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Koi Fish Necklace

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Deeply symbolic, our Koi Fish Necklace will bring good fortune into the lives of its wearers. A master of aquatic life, this majestic creature represents many things including love, devotion and courage. In this accessory, it swirls its way into your style in the form of a large disc pendant with intricate markings.

Made entirely from solid sterling silver, this weighty pendant sits flush against the chest. At the centre of the disc, a detailed koi fish swims enchantingly. It hangs from the neck on a solid chain and partners well with styles of all kinds - perfect for special events or every day wear.

- 100% solid sterling silver
- Pendant dimensions: 1 3/8” x 1 6/8
- Chain loop dimensions: 2mm
- Necklace length: 20” (approx)

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