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The Symbolism of a Clown: Who will Benefit from a Clown Ring

Many people enjoy jewelry with clowns. What do such rings, pendants or bracelets mean? This character is a real joke generator. Sometimes those jokes are good and sometimes they can hurt. People associate a clown with joy, celebration, and cheerful laughter. However, the meaning of clown jewelry is twofold. After all, people have a dark side. From ancient times, they laughed at someone else's ugliness, pain, and fear. Jesters are able to reflect these qualities. Therefore, clowns are not always portrayed as cute and smiling people. Evil clown ornaments are also very popular.

Who Picks Clown Jewelry

Jesters had always been the favorites of rulers due to their sharp mind, acrimony, antics, and courage. A clown rarely became rich and noble but he often got clouts. Dressed up in a cap with bells, he was a little tyrant and at the same time, a victim of the crowd.

There are several varieties of clown jewelry. Clown rings, bracelets or pendants can bear images of a jester, joker (card prankster), good or evil clowns. A clown adorning your ornaments symbolizes humor, playfulness, talent, carelessness, volatility of life, acting, luck, etc. Jewelry with a laughing clown personifies victory over the difficulties, bright and unusual gift, optimism, and talent.

Today you can easily pick up jewelry with an evil clown that depicts a character from a horror movie or a thriller. Such an image transmits negative traits. Ominous clowns can be drawn as a gangster, dead clown, or a killer clown covered in blood, with eyes full of hatred, featuring a distorted face. Such an image is a symbol of evil. He is a monster avenging people.

The Meaning of Clown Jewelry for Men

Men often choose jewelry with evil clowns. Such a character is related to the devil. It symbolizes mockery, violence, and horror. The anti-hero of various popular films is a cruel villain who “plays” with his victims in a peculiar manner, just like Joker. There are many options of clown jewelry on the market. As a rule, the image is presented in a negative light, featuring evil eyes. He is a player who uses people in his games. Evil clown jewelry denotes adventurism, aggressiveness, and audacity. In addition, clowns are known for a sharp mind, not for nothing did they become ingenious villains.

The Symbolism of Clown Jewelry for Women

Girls, as a rule, do not pick jewelry depicting scary clowns. However, if you are a self-confident lady who is not afraid of daring experiments, you can choose a more "male" option. The symbolism of clown jewelry for girls will be approximately the same as for guys. Clowns denote a penchant for adventures and suggest that a woman perceives life as a kind of game. The smile of her clown is a laugh that can easily turn into a mockery. It is a joke that turns into sarcasm.

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