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Hippopotamus Ring

Product image 1Sterling Silver Hippopotamus Ring
Product image 2Hippopotamus Ring
Product image 3hippo ring
Product image 4Hippopotamus Ring
Product image 5Hippopotamus Ring
Product image 6Hippopotamus Ring
Product image 7silver adjustable ladies ring
Product image 8hippo crown ring
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The Hippopotamus is a fascinating creature. When out of water it might seem clumsy and slow, but it has an incredible grace and beauty when swimming, as well as an unexpected temper that makes it amongst the most dangerous animals on land or in water. One of the few herbivores in the world that has no predators brave enough to take it on, the hippopotamus has more than earnt its crown.

Made with genuine solid sterling silver, this band is think and heavy, making its mark upon your hand. Check the inside of your band for the .925 trademark as proof of quality.

• 100% polished solid sterling silver with 14k yellow gold accents
• Stamp .925 trademark inside the band
• Band width measures: 15mm

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