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How to spot Durable Leather Wallet Chains

Wallet chains have been around since the thirties and are usually made up of chains with one end a ring and the other a study snap hook. Usually, the ring end is attached to the wallet while the snap hook is attached to the belt close on your trousers. This system is supposed to protect the wallet and alert the owner whenever someone tries to remove the wallet from their pocket. Also, it will hold on to the wallet whenever the wallet mistakenly slips out of your pocket, that you never get to lose your wallet. This accessory has other functions too like attaching your keys, bottle opener and even personal items like a keychain to customize it.

            Wallet chains come in different length and sizes, usually 12 inches. Traditional wallet chains are usually made from different types of metals, mostly alloys of lead, aluminium, copper, iron and so on but if it is not solid stainless steel or titanium, it will never last very long. The colours get faded over time and may even break. So these days, leather wallet chains are in vogue. These groups of chains are made from leather. With the high cost of leather, many clones are now available in the market. So if you are not very meticulous you might end up with a copycat.

            To be able to spot a durable leather chain, one needs to be aquatinted with the knowledge of the different types of leather.

Types of Leathers

There are basically four different types of leather

  1. Full Grain Leather
  2. Top Grain Leather
  3. Genuine Leather and
  4. Bonded Leather

Full grain leather is the best kind of leather there is, and that is what you should be looking for when buying durable leather wallet chain. It usually have a lot of wrinkles, folds and scars as a result while making the leather wallet chains, manufacturers have to work around there anomalies. It is very tough, dense and beautiful. As a result, real leather wallet chains are very expensive and durable.

Top grain is also good leather but also the most deceiving type of leather as far as grain in concern. It is the top part of the leather but with a little shave to remove the usual anomalies that real leather has. It is also durable but not like full grain.

Genuine leather is not good at all and will not last. This name is the number one deceptive factor in the leather marketing world. It is made up of the split leather that came off the full grain. It is waste but companies purchase it and usually refine it with colours and plastic and imbrue and stamp it make it look real. It is very soft because it is the part of the leather closest to the skin. Don’t ever buy any leather wallet chain that is made from genuine leather because it just will never last.

Bonded leather is the worst type of leather. It is the leather scam. It is made up of pieces of leather grounded and bond together by leather glue. Don’t ever buy leather wallet chains made from this material.


Now that we know the different types of leather there are on the market, here are some few tips that will help you spot durable leather wallet chains when next you go shopping.

  • Tanning is very important in how durable a leather chain will be. You might be looking for oil tanned leather wallet chain because the oil used in the tanning makes it more durable when exposed to the elements.
  • Look for thick leather wallet chain, this is going to be very heavy enough and durable, about three ounces is good enough
  • Real durable leather, when to check the cut expose part, you will notice that it is somewhat coarse. Due to the cutting, you will notice that it is hairy with no backings behind it. It is not a sandwich product of genuine leather and plastic
  • Also, check the entire thickness of the leather, if it is made out of one type of material, it will be very durable
  • Synthetic leather wallet chains will be made up of finishing that covers up all the cut edges. So that you will not be able to detect the originality of the leather. When you notice this in your leather wallet chain, it is not going to be durable
  • Try bending the edge of the leather wallet chain up and down a few times, if you see a crack in it, then it is not going to be durable.
  • Feel the leather with your hands, if you feel some stiffness or plastic back then it is not going to be durable.
  • Make sure to buy from genuine stores. They will usually sell only durable good quality leather wallet chain
  • Also when buying leather wallet chains, check for the specifics of the manufacturer. If they specify that it is durable leather wallet chain, then chances are that it is real. But if it not specified chances are, they are trying to hide the real nature of the chain.
  • Real durable leather wallet chain will wrinkle under pressure just like real skin.
  • Durable leather wallet chain will absorb water. So just ask for a drop of water and put it on the tip of the leather chain, if it absorbs it, then it is real and going to be durable.
  • Real leather wallet chain will rarely be cheap; in fact, it will be so expensive that you will ask the vendor “are you for real”. And they usually sell at a fixed prize.
  • The leather chain will smell like skin instead of plastic.
  • Manufacturers will always go the extra mile to brand their metal gadgets used for the wallet chain.
  • And again, manufacturers of durable leather wallet chains will brag about their products online in the websites and also always have a review up. Individuals also post their own reviews about the products. This can also help

Do have a durable leather shopping experience when next you go shopping but remember “as long as it is real leather, it is durable”.


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