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Magical and Mystical Properties of Silver

Silver is a great option for individuals with a deep emotional nature. On the other hand, this metal is not the best pick for pedantic people and pragmatists who do not believe in intuition. Silver is lunar metal, a conductor, and transformer of astral vibrations. The spiritual structure of silver can reflect the emotional mood of a person. Also, this metal is able to store information about the inner world of its owner. Silver is capable of removing and redistributing negative energy and, therefore, can be used to clean a person’s aura. This metal is an excellent water purifier and antiseptic. Everything you would like to know about the miraculous and mystical properties of silver is found in this article.

Who Can Wear Silver Jewelry

Silver does not tolerate emotionally impoverished, harsh and ruthless people. It tries to either get away from them or brings them great misfortune. Therefore, pragmatists and skeptics should avoid silver. This shiny metal favors sensual people whom it will serve well. If you are an open-minded person, sterling silver biker jewelry will be an excellent choice for your energy field.

On top of that, silver is a spiritual metal. As an astral conductor, it helps to establish contact with the souls of the dead. For this reason, relics of the saints are stored in silver containers.

Silver and gold are very fond of its owner. They do not like to be passed from one person to another, and this must be taken into account.

Silver influences a person's soul and his subconscious, forcing him to immerse himself into the inner world. This metal also affects the emotional side of an individual. It awakens impressionability and subtle sensitivity. Under the influence of silver, sensitive people can become dreamy and overwhelmed with fantasies.

The sensitivity and variability inherent in the nature of silver have their material embodiment. It manifests in the properties of its compounds. Silver halides (bromide and iodide silver) decompose under the influence of small doses of light, even single elementary particles. This is successfully used in photography. Silver products also get dark. People notice that silver turns black at different speeds. It depends on the astral nature of a person and the properties of his soul. The black substance on the surface of silver is a silver oxide and silver sulfide in different proportions.

Silver and Religion

Since ancient times, literally every religion of the world claimed that silver is God's metal, and evil spirits are afraid of it. In Christianity, for example, a werewolf can only be killed by a silver bullet. One can tame a werewolf by putting a silver-clad collar. To identify a werewolf it suffices to put a silver item in his hand, which will cause a burn.

Islam believes that a faithful Muslim man should not wear gold jewelry since this shiny metal can confuse the mind and draw a Shaitan to his heart. Prophet Muhammad, one of the most respected people of the East, wore only silver rings.

Magical Silver Mirrors

Since time immemorial, people have revered silver not only for its beauty but also for its magical and curative properties. Suffice it to say that such mystical things as mirrors were originally made of metals, including silver. The oldest of these mirrors is about 5 thousand years old and it is made in the form of a carefully polished silver disc with a handle on one side. Only very rich people could afford silver mirrors.

By the way, people learned to make glass mirrors relatively recently, only about 600 years ago. However, they were not recognized by religious confessions for a long time. It was believed that glass mirrors had hidden demons. The church considered glass mirrors to be the source of evil. Silver mirrors, however, did not cause any worries

With the help of silver mirrors, believers treated various diseases, ranging from the psychic to dropsy, smallpox, and tuberculosis. It was considered that metals of cold shades (silver, tin, iron) absorb hot energies and take away the excess of heat from a patient. Metals of warm colors act exactly the opposite. By using mirrors made of different metals, experienced healers managed to heal seemingly incurable ailments. With the help of a silver mirror, ancient Greek doctors could predict the outcome of a disease. To do this, they immersed a mirror in the water at a shallow depth and made a patient look at his reflection. By the extent to which his features were distorted in the mirror, it was judged whether a person would survive or not.

Healing water

The union of silver and water dates back the ancient times. The ruler of the Sumerians Entemene (2400 BC) had a silver vase with a copper bottom. The water was saturated with ions of these metals and acquired healing and rejuvenating properties. Even at those times, people knew about the wonderful properties of both metals. They even had an idea about the synergetic effect, which occurs when they are used simultaneously.

In some countries, silver coins were thrown into the wells to improve the quality of water. People also added them to jars with milk to prevent souring. In the 5th century BC, the Persian king Cyrus drank water only from silver vessels. He believed they had saved him from many infections. His example was followed by other commanders. Thus, in 326, during the invasion of Alexander the Great to India, an epidemic of gastrointestinal diseases began to spread among his troops. Only the highest ranks of the army, who drank from silver cups, did not suffer.

Baptismal water, consecrated by the immersion of a silver cross, was widely used by Christians. It preserved its freshness during the whole year. It’s worth saying that the knowledge accumulated over centuries has formed the basis for a new trend in medicine – metallic ion therapy. Its essence is the treatment of various diseases with solutions containing ions of metals.

Silver Jewelry and Health

Silver has not lost its popularity today, although, its ritual significance has changed. Nowadays many people prefer silver jewelry to improve health. This accessible metal, which is suitable for any outfit and occasion, becomes even better if worn regularly.

It is not difficult to maintain silver accessories. Keep them in a dark dry place and clean with a soft lint-free cotton cloth. If you want to make your biker jewelry shiny again, you can rinse it with a baking soda solution or warm soapy water with the addition of ammonia (1 table spoon per liter of water). However, it is not recommended to use ammonia to clean silver pieces with blackening.

The most widespread allow of silver contains a slight addition of copper. The most popular is the 925 stamp (92.5% silver and 7.5% copper) which is called sterling silver. There are also other stamps (875, 800, 750) but they are less common.

While having an affordable price, silver jewelry allows us to manifest our individuality and demonstrate our unique style. When we pick silver biker jewelry and accessories we are under the influence of its magical properties even if we forget about them sometimes.

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  • Wow, this is an eye opener, there is actually more to silver than just being an ordinary metal used for making enthralling pieces of jewelry. It has an emotional connection, spiritual and magical significance as well as very relevant in some health conditions.

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