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Dragon Leather Chain Bracelet

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This Dragon Leather Chain Bracelet has a strength and power about it that suits the modern man. Two detailed dragon heads swirl together, glaring their menacing gaze and snarling at passers by. Around your wrist, knotted leather partners with polished silver for a masculine and practical design - suited to any event. This bracelet requires the confidence and stance to pull it off.

The bracelet uses both solid sterling silver and a premium leather for that luxurious feel. It secures around the wrist with a dragon embellished clasp. Perfect when worn alongside watches or bracelets of a similar style. Choose a bracelet that will collect many a compliment during wear.

- 100% solid sterling silver
- Stamp .925 trademark on the clasp
- Bracelet weight: 80g
- Bracelet width: 5/8

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