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Men's Black Onyx Rings and their Beneficial Nature

Onyx, although it does not have a sky-high price tag of diamonds, remains one of the most beloved inlays in jewelry, especially if it is intended for men. It goes well with both silver and gold settings, and is compatible with many other precious and semi-precious stones. Its stylish black finish never goes out of style. The cherry on top is its valuable medicinal and magical properties. At the same time, onyx is one of the most controversial stones. Its "multi-layered" character is capable of both providing support and turning against its owner. To make a long story short, men's black onyx rings are worthy of your consideration if you're looking for a fashion-forward accessory with unique properties.

What is Onyx?

Onyx is a semi-precious stone that belongs to the chalcedony group of minerals (it is similar to agate). A distinctive feature of onyx is its peculiar striped texture. It occurs when layers of sediments with various inclusions stack on top of each other.

The color of stripes depends on the type of these inclusions. Arabian (black) onyx features black and white banded texture. Carnelian sports red and white stripes. Sardonyx displays brown or orange-white layers.

The physical properties of onyx are close to those of marble. It is relatively hard, easy to process, and it is resistant to crumbling. Faceted onyx retains its shape for a long time.

Natural black onyx has a glassy luster and is almost transparent. The clearer a stone, the more value it has. However, black onyx is very rare in nature. More often than not, it has white stripes of varying thickness. It is usually found together with other types of onyx as one of their layers. Today, the majority of inexpensive black onyx stones found in jewelry are chemically dyed.

Onyx in World Cultures

There are multiple references to onyx in biblical stories. It is one of the 12 stones that adorned the confidant of the Jewish high priests. The throne of King Solomon was embellished with luxurious black onyx.

The ancient Egyptians revered this stone as sacred. Multiple excavations of Egyptian temples show that onyx was used to decorate jewelry, accessories, household items, and many other objects. The Aztecs believed that onyx had magical properties and therefore, they deployed it in sacred rituals and rites. Ancient Indians revered black onyx as a stone of luck and material well-being.

Onyx Sterling Silver Koi Gothic Ring

Buddhism followers have long noticed strong energy coming from black onyx and used its effects to benefit the body and the soul. They wore beads and necklaces to cleanse and activate their heart chakra (solar plexus). It is this energy center that generates protective energy to strengthen the aura and repel negative external influences.

Healing Properties Inherent in Onyx

The medicinal properties of black onyx are not understood well enough. But what is already known about this stone lets us use it in lithotherapy (stone treatment). For example, this mineral is considered to be apt to treat impotence in men. Along with that, unconventional medicine utilizes it to restore the kidneys and liver as well as treat the symptoms of their diseases. It also has a positive effect on the skin, skeletal system, cognitive function, and hearing. Jewelry featuring black onyx is recommended for meteosensitive persons. It mitigates the effects of dramatically changing meteorological conditions on the human body.

Black onyx lends itself well to the treatment of neuropsychiatric diseases. It is believed to relieve depression and stress that are often associated with our daily life. The black stone will help alleviate nervous tension, improve mood, as well as promote emotional self-control.

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Onyx is of use to those who suffer from circulatory disorders. When being set in silver, the mineral helps tame heartaches. On top of that, it will come in handy for people who experience insomnia. A black onyx ring or necklace put on before going to bed forwards healthy sleep. The powerful yet measured energy that the stone emits soothes and lulls.

Water infused with black onyx dulls the feeling of hunger. This property is oftentimes used in diets focused on weight loss.

Onyx’s Magical Properties

According to sorcerers, black onyx is a ‘canine stone’ because it always guards and protects its owner from harmful energies. On the one hand, the stone accumulates positive energy in itself. On the other hand, it absorbs negativity from its owner's aura, as well fears that prevent him or her to develop.

Along with taking bad things from its wearer, the black mineral gives him or her courage and determination. Rings and jewelry featuring onyx are often ‘prescribed’ to insecure and timid people. Besides that, onyx talismans are able to ward off evil as well as safeguard against accidents and enemies.

Black onyx is a good teacher. It helps its owners feel their vibrations and learn to distinguish them from others. In addition, it teaches empathy. Most importantly, the black stone helps the ones who wear it become a teacher themselves and lend a helping hand to insecure people with a fragile or traumatized psyche. A person who flaunts black onyx rings knows how to boost his or her vibrations and aid others in this matter.

Dragon Claw Brass Ring

Due to the stone’s ability to accumulate and enhance both the external flows of energy and the energy of its owner, onyx jewelry is a great choice for good-natured people. You should have a positive attitude toward life and kind heard to benefit from the magical properties of onyx. Otherwise, it may turn its power against you.

Leadership Qualities Enhancer

Our ancestors believed that black onyx was a stone intended for leaders. It was deemed to possess such incredible power that only strong-willed men could subjugate it. Besides that, onyx was thought to enhance public speaking abilities. It was supposed to help gain the attention of the audience and give confidence to a speaker. The beautiful mineral bolsters patience, prolongs a good mood, as well grants the talent to focus on a set goal.

Black onyx is going to come very in handy for students and people whose work requires a lot of patience and endurance. The stone does not showcase its properties immediately; however, if you steadily move toward achieving your goal, it is going to push you in the right direction.

Onyx Skull Rings Biker Jewelry

Men's black onyx rings are considered to be ideal talismans for businessmen and entrepreneurs. They promote success in commercial projects, command the respect of others, contribute to the beneficial outcome of negotiations, and help in task completion. Apart from that, these jewelry pieces assist to strengthen willpower, develop self-control and self-criticism. In the Middle Ages, people believed that black onyx awakens ambition and business acumen in its owners. The energy of black chalcedony eliminates unnecessary illusions and suspiciousness. It contributes to one’s assertiveness, resistance to stress, and determination.

Men's Black Onyx Rings as a Talisman

Black onyx jewelry doubles as a talisman. It kind of builds a strong barrier around its wearer to protect him or her against evil forces and death. This stone was especially revered in Ancient Egypt and Babylon. It was found on the remnants of ancient buildings, various vessels, as well as in lush ornaments. Our ancestors called it ‘the stone of sorrow’ because it adorned the most beautiful tombs of mighty rulers.

The energy inherent in black onyx is incredibly helpful to everyone who finds it difficult to defend their borders from deceitful and selfish people. It helps see them through and avoid their nets. Black onyx bestows wisdom and acts as a guard. If you feel that your thoughts are entangled and your body is bound by an invisible force, you should seek protection from the miraculous stone. Thanks to black onyx, you can feel a detachment from a conflict situation, clarify your consciousness and thinking, and set your ducks in a row. Strong vibrations that the gemstone emits will aid to break free from the negative environment and find a way out in a difficult situation. The energy of the stone helps take immediate actions and do the right things.

Black Onyx Mens Ring

How to Treat Your Onyx Rings

To preserve and enhance the magical properties of the onyx stone, you should cleanse it in pure cold water from time to time. To do so, you need to put your onyx jewelry in a bag and keep it under running water for a while. Alternatively, you may place the stone in salty water because salt is a great energy purifier. But keep in mind that onyx is a delicate stone, so you can emerge it in saline water only for a few seconds. After this, rub your jewelry dry and pour out the water that absorbed negative energy. You should treat your onyx stone with care and due respect to maintain its magical properties. Keep it away from minerals it is incompatible with, especially rubies and chrysolite.

Onyx in Astrology

Onyx is not a timid mineral. It frequently conflicts with people of certain traits. Because our zodiac sign bestows or, vise versa, takes away some of these traits, you should learn whether it’s able to get along with the black stone

Onyx has the greatest positive effect on people born under the Capricorn sign. It enhances the natural features of character inherent in them including determination and toughness. The gemstone is also beneficial to Virgo, Aries, Taurus, Libra, and Aquarius. It helps these signs accumulate positive energy and improves every aspect of their lives.

If your astrological sign is Gemini or Pisces, it best to opt out of onyx rings. The stone’s energy just won’t align with your temperament. Instead of helping bring peace and harmony to your life, it is going to work like a magnifying glass for troubles and negative energies.

Onyx in Jewelry

Onyx is a relatively inexpensive but very beautiful stone. It is widely used in jewelry and various crafts. Since onyx gems rarely occur completely black in nature, their white stripes get tinted artificially. It goes without saying that natural black onyx stones are more expensive than dyed counterparts. Plus, the value of the stone depends on the degree of transparency – the clearer the better.

Black onyx is very popular in men's jewelry. Onyx rings, pendants, and bracelets set in a silver frame look hip and edgy. While being cheap and cheerful, these jewelry items carry a strong feel of luxury. They go well with branded outfits and instill confidence in men wearing them. If you’d like your onyx to coexist with another gem, your choices are aventurine, bloodstone, and cubic zirconia. As we have already noted, onyx conflicts with rubies and, in general, it is a bad idea to combine it with precious stones.

Sterling Silver Phoenix Ring

Jewels found in men’s black onyx rings often have a cabochon shape, i.e. they feature no facets at all. These are oval or round domed stones polished like a mirror. Cabochons carry a distinct vintage vibe because this was the most common gemstone processing technique in the middle ages. Thankfully, we don’t live in Medieval times anymore. If you prefer faceted onyxes to polished ones, you have plenty of options in regard to cuts. Bikerringshop, for instance, offers men's black onyx rings featuring octagon, baguette, and princess cuts. 

Black Dragon Claw Sterling Silver Biker Ring

Who Can Benefit From Onyx Rings and What’s the Best Way to Maintain Them

Onyx is a mineral for mature people. It benefits individuals who found their path in life, settled down, and stopped rushing around. It’s not the best option for young adults though. While helping its owner cultivate virtues in his or her character, it doesn’t allow tasting life in all its diversity.

The stone is suitable for both men and women. It doesn’t matter on which finger you wear your onyx ring but the material of a setting is worthy of consideration. In tandem with silver, onyx becomes the patron saint of hidden talents. It enhances the aptitude for arts and sciences. When being mounted in gold, it makes its wearer more energetic and pushy.

Black onyx is a rather fragile mineral. It easily accumulates scratches and even chirps if you drop it on the ground. To help it prolong its sheen and beauty, you should follow a few simple rules:

  • keep it away from other gemstones (especially precious ones) as well as hard surfaces;
  • clean your onyx jewelry with a mild soapy solution and a soft brush;
  • when you don’t wear it, put your onyx ring in a soft bag and keep it in a cool, dark place.

If you go for black onyx jewelry, you need to listen to your body to understand if it’s a good fit for your personality. Should you feel positive changes or a surge of energy, you can keep wearing it safely. However, if you start experiencing persistent and unreasonable anxiety or discomfort, it is better to put off your body ornament for a while. Perhaps, for some reason, you are not yet ready to welcome onyx into your life.

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