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Biker’s clothing guide

If you are a biker or if you are going to start biking soon and you are looking for a complete biker clothing guide. If this is the case then you are at the right place! Your biker clothing is not only for fashion and style, but the choice of your clothing can save your life if you are choosing the right type of clothing for you while riding.

If you are considering to get proper and correct bike protective clothing then it is going to help you a lot when you are in some dangerous situation. So, we have compiled a list of complete biker’s clothing guide which is going to help you to select the best protective clothing. Not only this guide will get you the best clothing but also you will get affordable clothing and safe gear out there.

First of all, we ought to talk about the helmet which is the prime requirement of riding a bike. You have to wear a legal requirement to wear a helmet while you are driving.

The rider’s clothing has nothing to do with the legal requirement but still we find it imperative to talk about the clothing. But, if you fall off from your bike and your protective clothes rip apart then you will be able to protect yourself. In case, you are not wearing the protective clothing and it is normal one, then you will have to bear lot of scars and your clothing with rip extremely.

The abrasion caused by the bike injuries can be life threatening and if it is not then it can be pretty much painful due to the physical damage that is produced to the body.

Protective clothing can save your flesh and skin, but normal clothing can move it to your bone as well. So, better go for the protective biker clothing.

We are clear now that the protective clothing is said to be working as a shield for injuries and abrasion. Moreover, you can have special padding with your protective clothing to ensure that you are far away from any big damage.

Let us move on with our biker’s clothing guide, so that you can choose the best clothing for you and can save yourself from any injuries and abrasion. You should not worry about the fact that anything could be missing in this guide, you will get each and every information in detail, from the types of clothing to the best one to consider. You should not miss anything out of this guide if you want to end up in selecting the best one for you.

Here you go:

What are the tips for choosing the right clothing for bikers?

First of all, the body armor you are going to use will be integrated in to your clothing, (not always) but you are going to get it integrated if you want. You are going to need it in the areas where more damage is suspected, for instance, elbows, and knees. You can buy the body armor separately if you want and can wear it without any hassle on the clothing you have already bought.

You can get the clothing as all-in-one suit, which will have trousers and jacket in it, you can get that one as well.

As you can see in the image, this is all-in-one biker clothing, and the body armor can clearly be seen integrated on the knees area.

We will have a look on the things you need to consider when you are buying the protective biker clothing for yourself. Find the tips below:

  • No matter what type of clothing you decide to buy, you have to make it sure that it should not be too tight for you to handle.
  • Too tight clothing will obstruct your movements while riding.
  • You should check the clothing before buying it, and check it after sitting on bike, is it providing you with comfort or not.
  • You should prefer the clothing which have enough space to wear a sweater beneath it. This is going to help you in colder days, as you can save yourself from getting cold.
  • If there are low light conditions on the road then you should avoid to buy black clothing because the black clothing will reduce the visibility to other riders. You should consider bright colors for the clothing that are clearly visible, and you will be seen without any hassle.
  • In case, you want to wear black then you ought to get it with colored strips so that you could be seen by other drivers and can save yourself from any damage. You should make sure that the strips you are using on your black suit, must be reflective so that you will get visible.

What about the type of material of the clothing?

If you are going to buy the biker’s clothing for the very first time, then you might be wondering that what type of material is used and which one will be best for you. Stop worrying about all of this, we are going to help you select the best one for you.

As far as the material is concerned, there are two types of clothing material which is used, they both have their own pros and cons. We are going to discuss the pros and cons both so that you can decide the one that suits you the best.

Let us move on to the details of these two types of materials used in the biker’s clothing. Which are:

  1. The man made textiles
  2. The leather biker clothing

Now, we are going to discuss both of them in detail so that you can decide which one is best for you.

The man made textiles

In the older days, the clothing for biker’s was of man-made textiles, but these are to that much tough to avoid the injuries, as compared with the leather clothing. Whereas, in the recent years, there are improvements in the man-made textile biker’s clothing, and it has come equal to the leather clothing. Moreover, it provide you with many advantages when we compare it with the traditional leather.

We are going to discuss the pros in the next section, then you will be able to select between these two types of materials.

Let us move on to the pros section for Man-made textile:


  • In built armor used and can be upgraded to include whatever type of armor needed by the customer
  • Tough material such as ballistic nylon and Kevlar are used
  • Highly waterproof are being used recently, such as Cordura
  • Cheaper than the leather clothing
  • Garment will not shrink as well as color will not run
  • The suits and jackets are equipped with the thermal linings
  • The thermal linings are ideal to use in cold weather
  • These can be removed when the weather is warm
  • As far as warm weather is concerned, air vents can also be incorporated into the clothing in order to keep the ride cool which is just amazing.

Now, as we are aware of the Pros of man-made textiles, we ought to look for the cons.


  • The looks matter here, textiles will not provide you with the distinct looks as the leather will do
  • These can be less soft and more bulky when we compare them with leather

It is the turn to talk about leather, here you go:

The leather biker clothing

Leather is the traditional clothing which is used by bikers, this one known to be the protective clothing. As it provides a good protection against all the odds while riding, such as, injury, abrasion, and weather as well. It comes in the form of full suit, trousers, and jackets.

Whenever you are considering to buy leather clothing for you, you should make sure that the leather you are choosing is thick. It should not be that much thick that it can block your movements while riding. Almost 1.2 inches thickness of the clothing is considered to be the best.

If you are buying the leather with integrated armor then you have to make sure that the leather fits you adequately so that the armor can protect the parts of your body.

IF you are buying the toughest and best leather, then you have to check out the stitching should be double. When you will use double stitching then it will help you withstand an incident which is what we want from the leather clothing. You can also get the leather sealed or overlapped with the leather flap so that you can get weather protection.

If there is metal armor used then you will have to make sure that it will never get in contact with the road. When this happens, it can generate friction, which in turns get heated and eventually will burn your skin. You should get it covered with protective leather coating so that you can save the burns if the metal will not sit directly on to your skin.

Now, here are the pros of using the leather clothing


  • It will last longer when we compare them with man-made textiles
  • Depending on the quality you are buying, it will offer waterproofing to an extent
  • This clothing is pretty much comfortable and soft
  • It will provide you with more distinct looks and style

Here are the cons of using the leather clothing.


  • It is a bit expensive than the textile
  • It offers less water resistance when compare with the man-made textiles
  • It can get wet which eventually will make you uncomfortable and cold
  • If it gets wet then the leather dye may run
  • It can shrink when wet

Now, you are clear about the material used in the biker’s clothing and you can choose whatever suits you according to your needs.  Clothing is not only for style but it will also save and protect you from abrasion when you have an accident.

The gears you must have are as under:

  • First of all, a helmet
  • Harley goggles for the protection of your eyes
  • Ear plugs for the protection of your ears
  • Jackets
  • Gloves
  • The motor cycle Pants
  • The motor cycle boots
  • You should have neck support as well
  • The safety guards
  • Chest guard or roost deflector
  • Elbow and shoulder armor

You should keep this thing in mind that you ought to have separate clothing for winter as well as for summer.

Let us move on to the amazing biker’s clothing, so that you can get the best out of it for your next ride.

Harley Davidson biker’s clothing

When we are talking about Harley Davidson Biker’s clothing then we are not only talking about the style but there is a lot more to it.

More than mesh offering

First of all, the biker’s clothing they are providing you with is not just a typical mesh offering.

You can wear the jacket in a number of ways, for instance, you can use it in its full form with the lining, you can use it as the simple jacket, or you can use it after removing the zip on the sleeves making it a sleeveless jacket for you.

You will be able to purchase these jackets online from their official website or can contact some other dealer.

The style

You will not have to worry about the style if you are going for the Harley Davidson biker’s clothing. People love to have these jackets and they use it for a long time because of the durability.

The Fit

You will be able to fit it to your size after buying it, moreover, you can get the one of your size as well. It is all your choice, how do you prefer it to fit, whether you need to customize it or you want to buy it directly of your size.

The function

If the temperature rises then these jackets are going to give you comfort with the air getting to your arms and core. You can also get the armor in the places, such as, back, elbow and shoulders.


The jacket will offer you may pockets and you can put all your important accessories in the pockets. These pockets can hold a water bottle in it and they are zippered so there is no chance of your things falling away.


You can wash your Harley Davidson jacket in the machine without any hassle.

Final words about Harley Davidson Biker’s clothing

As far as the qualities are concerned, you will not find anything missing in the clothing from style to durability. You will find your money well spent if you are going to get these astounding jackets for you.

Chopper rider clothing

In case you are a little crazy person, who loves to plan trips often and you dream it to be adventurous. Whenever you plan an adventurous trip, the one thing that you always have to keep in mind is the clothing. You keep all the stuff with you but most likely the last thought would be to keep the suitable chopper clothing. This seem silly to people, but planning the suitable chopper clothing is one of the most important things.

If you are coming across some tour that is offering open door riding chopper facility then your packing list must include the essentials, one of the essential is proper chopper clothing.

If it still feels to you that it is just a silly concept and you won’t be needing it then you have to change your thoughts about it. Do your research about its importance and should go through what are the essentials that are involved in the doors-off chopper tour.

You should not be surprised over the fact that a chopper ride can’t be possible in your street clothes because it is not a simple cycle ride. You have to be very careful about your safety and have to take all the precautionary measures beforehand. It is suggested by the safety protocols that one who is going for a chopper ride should wear a specific type of attire that is best for the purpose of riding.

The only purpose of the specific clothing is to keep you safe and sound. It is also important because of your own comfort, it should be the priority that what you feel the most comfortable in. It is obvious that while flying you won’t be comfortable in your ordinary everyday clothing and your tour should be as comfortable as possible while your amazing trip.

The proper chopper clothing let you enjoy all the lava and rainforests and make it possible for you to have a ride of lifetime. This makes you witness the incredible visual of the drastic changes happening in the climate. That is the point where you need to be in the proper attire and you have to be the most comfortable person then.

If this still does not define the need of a proper clothing while you are riding a chopper, then you should be thankful that at least you are not reading this article while you are already on the trip. You still have time to plan yourself a proper trip. The only thing that can motivate is that the comfort comes before anything else, if you are not comfy how you can enjoy a memorable trip.

Forget about taking endless selfies, Dress for Comfort:

It is very obvious these days that whenever someone plans to go on a trio, the first thing that comes into mind is that how they are going to mange to take the amazing photos. You always plan to take a lot of selfies because on a chopper ride while riding you can only take the selfies. So, the argument that selfie freaks give is that the attire does not matter because it is not going to affect the amazing selfies.

The selfies usually only involve the part till the shoulders in which the dress you are wearing doe not matter. But you have to keep in mind that this is not all that should matter, the pictures are important and it is understandable but the safety and comfort are important as well.

It is very logical that you have to take care of your safety first, because when you are witnessing the active volcano then all you do is keep looking at it instead of taking pictures of yourself. Even if it’s not one of those lucky days when lava is not flowing then still you have to be very clear on the point that you have to be an appropriate attire in order to beat the heat.

It is better to realize it before instead of regretting it afterwards, it’s not worth ruining your trip just because of the fact that you can take few good photos. In such adventurous trips you have to be yourself and you have to care about your comfort zone. Here are few tips to make sure that you have a lovely experience while riding:

Check the Weather

You have to make sure to check the weather forecast that is the most important thing to do before you plan for anything. Especially the day you are going for the chopper ride check the forecast before that will make so many thing easy for you. You have to be certain about whether it’s going to rain, or the day will be humid or maybe you need to wear your sunglasses because it is going to be a sunny day.

The clothing

You ought to wear the sturdy clothing so that you will get to have a comfortable chopper trip. You should not wear shorts or sweatpants, rather you should wear jeans and jackets.

As it is mentioned above that you are going to get a protective layer on your body if you are using this clothing. This strong clothing will be preventing you from any damage, and from the cold and restlessness as well.

If you are wearing shorts then you are going to get cold from the wind or moisture, so you should not consider wearing shorts.

Choosing the darker shades chopper clothing

You should wear closed shoes and also you ought to get an extra jacket with you so that you can keep yourself safe and protected.

You should not consider lighter shades of clothing because it is not recommended to wear lighter shades during your chopper trip. If you are wearing them then it will bounce the light and then you will get an obstructed view.

So, you should get the darker shades jackets and suit for you.

End note

You are pretty much sure about your biker’s clothing now, and you can choose that suits you the best. You can have the best quality jackets and full suit, if you are a biker or if you are planning a chopper trip. With the help of this guide you will be able to get the best clothing for you as you know pros and cons of every clothing.

If you have any questions regarding this, we are always here to help. Or if you have any suggestions regarding biker’s clothing then you should share them as well.

Happy riding!

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