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5 Special Occasions Where Cross Rings Are Perfect Gifts

Rings have always been the most symbolic kind of jewelry, with their circular band signifying eternity or "forever." Cross rings add to that symbolism by incorporating the eternal symbol of Christ into their design.

There is a surprising array of styles available in faith-themed jewelry. You can find delicate crosses on silver chains for children and tough chunky cross rings for bikers.

Giving a faith-based gift can imbue a special occasion with deeper meaning. When you give someone a present based upon a deep spiritual connection, you take a meaningful place in their hearts and their memories!

Here are five occasions when giving a cross ring will add special significance to your thoughtful gift.

1. Marriage

The wedding ring is the most potent symbol of your decision to enter into a loving partnership with your beloved. Wearing it at all times is an outward display of your commitment and fidelity.

As you shop for the perfect rings to exchange with your prospective spouse, you may wish to incorporate a cross into the design.

Cross rings can add an extra dimension of commitment and faith to the sacred covenant of marriage. Combining the symbol of Christ to the symbol of ever-lasting commitment shows that you are devoted to both your spouse and your Lord.

There are many styles of cross rings for both men and women to choose from. The husband-to-be may select a more rugged style, and his fiancee may opt for a more delicate design.

By exchanging cross rings at their wedding, both husband and wife publically declare their undying faith in their God and in their marriage.

2. Birthday

When a young man or woman reaches the age when toys are no longer appropriate, you may consider a piece of jewelry to mark the occasion. The gift of a cross ring on his or her birthday to a young person entering adulthood holds a special significance.

A cross ring given to a young person on the brink of maturity becomes a powerful symbol of that person's commitment to purity before marriage.

If young people in love give each other this ring, traditionally worn on the same finger as the wedding ring, it is called a promise ring. It conveys the couple's promise to each other that they will wait until marriage to consummate their union.

If a parent gives a child one of these cross rings, it usually indicates that the child has promised to remain pure until they enter into holy matrimony.

Giving someone a purity or promise ring with a cross on it for their birthday could be one of the most meaningful presents you will ever bestow.

3. Confirmation

During their teenage years, many young people in different Christian faiths go through the rites of confirmation. Confirmation is a process of initiation into the faith community and a public acknowledgment of that person's completion of a prescribed course study in the ways of their church.

This rite of passage is often celebrated with a church ceremony followed by a joyous party for friends and family.

Many family members and friends like to commemorate a young person's completion of these rites of confirmation with a gift. Here is another instance where cross rings are perfectly appropriate.

An engraved or personalized Bible, framed photos, or even cash are all also meaningful gifts to give someone you care about on their confirmation.

4. Born Again

Some people declare themselves to have been "born again" when they consciously choose to accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior.

This life-changing event can happen to people at any stage of their life. It can happen to those who have not been a part of any religious upbringing, or those who have been raised in other faiths.

People from all walks of life, from celebrities to convicts, have been born again.

Some who have gone through this spiritual awakening may decide to commemorate their new life with a celebration similar to baptisms for babies or confirmations for teenagers. They often wish to share their new outlook and new life with those they love by throwing a party or festive meal.

If you are invited to celebrate the occasion of someone you know who has been born again, you may wish to bestow on them a gift worthy of this major life change. A cross ring or other cross-based jewelry might be deeply appreciated.

5. Graduation

When a loved one completes their education, gifts are an important way to congratulate them! After years of hard work and diligence, they have finished an important stage of their journey. Before setting off into the work world, they deserve a celebration.

Maybe your friend or family member has graduated from a religious institution, and would appreciate a gift recognizing their devotion to their faith? If the graduate is pursuing further theological studies or a career in the church, they might love a graduation present which includes religious symbols of their faith.

Students who graduate from secular universities also appreciate gifts which speak to their spiritual nature. While it is easy to leave the halls of academe worrying about your next job and your first paycheck, a cross ring or other religious token can be a valuable reminder of all the non-material values of life.

Cross Rings: The Gift of Faith

There are certain moments in life when you have the privilege of watching someone cross a threshold: into adulthood, into marriage, or into the community of their faith. Sharing these times with the people you love is a precious gift which too quickly becomes a treasured memory.

If you are lucky enough to have been invited to one of these occasions, you may want to further enshrine the event with a special token of your love and appreciation. Cross rings or other faith-based jewelry are the perfect way to make sure that this day lives on forever.

No matter what your individual style, there are so many options if you choose to give this beautiful gift. Find the perfect cross ring that your loved one will treasure always.


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