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Unconventional Ways to Use a Wallet Chain

You have probably seen people of different subcultures or simply fashionistas with massive chains hanging from a belt. Today such chains are mostly used as ornaments but do you know that originally they were utilized by bikers to reliably fasten their wallets to a belt? While bikers continue using this practical accessory for its intended purpose, let's see how else it is possible to apply wallet chains.

Secure a Wallet

Let's start with a traditional purpose of a wallet chain. Bikers love fast speeds and prefer to keep their wallets in the back pockets of their pants. With high-speed driving, it's possible not to notice if a wallet slips out of your pocket and you won’t find it anywhere. With a chain, however, a wallet is always chained to his owner and he won’t be scared about its possible loss.

Prevent Stealing

It has long been known that there are often shady personalities circulating in biker circles who can sneakily snitch your wallet. With a chain, you don’t have to worry that someone may snatch your property.

Create an Intimidating Look

Massive chains create an image of a tough and badass man. At the sight of a serious man dressed in all black and with a huge chain hanging at his hip, we doubt that there will be many brave men ready to risk their health and steal a biker's wallet. Thus, a chain can act as some kind of a preventive measure.

Can Be Used As a Weapon

If a group of bikers is going to have a fight, a large, heavy cast chain can serve as a weapon. It's just enough to wrap it around your fist and you're guaranteed to be able to beat all the crap out of your opponent.

Means of payment

It is known that true bikers are adherents of freedom and they reject some material blessings. It may happen that during his travels a biker doesn’t have enough money to refuel his steel horse. In this case, he can try to exchange his badass chain for a couple of gallons of gas or other things.

A Bike Chain

As you know, when it comes to biker culture, size matters. Regarding wallet chains, this means that more is better. It can happen that a biker wears a huge solid chain with which he can even fasten his bike so that it is not stolen.

A Hodgepodge holder

Using the links of your chain you can also attach keys or various small items such as a lighter or a bottle opener. Just like a wallet, you may lose them when driving fast. However, if you fasten them to yourself you won’t have to worry about their safety. In addition, keys will always be at hand and won’t need to rummage in your pockets especially if you have a habit of keeping a lot of small things there.

The first aid for your bike

Finally, with the help of a wallet chain, you can get your bike to work if there is a small breakdown. For example, you can use it to attach a muffler that fell out or other details that went loose. Of course, this is not a durable solution but if you are stuck in the middle of nowhere and there is no sign of a vehicle repair shop nearby a quick repair with a chain will help you to hold out for a while.

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