guess which character this ring represents. This means that wherever you go, you will be followed by rapturous glances and nods of approval.


From supervillains to superheroes, our men’s ring collection checks all the boxes. If you’re looking for an inspiring and even heroic piece of jewelry, take a closer look at our Superman ring.

Kal-El, Clark Kent, Superman, whatever you call him, this man is a role model. Despite having unprecedented superhuman abilities, Superman proves that being a great person prevails over being a powerful one. A sense of justice and willingness to fight for the right cause are all that matter. Each of us can become a superman, even if not for the whole world but for a specific person. In fact, it's not that difficult. We can start with something small - help a person in distress, listen and give good advice, share what you have with those who need it, and much more. And this ring will help you on your way to becoming a super good person. As a reminder of your noble goal, it will not let you give up or doubt your mission.

The ring is crafted from the finest sterling silver to carry the beloved symbol of S placed in a diamond-shaped figure. It is as simple as simplicity can be yet it exudes incredible power. Put this piece on your finger to pay homage to the hero you look up to.


Our rings travel from DC comics to MCU. Does it surprise you that you can find one of the most beloved Marvel’s characters in the Bikerringshop ring collection? The friendly neighborhood aka Peter Parker conquers with its spontaneity, childish naivety, and belief in justice. He is as awkward as many of us, even when being clad in superhero gear. Maybe that's why we perceive him as a boy next who can do a little bit more than average Joe.

No matter which actor portrays Peter Parker, Spidy is certain to delight the audience. Comic and tragic, this is the hero we all deserve. And you deserve an amazing ring to show your love for a superhero in a red and blue outfit. This Spiderman ring combines stylish matte silver with a polished finish. Strong Gothic vibes show that Peter Parker’s life is not a walk in the park, it is full of difficulties and challenges that not many are able to overcome. If you admire the character's resilience and his ability to remove any obstacles on his way, you can show it with a commemorative item.

Jack Sparrow

While this ring is not a direct reference to the legendary Jack Sparrow, you can easily see the things that inspired us - the captain's hat, the blade, and even the cursed Aztec Gold that once turned him into a skeleton. Rogue, adventurous, and slightly strange, this is what we see in the desperate pirate with a good heart.

It is perhaps not a big secret that men admire pirates and want to be like them. It is especially true today when very few people are the masters of our own lives. We lack freedom, traveling around the world, a bottle of rum, and the hot embraces of a sultry beauty. We close our eyes and imagine a different, more romantic life. A shard of this idealized life can sit on your finger in the form of a Jack Sparrow ring. It can serve as a reminder that it is not too late to pursue your dreams. And if you are already living your dream, then this ring can add a finishing touch to your image.

Frankenstein’s Monster

The creation of a human genius that killed his own creator, Frankenstein's Monster is the personification of all that we hide within our hearts. Each person is an explosive mixture of fears, vices, dreams, and all the good and bad things that make us unique. If we maintain a balance between the dark and light sides of our being, we become an integral part of society. But if negative traits prevail, we turn into a monster, an outcast, rejected by everyone and forced to while away the time alone. Maybe this is what Mary Shelley meant when she created her legendary novel?


Be that as it may, Frankenstein's monster is a recognizable character whose finest hour comes every Halloween. Perhaps you, too, intend to prepare for the upcoming holiday now and get this ring as the final touch for your monster costume. The good news is that you can wear this ring 365 days a year. Why should you do this? Because this is a one-of-a-kind piece that is sure to separate you from the crowd. Besides the look that grips attention, it carries multiple meanings. It can say that appearances are deceiving, and even a person with a monster's face can have a good heart. Also, Frankenstein's Monster is a reminder that we are responsible for what we create. Or maybe this ring is your way to show that you are a complex and multi-level person as if several personalities live inside you. We're sure you have your own idea of what Frankenstein's Monster might signify.


Werewolves have a variety of alterations, from the terrifying and deadly as in the Howl franchise to the cute and friendly as in the Twilight movies.

The legends about half-people-half-wolves have been around long before the birth of cinema. Moreover, epics describing werewolves have been found in different parts of the world. Nevertheless, these are the silver screens that brought the legends of a transformation into a wolf to every person around the globe.

Why would you want to put a Werewolf ring on your finger? Maybe you pretend to be a different person and only at night, you can be yourself? Or perhaps you admire the strength and ferocity of a wild beast? Or do you want to show that you are a dangerous person and others can come closer at their own risk? It's not for us to tell you why the Werewolf ring should be yours, but if you decide to do with it you will never be disappointed.

Aslan, The Chronicles of Narnia

You can’t deny that lions take a special place in everyone’s heart. They are noble, strong, fierce, and protective. And if a lion has a wonderful gift and is willing to patronize you, then how can you not rejoice in such good luck? One of the most powerful lions is Aslan living in the beloved Chronicles of Narnia. This majestic beast is ready to sacrifice himself for a great purpose. He is wise and kind as befits a great ruler. And yet, like every lion, he is strikingly beautiful both in his pacification and in his rage.

We are sure that many of you would like to be like a lion - strong, independent, and loved by females. They say that a lion ring can enhance your lion's traits. If this is so, then this piece is a godsend to transform into a person full of nobility and confidence. And even if it isn't so, such a stupendous ring is an unrivaled conversation starter and a magnet for female attention.


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