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Sterling Silver Ghost Pendant

Product image 1Ghost Pendant
Product image 2Sterling Silver Ghost Pendant
Product image 3skeleton gothic in the mirror necklace
Product image 4sterling silver gothic pendant
Product image 5gothic silver pendant
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This is a haunted, quirky, and startling piece for connoisseurs of Gothic jewelry. We are sure that you will never find anything like our silver Ghost pendant and it means that admired looks are guaranteed!

The pendant portrays a beautiful lady in the raw that looks closely into the mirror. But instead of her reflection, she sees a skeleton. Sunken eyes on a barren face and protruding ribs, this is what comes into her view. Perhaps, it is because we are all mortal and one day the only proof of our existence on Earth will be our skeleton. Another meaning of this intriguing pendant is that beauty is fleeting. One day it will fade, disappear, evaporate, so you should work on being a good person instead of worry about your look.

Skulls and skeletons are renowned symbols in Gothic. They simultaneously denote death and immortality. Perhaps, when rocking this pendant, you will give it a meaning of a talisman against death and evil spirits. Although Goths worship the powers of nights and all the creatures the night cloaks, they don’t rush to go to the other side. That’s why amulets and charms that depict skulls are so popular.

The Ghost pendant is made by hand from silver and features mystical engravings along the mirror frame and flame patterns atop the mirror. It comes with a discreet leather cord that contributes to the cohesive look but doesn’t distract from the focal point. The back of the pendant features a Bo-Buum engraving and the 925 stamp.

  • Hand-molded from high-quality 925 sterling silver;
  • 925 stamp on the back of the pendant;
  • Pendant dimensions: 2 ½” length, 1 ½” width, ½” thick;
  • Weight 38 grams;
  • Comes with a braided leather cord featuring silver clasps;
  • Cord dimensions: 22” length, 3mm thick;
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