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Male Around the Neck Jewelry

From ancient times men decorated their necks with various accessories: chains, pendants, necklaces, and medallions. At that time, such ornaments indicated the status of its owner. Now jewelry demonstrates the taste of a man, his style, and personality. Whether you are a free-spirited person, a biker, rocker, or you just want to experiment with your style, a neck ornament will become an essential part of your look. Here is our short guide to men’s around-your-neck jewelry.

Chains and Necklaces

These are fashionable men's accessories, which will suit for everyday wear as well as for work or big events. Chains are universal and very common ornaments, familiar to everyone. There are many different styles and weaving, for example, Bismarck chains. You can complement them with pendants that will help express your individuality.


It's so easy to get lost in the impressive range of men's jewelry for the neck that you can find in our shop! Our pendants come in different types, sizes, styles, and colors.

Some of the popular pieces are cross pendants and crucifixes. Also, in our store, you can buy pendants of unusual and original shapes, for example, in the form of a spider, dragon, motorcycle, and of course classics of biker style - skull pendants! Your choice depends on your taste and preferences.


Rosaries, which are better known as beads, are stylish men's accessories. They can be worn as a separate ornament and together with a pendant. Rosaries are mainly made from natural materials, such as stones, wood or leather, which are connected together with a rope, chain, thread, string or line.

There are many different styles of rosaries. Some models are austere and simple while others are bold and eye-catchy, made of bright beads. For example, the combinations of red and black or blue beads look very attractive and original. To add more individuality to your rosary you can complement it with pendants of different types and shapes. Cross pendants are a very popular choice for rosaries but you can opt for other motifs such as totem animals, dragons, skulls, etc.


Chokers are another appealing neck ornaments. A male choker is a short necklace that sits tightly around the neck. Most often chokers are made of natural materials such as leather, metal, gems, and wood. The most concise and popular models of male chokers is a stripe of leather of various thicknesses (usually 2-3 mm). This is one of the oldest ornaments.

Biker Ring Shop Is Your Reliable Supplier or Male Neck Jewelry

If you are looking for neck ornaments for yourself or as a gift for a friend or partner, check out the great variety of jewelry in our shop. We use only natural materials such as silver, gems, and leather. All our ornaments are hand-crafted with a great dexterity and attention to details. Every day we work hard to please you with new models each of which carries a unique design. We understand the wants and needs of our clients and go the extra mile to meet them.

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