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Why Crocodile Belts Will Never Be Out Of Style

One of the most exquisite and treasured buys is a crocodile belt. Whether it’s a light brown crocodile backbone belt, brown, pink, black or burgundy crocodile stomach leather belt you can be sure what you’ve is an exclusive purchase. It not only transforms your looks, bike demeanor and smack but also gives you a unique confidence and a quality belt worth talking about.

If you loved Tom Cruise on the big screen, Pink and her swaying music videos, Brad Pitt, Ewan McGregor, John Travolta, Charlie Hunman, Jay Leno, Kid Rock, Orlando bloom and other celebrities you probably know what they have in common. Yes, bikes! They’re avid bikers with some of the most exotic bikes and always strutting the perfect matching or contrasting attire fit for the avid modern biker with a sense of style. Unique biker belts are almost second to their biking nature and nothing matches perfectly with any type of biker apparel and accessories like crocodile belts.

Whether it’s Cruise’s classic Vyrus bike, Pitt’s Second World War Nazi model or Leno on any of his choice bikes from one of the best American bike collections, a crocodile belt adds to their ageless coolness.

There are many reasons why crocodile belts will never be out of style.

Durable and strong

The crocodile belt is a special gift from nature’s iconic reptile. Through creative finishes the crocodile leather is dyed in virtually any hue under the sun. Whether you match it with other bike gear, purses to footwear the strong and durable crocodile belt adds a touch of exotic style and luxurious rugged appeal.

Timeless luxury

They say diamonds are forever and crocodile leather is timeless. Its high quality appeal is both valuable and striking. Not hard to find a man with a crocodile belt, antique or leather piece handed down from their first 19th century frontier ancestor from the swamps of American south. Investing in a crocodile belt is purchasing real quality reptile leather that will outlast you in many ways.

Highly perceptible

It’s not rocket science to recognize a crocodile belt. In fact they’re some of the most perceptible and loved that fake croc leather items from belts, purses to assorted accessories exist. A quality, genuine croc belt is a highly recognizable addition in your biker regalia that everybody identifies as exotic, luxurious, durable and great buy.

Popular and striking

In places like the United States where bikers are a culture unto themselves the exoticness and status of croc accessories is legendary. Crocodile belts allow you to be striking and prized among people who understand the free, open and fun biker lifestyle.

Diverse choice

Crocodile population globally has never been known to dip. Crocodile farms have also sprung up ensuring any genuine reptile leather apparel lover always have the articles of style and luxury he or she desires. Crocodile leather is easy to tan, finish, custom finish and dye in just about any color. You can choose a matte or glossy crocodile belt or a brown or black if you so desire.  The artistry and creativity in the crocodile belts mean you’ve an unadulterated, genuine leather choice to match your biker clothing.

You can tell fake from genuine crocodile belts

Most importantly, know what real crocodile skin smells, looks or feels like.  If you’ve no idea you can actually tell a fake croc leather item. Firstly, crocodile belt made from genuine crocodile leather has a leathery feel and doesn’t feel plastic or artificial. If the finish feels plastic, so even and synthetic, it probably is bogus. Note that real crocodile belts are also dense and thick as crocodile hide.

Shiny-while not a very good way to ascertain genuine crocodile belt lots of tanneries manufacture and craft colorful, striking and shiny belts from crocodile leather. If the shine appears artificial in brightness it’s probably not real. You need to check further.

Most crocodile belt makers are said to accomplish high gloss through the use of natural proteins such as raw-egg whites or albumen and polishing them on the crocodile hide at intense pressure. Hard but smooth tools through glazing jacks in high pressure then polish and compress the skin leaving behind a unique glossy shine. After the treatment, the crocodile leather is usually very sleek and smooth but with observable spaced scales tightly together for what is known as the Classic finish.  

Compared to the Safari crocodile skin finish, the Classic finish is less durable due to the high pressure used. To achieve the Safari durable finish, the buffing is done in low pressure by combining oils and waxes in the process. Since no excessive pressure is subjected on the crocodile leather, your crocodile belt will be supple, soft with a natural scale feel and pattern with observable slight imperfections-a mark of genuine crocodile skin. A safari finished crocodile belt is not easily scraped and shows little if any wear.   

Label/brand-where you buy your crocodile belt is highly important. It helps you to check the designer, the quality and genuineness of the leather. In fact if they don’t offer full refund if you find the crocodile skin isn’t genuine they’re probably hiding something.

Natural in appearance­­­­­­­­­­­- Check the genuineness of the crocodile belt by searching for imperfections. If you know your crocodile leather well, even the highest quality grade comes with some small imperfections and inconsistencies. Look closely and you’ll actually observe uneven croc scales, little bumps and scarring.

Bullet proof belt?

You probably have heard people claim the strength, durability and unyielding nature of crocodile leather renders it bullet proof! Lots of films, animations and video games have portrayed crocodile skin as impenetrable that even bullets cannot breach it.

Undoubtedly, crocodile leather is one of the densest and sturdiest hides out there. As the crocodile keeps growing the thickness of the skin also increases. This makes a crocodile the fiercest predator on water and at times on land.  However, as thick and sturdy as the skin is it’s another matter when bullets come into the picture.  While most crocodiles can survive bullets released from small caliber hand guns large weapons can easily take them down.

At times, it takes a dozen shots to bring a full-grown croc down. Crocodile skin isn’t designed to be bullet proof as sturdy as it looks and feels. In any case, bullets destroy the quality of the skin by puncturing it so much. Unless one’s life is in danger, hardly are guns used in capturing or subduing crocodiles.

While your genuine crocodile belt will not make you bullet proof, you can be sure you’ve a thick, dense and strong belt to transform your biker garb for almost all your life.

Easy to care

A crocodile belt perfectly goes with any biker attire, superb gift item for a loved one and a beautifully finished belt that’ll give you many years. Like most items made from exotic, high quality genuine crocodile leather, crocodile belts can do with some a bit of care. Most of us want a belt we can use with almost zero maintenance and care. Nonetheless, a little care even on the sturdiest luxurious crocodile belts is the best way to get the most of your crocodile skin belt.

Storage-while croc shoes and boots are alright in a dry and cool place such as a closet, your crocodile belt should be hung by its belt buckle. This ensures the leather doesn’t crack damaging its appearance.

Cleaning-Your crocodile belt is a very special leather product. Whether it’s a belt, wallet or jacket, leather items should never be excessively wet. Lots of people believe crocodile hide will repel water and won’t absorb it. However, if the moisture is too much the croc leather belt finish will be damaged. If you ever find yourself in a situation where your crocodile belt is wet, clean the moisture off right away.

A gentle, soft cleaning cloth or dry towel is a quick way of removing excess moisture. Once the excess wetness is soaked up hang your crocodile belt to dry and completely leave it without moisture. Don’t dry your crocodile belts directly on heat or sunlight to avoid cracking the belt, discoloring it and damaging the finish.

Once your crocodile belt has dried, use leather conditioner specific for crocodile leather to not only keep the croc item looking great and new, but also protect its unique finish. Follow the same process to remove a contaminant on your crocodile belt first using a dry cloth. Note that in many cases and almost the entire life of your belt you might never have to remove any contaminant or moisture.

The classic look of crocodile belts and their stylish exclusivity perfect for any biker allow them to look great probably more than the life of the user. Handmade belts designed from croc skin are hard to find products perfect as gift items to the biker you love. Their level of blending with any apparel and accessory in your closet also makes them a unique addition in any wardrobe.  

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