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Sterling Silver Heart Wings Gothic Pendant

Product image 1heart wings pendant
Product image 2wings gothic pendant
Product image 3silver wings pendant
Product image 4Sterling Silver Heart Wings Gothic Pendant
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Red garnet stone heart wings sterling silver gothic pendant ~New 

A combination of iconic symbols, our Heart Wings Gothic Pendant is elegantly bespoke. Designed and crafted for the man with no fear when it comes to style, it has a dominance to its darkened figure. From the ornate blade and garnet heart embellishment through to the outspread wings, everything draws on gothic inspiration to create a statement in any environment.

Entirely made from solid sterling silver, our silversmiths have darkened sections to improve the visibility of each detail. The durable construction also gives it a heavy and thick silhouette - lending itself to wear by the burliest of men or the roughest of riders.

- 100% solid sterling silver
- Stamp .925 trademark on the back
- Pendant weight: 10g
- Pendant measures: 30mm x 55mm

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