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Men's Earrings: Why, How, and Which Ones to Wear

An earring for a woman is not just a trinket, it is a bait, a lure. It dangles, sparkles, and teases to make you take a look at her ear and seductive neck. It’s pretty clear why ladies rock earrings but what does prompt a guy to pierce his ears?

Men have been wearing earrings since the dawn of civilization. Even the Bible has several references to men's earrings. Many centuries ago, there was nothing disgraceful or shameful about putting an earring into a man’s ear. It is a long journey of these pieces through centuries that perverted their meanings and turned them into outcasts. Fortunately, men's earrings are now regaining the positions they once lost. The 21st century with its liberation and emancipation paved the way for earrings back to men’s wardrobe.

As with every body ornament, men opt for earrings because they are fashionable, they grab attention, they make a wearer stand out. Is that it? Nope. There are plenty of reasons why guys enjoy earrings as their jewelry of choice. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Men and Earrings: Why Does This Duo Exist?

1. Make a statement. Earrings are hip, edgy, and badass. These words warm the heart of every avid fashionista. With ear jewelry, they try to project these qualities onto themselves. And it works, but only if a chosen earring model matches the personality of the one who owns it.

2. A tribute to traditions. Religion, customs, and traditions dictate that a guy needs to insert an earring into his ear. For example, piercing is very popular among gypsies, and Hindu boys get their first earrings around the age of 4

3. Show belonging to a subculture. You are on a website dedicated to bikers and contiguous subcultures, so you probably know a bit about bikers’ dressing and accessorizing habits. A skull earring in the ear of a leather-clad man is evidence that he is partial to the engine’s roar and the wind in the face.

4. Impress a potential partner. Well, you can hardly surprise an adult woman with anything but when it comes to a teenager, the sight of an earring in the ear and the realization that it caused some kind of pain or, at least, inconvenience is the right kind of impression. Knowing what a kind of feat a potential boyfriend performed to win her heart should certainly put him in her good books.

5. Wear it as a gift. Sometimes, a girl herself becomes the initiator of an earring’s occurrence in a man's ear. If she presents a trendy earring as a gift, how can you refuse it? Showing that you appreciate her gift by actually wearing it will surely help strengthen your bond.

6. Talk about your sexuality. It is generally accepted that an earring in the right ear is a sign of belonging to the queer culture. Around the 1970s, guys were guided by the ‘Left is right, Gay is right” rule when choosing an ear for a piercing. Since then, it is indeed more common to think that the right ear is reserved for non-straight individuals. However, this stereotype is typical of the Western mentality. Men from other parts of the world have an earring in their right ear and it is not an attempt to show their sexual preferences.

7. Benefit from alternative medicine. According to acupuncture, the middle portion of the lobe is connected with the eyes and the optic nerve. By affecting it through piercing, a guy can improve vision and protect his eye from negative external influences. So, maybe a trinket in his ears says that he enjoys acupuncture?

8. Proof of spiritual development. Many ancient and primitive cultures in Africa, Asia, and South America have a tradition of stretching the earlobes with heavy and large objects. They say that exaggerated lobes speak of a person's spiritual development. The recent trend of wearing plugs and tunnels has a lot in common with this tradition, but more on the visual side rather than semantic.

9. Show how rich someone is. While diamond earrings are not uncommon, they still remain prohibitively expensive for the majority of guys. So if you see someone sporting large diamond earrings, you might be dealing with a moneybag. Or at least with someone who wants to seem one of them.

10. Emphasize his rebellious nature. Maybe your parents told you not to wear jewelry, your boss forbids you to wear trinkets but you didn't listen and did everything your own way because you are a rebel. While modern society encourages experiments with one’s look and style, many more conservative cultures consider it taboo. But if you do something contrary to the norms imposed by the public, then you certainly look like a rebel in the eyes of this public. An earring is a simple and clear way to show that you are not like everyone else. After all, even centuries ago, it was an attribute of the rejected strata of society (such as pirates or thieves), and modern renegades follow the path they trod.

Earring Designs that Won’t Leave You Cold

Don't say that you think pierced ears are exclusively a woman's prerogative. We do not believe that you still live in the past. Chances are you have hand lotion, chapstick, and pink clothing. Do these things make you less of a man? Probably not. Then why do you think that earrings may pose a threat to your masculinity?

If your circle of friends still believes that pierced earlobes are only for gals or gays, maybe you should ask yourself ‘are these people hark-backer?’ Perhaps, they don’t want you to change because they themselves are scared of changes. But only because they want you to do (or not to do) something doesn’t mean that you should knuckle under.

Pierced ears are going to open a brave new world bristling with accessorizing options. If you’re tired of watches, tiepins, and rings, it’s high time to consider ornaments for your ears. Luckily, today you have plenty of options, from traditional diamond studs to something extraordinary. We picked a few cool models from our catalogs that are sure to resonate with your personality. If you don’t have a pierced earlobe yet, maybe they can inspire you to correct this omission.

For minimalists

Studs are the best option for those who have recently pierced their lobes and are not yet ready for experiments. A small earring won’t add weight to your ears and it won’t be ‘in your face’. Instead, it is going to provide a great accent for your style. Even a strict boss won’t frown upon such a cute thing.

For Trouble Makers

Looking for a way to shock and outrage? Then skull earrings wrapped in punk aesthetic are a way to go. These are better than traditional skulls. Combined with electrical plugs, they are a sign of an electrifying and somewhat dangerous (in a cool way, of course) person.


For Maximalists

If a small piece of jewelry is too boring, then look out for earrings with a difference, such as these ones. They are simultaneously studs and dangles, crowns and crosses, gold and silver. Although they are not large in size, they are large in their impact.


For Glint Lovers

If you look up to celebrities as fashion gurus, you already know that glint is everywhere. Pharrell Williams, Christiano Ronaldo, Will Smith – these heartthrobs have been wearing diamond studs for decades. The new generation led by spunky Harry Styles proves that there is no such thing as design for ladies. They boldly flaunt pearls with ruffles and wide bell-bottomed pants. You’re probably not ready for these bold styles but maybe you’re ripe for gem-adorned skull earrings?



For Mix and Matchers

They say that gold doesn’t blend with silver. We say it’s nonsense. If you know which pieces look good on you and which don’t, a mix of yellow and pale is going to produce a fantastic effect. These skull dangles prove that the sun and the moon metals can harmoniously coexist. 


For ‘Less is More’ Persons

This model is less in quantity but more design. A golden dragon whispering something in your ear, isn’t it cool? This single stud earring showcases an Oriental-style dragon wrapped around an ornate arch and complete with a black sparkler. Such a small piece yet such a powerful punch.


For Ladies

Let's be honest, the men's jewelry market is much smaller than the women's one. Designers create mind-blowing pieces for girls but what do they have for men? Studs and hoops in minimalistic designs? If you’re fed up with this traditional approach, why not try something made for ladies or, at least, inspired by women’s fashion? These sugar skull dangles embrace the most precious features of women’s jewelry: large size, a mix of colors and textures, as well as gemstone sparkle.


For Eccentric Individuals

Looking for unconventional or quirky designs? We have what you need. These devil pig earrings with fiery eyes are not for everyone but maybe they are going to be just right for you? Of course, if you don’t mind an influx of attention. Such an original design is a great conversation starter (or an eyebrow raiser, depends on the public around you) and that’s a concrete argument to add them to your jewelry collection.

How to Pick Earrings to Look the Bestest

When picking earrings, take this hard-and-fast rule into consideration: your jewelry cannot look like a sore thumb. Instead, it should harmoniously blend with your clothes and accessories since it is another critical piece of your style. If you have to wear formal office clothing most of the time, your earrings ought to match it. Overall, your jewelry in general and earrings in particular need to go well with your walk of life. For this reason, clerks, athletes, and simply active people are going to be better off with studs. On the other hand, if you are young and informal, go for tunnels and plugs. Creative and artistic people can express this side of their nature with hoop earrings.

Another rule you should take into account is compatibility. It sounds like this: all of your jewelry and accessories must be of the same material and color. Gold with gold and silver with silver makes it easier to create the most elegant look. Besides, this is a surefire way to introduce cohesiveness. Gold earrings with silver necklace are going to look all over the place and you surely don’t want to achieve this messy effect. But if you do enjoy a pop of contrasting color, don’t spread it among several pieces. It’s best to utilize earrings that feature spots of varicolored metals as accents.

Once again: an earring in your ear should tie your whole image together, make it complete. So, before you make a styling decision, you should carefully consider your lifestyle and wardrobe.

How Many Earrings Do You Need?

How many earrings to go with: a single one or a pair? Both ways have their supporters and opponents.

  • Single earrings. Many women (let’s face it, men spruce themselves up for ladies) are sure that a single earring is edgy and sexy. If you’re trying to win a beauty’s heart, it makes sense to go with half of a pair.
  • Two earrings. A pair of earrings is a choice of bold fashionistas. They enjoy symmetry and don’t do things by halves.

How many earrings do you need in your jewelry box? It all depends on your needs. It’s unlikely that you want to have a different model for a different day. What is likely, however, is that you’ll need different earrings for different occasions. Pick simpler and more modest models for work and formal environments. Go bolder and louder for parties, rallies, and get-togethers with friends and family. Being appropriate with your style is probably the best way to show that you have a good taste.

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