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7 Luxury Accessories Made From Exotic Animal Skin

Leather is synonymous with biker fashion.

From motorcycle chaps to belts to the classic leather jacket everyone recognizes, leather has undoubtedly played a huge part in biker fashion and culture. But leather has come a long way.

Today, many types of exotic materials are being used to make apparel and other accessories.

Animal skin has been used to make clothing for most of human civilization. Today, designers are incorporating different types of exotic animal skins in many different ways. They use them when making a wide range of luxury accessories.

Clothing and accessories made with animal hides are known for their rustic and natural textures. They are the epitome of the word tough, but are also elegant and stylish.

The craftsmanship that must go into making products made of animal skin demands high quality and the end product reflects that.

It may surprise you how many luxury accessories are made from exotic animal skin. Let's take a look at seven.

Wallets As Luxury Accessories

Let's face it, most of us carry wallets. They serve an important purpose, but can also be a great fashion statement.

Personalized leather wallets with monogrammed initials and emblems are another classic item. Plus, they are very much associated with biker and rock n' roll fashion.

But wallets have come a long way. Today, most women have carry wallets or envelope clutches. This has created more innovative styles that go beyond just cowhide.

Wallets and envelope clutches are now being produced using alligator, snake and stingray skins, to name a few.

This has led to a wide variety of designs, colors and textures. Now, wallets luxury accessories instead of just a place to keep your cash and driver's license.


Belts are probably the accessory most associated with leather. Leather workers have been making custom belts for years using cowhide. Now, belts are being made with many other exotic animal skins, giving more dynamic to the traditional belt.

Alligator skin has become very common in the production of belts. In fact, alligator skin belts are seen as one of the highest quality luxury belts currently made. The pattern of alligator hide is quite unique. Plus, it makes for a very interesting design and texture.

Other skins used to make custom belts include ostrich, crocodile and snake. This has broken open the design possibilities and has turned belts into luxury accessories.

Handbags and Purses

Bags and purses make up a huge portion of the leather market. Of course, they have been a serious fashion statement for some time. The use of a wider range of exotic animal skins to make handbags, purses, and backpacks has resulted in new styles.

Demand for handbags made from different animal hides has always been high and is showing no sign of slowing down.

Designers are creating handbags and purses of all different styles, from tough and rugged to sleek and classy. They are using different animal skins to achieve these designs.

Alligator skin, a very popular material used to make bags, provides a very durable and flexible product. It's important to keep these types of bags clean and polished in order to protect them from drying and cracking.

Cell Phone Cases and Sleeves

That's right! Even cell phone cases are being made using exotic animal skins. Today, pretty much everyone carries a cell phone. So, cases and sleeves have now become fashion accessories.

The makers of cell phone cases and protectors initially started making plastic cases with animal skin designs placed on them. Leather manufacturers took that idea and ran with it. They turned things like cell phone cases and sleeves into luxury accessories.

Along with leather phone protectors, we're now seeing laptop cases along with tablet and I-pod protectors made with exotic animal skins. These products definitely bring a stylish, versatile look to what has become a very common item.


We don't usually associate jewelry with leather.

However, many jewelry designers are now incorporating exotic animal skins into their pieces. This interesting design element is quite appealing. Plus, it creates a more natural look and feel.

Necklaces and pendants using snakeskin and other animal hides have become very popular. Silver cuffs, which have grown in popularity with men, are now being made with different leathers. This gives them a more masculine look.

Other pieces such as pocket watches, necklaces, bracelets and earrings are being made using exotic animal skins. This style element works well with biker fashion and compliments other leather products.

Sunglasses and Cases

What biker doesn't need a good pair of sunglasses?

This is another item that is not typically associated with leather, but is now being made with animal skin as a design element.

Leather side shields for sunglasses are very popular and also serve an important purpose for bikers. Different types of leather are also being used for the sides and frames of sunglasses. This creates a very durable but classy look.

Cases for sunglasses are also frequently made with exotic animal skin and can be bought to match the sunglasses themselves. These are sunglasses you'll make sure not to lose.


Watches with leather straps are one of the most traditional and classy luxury accessories. They are now being made with a wide variety of exotic animal skins in order to create countless textures and colors.

In fact, watch designs are so diverse that anyone can find a style that fits their personality. Bikers can easily find leather watches that fit their style and use beautiful, exotic animal skin to give them that tough appearance.

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