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Johnny Depp Ring Guide

June 9 is the birthday of Johnny Depp, one of the most unique actors of modernity. Despite the huge number of roles in thought-provoking movies, many associate him with Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean. In the frankly entertaining franchise, Depp managed to show an unexpectedly deep tragicomic character. Perhaps this is due to the fact that Johnny and Jack have a lot in common. For instance, they share a passion for jewelry. Just like the fictional pirate, the Hollywood star has a soft spot for beaded bracelets, bandanas wrapped around the wrist, as well as charms and amulets resting on his chest.

In this post, we are going to take a closer look at Johnny Depp rings. The actor is known for his penchant for hand ornaments. His collection features dozens of rings made of silver and gold alike. Despite a great variety of baubles, he stays loyal to his favorite motif - the skull. 

Johnny Depp, Jack Sparrow, and the Rings They Share

Johnny Depp and Jack Sparrow have so much in common because the actor went the extra mile to make the pirate look like himself. The original idea was to showcase Jack Sparrow as a young pirate with a bandana on his head and a ring in his ear. However, Depp got to upgrade his look and attitude to a rock star. The celebrity was sure that the pirates of the eighteenth century were just like rock stars of the twentieth century. In his book, an exorbitant desire for adventures and freedom are the forces that unite both characters.

The prototype for Captain Jack Sparrow's appearance was the legend of rock Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones. Were you surprised to eventually see Keith Richards as Jack Sparrow's on-screen father? We were not.

While working on Captain Sparrow's look, Depp donated some jewelry from his own wardrobe.

You can see a silver ring with a skull and a green emerald on the index finger of Sparrow's right hand. Depp acquired it back in 1989. He flaunts the exact same ring on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine of the same year.


Bikerringshop doesn’t provide a knock-off of this ring. However, if you’re looking for a piece that radiates the same vibe, take a closer look at our Garnet Bone Skull ring. Just like the Johnny Depp ring (or should we say Jack Sparrow ring?), it features a skull setting and a large vibrant gemstone. Just instead of a piece of emerald, we used garnet.


A gold ring with a purple amethyst on the index finger of Sparrow's left hand also belongs to the actor. It is a copy of a 17th-century ring found in Rome. The original ring was stolen from the set, so the filmmakers had to make a copy. The second installment of Pirates of the Caribbean has Jack Sparrow wearing the original ring and its copy alike. Depp kept the duplicate afterward. You can see it on his finger from time to time.

The piece that Jack Sparrow rocks on the ring finger of his left hand is also Depp’s property. This gold onyx ring bears an engraving of a flower and three small gemstones. The actor even came up with a little story about Jack taking this ring as a trophy from a Spanish widow after seducing her.

Of the four rings that adorned Jack Sparrow's hands, only a silver one featuring green jade and an image of a dragon was created specifically for the movie. 

Johnny Depp Pirate Ring

Another ring in Johnny Depp's jewelry collection that refers to the Pirates of the Caribbean is the Jack Sparrow silver ring. To be more precise, it is not exactly Jack Sparrow, it is his skull presented in the manner of the Jolly Roger. The skull and crossbones are attached to the finger with a piece that resembles a wide bandana. The bandana, in turn, cues us in on the pirate this ring represents.

Johnny Depp received this ring as a gift from the crew of Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. More precisely, it is said that Oscar-winning make-up artist and designer Joel Harlow (who is also Depp’s close friend) crafted it for the actor. He didn't put it on the shelf to collect dust with other mementos. Photographers caught Johnny on multiple occasions flaunting this eccentric piece. It seems that the Hollywood star is truly imbued with the spirit of piracy.

Do you like combining pirate and skull themes in the same ring, but are sick of the Jolly Roger? Then how about the Jack Sparrow Pirate Skull Ring from yours truly? It amalgamates everything you love about men's rings - pirates, skulls, blades, crossbones, gemstones, and a touch of a contrasting color.

Johnny Depp Tonto Ring

One more ring made exclusively for Johnny Depp by his buddy Joel Harlow is dedicated to Tonto, the actor’s character featured in the Lone Ranger. The ring didn’t become Depp’s staple (maybe it is because the Lone Ranger turned into a box office bomb), but the actor was seen wearing it at the movie’s premiere and numerous autograph signing sessions. Besides Tonto ring, the actor was seen rocking a silver ring that pays homage to the Lone Ranger's mask.

The Tonto ring is pretty self-explanatory. It portrays Depp’s character in the slightest detail possible. It wears his signature war paint and the crow headpiece. The ring echoes a tattoo the star has been rocking since 2012 on its wrist. Rumors have it that he and seven of his friends got the same tattoos to honor Damien Echols. It’s said that crows carry the spirits of the deceased to another world and can bring them back on Earth. It seems like crow symbolism has a deeply personal meaning for the actor.

We don’t carry the same ring in our inventory but you might be interesting to check this Indian skull ring out. Made of sterling silver, it displays a skull of an Indian with a stern expression on its face, battle scars, and, of course, the statement plumed war bonnet.


Death is Certain Club

One more legendary Johnny Depp ring – this time it has nothing to do with his acting career – is the Death is Certain Club ring. Shaped like a skull, it stands out due to its rather rectangular silhouette. The skull emblazons two red gemstones that double down as its eyes. Its forehead is embellished with three clear faceted crystals, the central one is slightly larger than the other two.

If you cast your glance at the ring’s shank, you’ll discover two more things that tantalize the eye. These are the number 3 and the Brave symbol. Both images are made in yellow gold, which lets them stand out against the otherwise silver finish.

The original ring is handcrafted by jeweler Albrizio at C’est Magnifique at the beginning of the 1990s. In fact, there are four such rings that can be labeled ‘original’. They belong to the members of the so-called Death is Certain Club. The club is constituted by Johnny Depp himself and his friends - rock icon Iggy Pop, director Jim Jarmusch, and tattoo artist Jonathan Shaw. In addition to the matching rings, they (except Iggy Pop) got skull tattoos glorifying the club’s name.

So what does this ring mean? For Johnny Depp and his friends, it symbolizes friendship and loyalty. On top of that, the actor gave it a new meaning. It is a reminder of life and death and their cyclical nature. "You are here and now. Keep what you have because in five minutes, you can lose it forever. Every breath is a victory over death, and we must celebrate it every second!" – this is what Johnny Depp has to say about his ring and its sentimental value.

What Does Johnny Depp Skull Ring Mean

You’re probably wondering what symbols displayed on this ring mean. We have the answer. Let’s start with the Brave.

In 1997, Depp co-wrote and directed an independent drama called The Brave. Based on the eponymous novel by Gergory McDonals, it was Depp’s first attempt at directing. The movie didn’t fare particularly well in the box office; nevertheless, Depp wanted to immortalize his endeavor. He did so with this ring as well as a tattoo on his right arm. Both showcase the symbol seen in the movie.

According to the Hollywood mogul, this symbol represents an eternal quest for answers to difficult questions. The actor keeps asking ‘Where do I go? What do I do? What is this all about?’ He also emphasizes that we must face the things that happen to us no matter how challenging they are. We can live our lives only through questioning, investigating, and exploring.

The other symbol his skull ring displays is the number 3. The actor believes it is a magical and mystical number. He has a tattoo with this number on the left hand, his Rock tattoo shows three cards, he has three hearts on his upper left arm, and three rectangles on the right hand. This is what the actor has to say about this symbol: “3 is a sort of special number for me. It’s a very creative number. Triangle, trinity — you know, two people make another person.”

Johnny Depp Rings by Bikerringshop

If you also want to proudly wear a reminder of death (or life, or friendship – it’s up to you), our Johnny Depp skull ring will come in very handy. Of course, it is not the exact copy of his legendary accessory – after all, all rights belong to its creator – but we tried to preserve its statement features. The ring by Bikerringshop offers a similar rectangular shape, garnets in the skull’s eyes, and the symbols of 3 and Brave flanking the setting. You can get our ring for as cheap as $75. A piece from the same company that made the original Death is Certain rings will cost you at least 300 bucks.


One more ring to consider if you’re a fan of Johnny Depp’s style is Red Eyes Skull. Again, it has a boxy shape and red stones are flashing in its eyes. At the same time, its shank is deprived of golden symbols. If you enjoy simplicity and don’t want to go too literate when mimicking Depp’s style, this ring is your best bet.


Johnny Depp Gold Rings

Despite the fact that Depp has an inclination for silver jewelry, he stays open-minded regarding mixing silver and gold in his ensemble. A gold skull ring is proof that the star can break the ‘silver with silver, gold with gold’ rule and still look hip. 

The ring designed by celebrity jeweler Neil Lane showcases Depp’s beloved symbol, the skull. It looks deliberately raw as if it was carved from a gold nugget. The skull has amethyst stones in the eye sockets and more amethysts sitting on the shank. Lane and Depp have already collaborated to create gold rings for Pirates of the Caribbean, which the A-lister later purchased for his jewelry collection.

Are you in the market for a gold skull ring, too? Bikerringshop knows how to help you. Our Blue Sapphire 14K Yellow Gold Skull Ring is an excellent choice for skull enthusiasts who are looking for colors different than silver. The entire piece is constructed from 14K yellow gold and carries a genuine sapphire jewel in the skull’s left eye. Unlike Depp’s trinket, it shines like a star thanks to polishing. There is no better way to draw interest to your hands than something this outrageous, massive, and gleaming. 

Since we mentioned Depp’s gold ring, we can’t ignore one more precious bauble on his hand. This one doesn’t have a skull but it proudly showcases a Cherokee head. The ring was given to the actor by his then-girlfriend Vanessa Paradis on his 40th birthday. This gift was chosen for a reason. Having Cherokee blood in his veins, Johnny Depp celebrates his Native American ancestry with this piece.

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