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How to Wear a Biker Wallet

A biker wallet is not only a super durable and appealing accessory with commonplace motorcycle symbolism but also a massive metal chain affixed to it. Unlike popular culture that promotes wallet and belt chains as fashion items, bikers rock chains because they don’t let wallets disappear during motorcycle rides or somewhere in a bar where bikers chill out. You attach a chain to your belt, clasp its other end to a billfold and put it into your pocket knowing that it won’t get lost; it is as simple as it gets.

3 Best Ways to Wear a Biker Wallet

We asked a few bikers to find out how they rock their wallets. This is what we found out.

- The best way to keep your wallet on you is to put it into the pants’ back or front pocket. If you go for this option, then a wallet chain is a must. You don’t have eyes on your nape so a wallet slipping out of your pocket will remain unnoticed. With a chain, however, even if your billfold pops out, it will hang from your belt but it won’t get anywhere. This way of rocking your pocketbook provides easy access to the money and whatever you keep in it but it is not really suitable for long rides. Indeed, it is not very comfortable to feel your wallet through the pants. Plus, it can put pressure on your spinal cord and cause serious back problems in the long run. If you prefer to carry your money and essentials close to your body, you should either pick jeans with large roomy pockets or just shove a pocketbook into a jersey pocket.

- If you embark on a long multi-hour or even multi-day ride, the safest place for your wallet is in a bag. Some motorcyclists buy light drawstring bags or backpacks to carry a water bottle, phone, and different hodgepodge. Your wallet can join this stuff in a bag. This option is not the best around because a rucksack, especially if heavy, will feel like a burden after a while. If you don’t want to carry any load on your shoulders, you can opt for a side storage box, an under-saddle bag, or a handlebar pouch to accommodate your wallet. This is not the fastest way to extract your money, credit card or ID from a billfold but definitely the safest.

- If neither of the before-mentioned options suits you, you can simply carry your biker wallet in a jacket pocket. A billfold is normally light enough not to cause any inconveniences and it is always in your vision field. Most bikers wear their jackets even in summer so it won’t be a problem to put a wallet in its pocket. For extra safety, you can clasp your pocketbook to a jacket’s belt ring or loop (if it has one) with a chain.

Wearing a Wallet Chain

If you decide to wear your biker wallet in your back pocket, make sure you attach a chain to it. Most wallets have a ring or grommet for this purpose. You need to connect a chain to a pocketbook with a clasp. For more security, opt for a metal (stainless steel, brass, or silver) chain. If you are a fan of the western look, there are many leather chains available on the market. They are tough and durable, too, but they won’t last forever unlike metal models.

You need to make sure your back pocket is large enough to accommodate your wallet. If a pocket is too tight, it won’t feel comfortable when you ride with a wallet in it. Besides, you will wear your billfold out pretty fast when shoving and taking it out all the time. The best option is jeans with deep roomy pockets. To make the access easier, we advise you to put your wallet in a pocket on the side of your dominant hand.

The last step is to attach a wallet chain to your belt. Choose a front loop on the same side with your pocket. For instance, if you are a righty, put a billfold into the right back pocket and clasp a chain to the right belt loop. Also, keep the chain length in mind – if it is too short, it will hold down your movements; an excessively long chain will hang loose trying to get under your saddle or flop against your motorcycle.

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