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Wallet Chains Have Been Making a Comeback

Wallet chains were a hit accessory 10 years ago when youth subcultures such as Emo were in their heyday. Since then, fashionistas let this accessory collect dust in their closets, and we no longer saw chains on the streets or fashion runways for a decade. However, recently they have been spotted again in the wardrobes of young people following fashion trends. Wallet chains have returned to the fashion throne, that's for sure.

The Role of Wallet Chains in the Music Culture

This accessory first emerged along with the biker subculture in the 1950s, created as a pragmatic means for motorcyclists to keep their wallets intact while they were testing the torque limits of their motorcycles. It would be devastating for a biker to find out that he had lost his wallet in one of the bars of Tijuana, after riding 230 miles along the highway. With a biker chain, motorcycle riders didn't have to worry they their billfold may disappear.

A few decades later, wallets with chains became a popular attribute of the pioneers of the 70s punk. Not only did they use chains as a means to prevent pocket theft in dens where they hang out, but also as a fashion accessory.

The appeal of rocker wallets with their unique patterns, not to mention the hellish jingling sound that chains produce when walking, was a reason why these accessories were eventually adopted by a number of heavy music subcultures. Thus, along with leather pants and distressed jeans, they became a necessary attribute for Goths and rivet heads.

When grunge started gaining popularity in the 1990s, the chains have not lost their relevance. Just instead of going together with deliberately tight leather pants and skinny jeans, they now complemented the ensemble of wide pants and a negligently donned oversized t-shirt. In this way, the chains were sported by the cult Kurt Cobain or Lane Staley.

In the hip-hop industry, jewelry is one of the most distinctive characteristics among performers. Given the rappers' penchant for wearing tons of jewelry on the upper body, it was only a matter of time before they started putting on chains below their waist.

Wallet Chains and the Modern Fashion

At the moment, street fashion is going through a phase of "rock 'n' roll". Tattered-up jeans, band t-shirts, and biker jackets have been recently dominating the selection of clothing. Together with rock style outfits, the corresponding accessories to match have been experiencing revival. Youth fashion brands ranging from Darkdrom to Homme Boy all offer chains in their collections.

While wallet chains have just begun gaining attention in America and Europe, in Japan, they are at the peak of popularity. Many local brands, as well as some American labels, sell this fashion accessory as hot cakes. Today, when the influence of Asian trends in fashion is stronger than ever, it comes as no surprise that wallet chains have been making a comeback and return to everyday fashion.

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