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Good Luck Symbols - Pick Your Personal Talisman

From time immemorial, people wanted to become happier, wealthier, and healthier. Our ancestors noticed that some objects, images, and symbols are capable of fulfilling their dreams and desires. Items endowed with magical properties eventually became talismans. People used them to adorn their homes as well as wore them as totems. Even today, many of us still believe in the mysterious powers hidden in amulets and charms. Let's take a look at the most potent good luck symbols found in Bikerringshop jewelry collection.

Good Luck Symbols

Number Seven

Seven is a lucky number in many cultures and religions. In Christianity, seven symbolizes the highest virtue and seven sacrifices. Seven is mentioned multiple times in the scriptures - seven lamps in the temple, seven wise men, seven foolish virgins, and so on. Christ fed people with just five loaves of bread and two fish (again, a total of seven items).

The early Christian church taught that faith in God would bring seven gifts: wisdom, understanding, honor, glory, blessing, strength, and piety. It is also said that the seventh son of the seventh son has the gift of healing, and the seventh daughter of the seventh daughter knows how to interpret dreams.

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According to ancient Japanese mythology, there are Seven Gods of Fortune who give gifts to worthy people at the end of the year.


Triangles provide stability for various buildings and structures. Adherents of ancient religions saw a mystical meaning in this symbol and often carried amulets depicting it. They also believed that triangles represented the life cycle: birth, maturity, and death. Along with that, the symbol of the triangle denotes the harmony between people and gods. It was blasphemy to break a triangle and violate its integrity.

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Triangles are ubiquitous in ancient Egypt. The pyramids are basically three-dimensional triangles. Despite the fact that the pyramids are the mausoleums of dead pharaohs, today many consider them to be symbols of good luck. The architects who erected the pyramids put symbolical meaning into their sides. They represent the forces of earth and heaven held together.


The key is one of the most powerful symbols of luck. At the same time, it is among the oldest talismans that are used until this day. Couples in love give each other keys to symbolize the doors to their hearts. Persons who give such a key to their paramour will find ultimate happiness.

 The Greeks and Romans believed that a key is actually “the key of life". Its power is to open the doors to the gods for those who pray. It also helped to recall the past and foresee the future. The most powerful key talismans were made of silver, the sacred metal of the goddess Diana. She was the keeper of doors and thresholds. Also, she was a patron saint of mothers to be.

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Three keys tied together are a very powerful good luck symbol in Japan. They were supposed to aid a wearer to open the doors leading to love, health, and wealth.

Gypsies of Eastern Europe believe that house keys attached to a metal ring and hung over the bed helped people sleep tight and drove away nightmares.

Here are a few tips on how to wear a key talisman to reveal its potential to the fullest:

  1.  Hang a key pendant on a chain necklace and wear it around your neck. If you pick a key made of gold, it will shield off negative energy and attract success.
  2. Three golden keys is a symbol of health, wealth, and true love.
  3. A key made of silver is ideal for students, beginner businesspeople, and everyone who wants to easily climb the career ladder.


He is the son of Shiva and Parvati. Ganesha is an unbending guard and even gods entrusted protection of their loved ones to him. Ganesha is one of the most powerful and kind Indian deities. With a Ganesha talisman, you can count on protection, support, and good luck. Just ask Ganesha for something and he will remove any obstacles on the way to success. This is the best talisman for students, salespersons, businesspeople, and those who seek help in work activities. On top of that, Ganesha is able to boost your influence and authority.

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Ganesha’s belly is a symbol of wealth, prosperity, and the ability to “dissolve” all sorts of troubles.  Ganesha as if “swallows” and neutralizes troubles and misfortunes. Two tusks (one of them is broken) signify the imperfection and, at the same time, perfection of this world.


An ax is another success symbol. Archaeologists find ax talismans all over the world. Typically, these items have holes that suggest that they had been worn around the neck. Ancient artists from the Far East, as well as pre-Columbian America, the Mediterranean, and Africa often depicted an ax with two blades to emphasize strength and masculinity.

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The Egyptian Cross of Life is an attribute of all immortal deities. The combination of a circle and a cross stands for initiation, rebirth. As a hieroglyph, ankh signifies life. Ancient Egyptians vested in it the powers to give health and long happy life. They also believed that ankh is the key to the gates of paradise. It helps unite with Gods, brings balance, as well as battles diseases and fatigue. You can find numerous images of gods holding the ankh against the lips of a man. In such a way, the gods were supposed to give the "breath of life" essential for resurrection after death.


Everybody knows that a horseshoe attracts good luck. Besides that, it scares away evil spirits and bestows the gift of fertility. If you put a horseshoe on its side, it will symbolize the moon. If you turn it downwards, it will become a symbol of the womb. Be that as it may, in many ancient cultures, a horseshoe is a harbinger of wealth because it was associated with a horse, and only rich people could afford to buy one. Our ancestors believed that if a horseshoe was found on the street it would bring success and happiness.

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Horseshoes are powerful talismans to protect home and land as well as keep intruders away. If a horseshoe is hung on the wall or above the front door with its ends up, it will draw good luck to this house like a magnet. This tradition known since the 10th century is associated with the legend of St. Dunstan who caught the devil with a horseshoe. Evil spirits will never get inside a house because they are afraid of a horseshoe.

You can hang a horseshoe either way. If its ends look upward, a horseshoe accumulates good luck; if you hang it upside down, it will pour good luck on you.


This amphibian is a symbol of prosperity, friendship, and abundance. Frog talismans will show you the path to a lasting romantic relationship and loyal friends. Indians in the southwestern United States depict a frog carrying a piece of wood in its mouth. The Mojave Indians believe that it was this animal that brought fire to people.

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The ancient Romans thought that a frog talisman was able to bring good luck to the house. Aborigines of Australia believe that frogs cause thunderstorms and rains. Ancient Egyptians and Greeks associated frogs with inspiration and fertility. In ancient Egypt, Heqet, the goddess of fertility and procreation, was depicted as a frog.


In Chinese metaphysics, a dragon is a symbol of good luck, strength, courage, and prosperity. It is revered as a divine being who combines the spirits of Heaven and Earth.

Chinese dragons represent power, wisdom, and kindness, and also bring success in business affairs. They promote career growth, financial success, as well as protect from dishonest partners, competitors, and evil people.

As a symbol of the Yang energy, a dragon is a patron saint of men. Along with that, the Yang energy concentrated in this creature will help single women find their true love. It activates the energy of happiness, which lures the man a woman dreams about.

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The most powerful dragon talismans are depicted with a magic pearl, which represents spiritual and material wealth. In China, such a dragon was a symbol of the emperor and his divine patron. A dragon holding a pearl of wisdom in its paws personifies harmony, glory, intelligence, the unity of opposites, and the inextricability of matter and spirit. According to Feng Shui, a pearl in the dragon's mouth is able to fulfill wishes.


Skulls often symbolize overcoming life's challenges, strength, and protection from adversity. Skulls are especially popular among bikers and rockers who deem them as their guardian angels. Those men often wear skull jewelry as a sign that they are not afraid of death and are ready to face it.

In Mexico and some other countries of Central America, there is a tradition to celebrate the Day of the Dead. On this day, people do not grieve. Instead, they celebrate and pay honors to their late relatives. The most significant symbol of this event is the Sugar Skull or Calavera, which personifies cherished memories associated with our loved one. Sugar Skull jewelry is vibrant and artistic. It often carries flower patterns and gem inlays.

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Skull and rose jewelry signifies the contrast between life and death, beauty and decay. This symbol as if reminds us that a new life comes after death.

A snake curling around a skull or crawling through its eye sockets speaks about the transience of human life. At the same time, in Japanese culture, this image brings good luck and easy money.

 Koi Carp

Along with a dragon, koi carps are one of the most beloved symbols in Asian countries. In China, for example, people believe that paintings depicting one, two, or nine koi carp fish bring good luck and help save money.

There is even a legend saying that those fish that swim up the Yellow River and reach the kingdom of the Dragon become dragons themselves. Koi carp is also known as the king of all fish. It symbolizes the pursuit of ambitious goals and is a glorious example of becoming successful through hard work and overcoming obstacles. Because koi carps swim against the stream, they personify perseverance, strength, and willpower.

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In the Buddhist tradition, carp means fearlessness and courage. Also, since carps live for 200 years, they symbolize longevity, strong health, and immortality.

Gems That Bring Good Luck

Chrysoberyl (Cat’s Eye)

Cat's eye gemstone helps remove hurdles and achieve success in life. It also protects from evil, ghosts, and spirits. In India, people believe that if you wear jewelry embellished with a cat's eye gemstone, luck will never turn its back on you.

For gamblers, cat's eye is a talisman that guides to the right decisions. It helps find a solution against sudden failures in business and provides financial stability. They say that it saves the money of the one who wears it.


Since antiquity, sapphire has been considered to be a symbol of fortune. The Greeks believed that if someone wore sapphire jewelry, they would always be under the protection of the gods. In the Middle East, this blue stone boasted magical powers. According to legends, one of the gems incorporated into the ring of King Solomon was sapphire.

In India, sapphire is a precious stone that attracts health and wealth. Other meanings of this rare mineral include protection against evil spirits, spiders, and misfortune.

Sapphire is the stone of those born in September. If you want good luck to never leave you, wear this gem every day.


It is believed that this stone is a piece of the sun and it will bless anyone who possesses it. The Greeks called amber "electron", and this is where "electricity" came from. If you rub a piece of amber, it will start sparkling. Perhaps, this was the reason why our ancestors regarded it as a stone that brings good luck. The Chinese and Muslim peoples use amber resin in rituals designed to drive away evil spirits.


There are many more good luck symbols in our product range. Don't hesitate to explore them! 

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