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Army Eagle Airborne Ring

Product image 1Eagle Airborne Ring
Product image 2Eagle Airborne Army Ring
Product image 3Army Eagle Airborne Ring
Product image 4Army Eagle Airborne Ring
Product image 5Army Eagle Airborne Ring
Product image 6Army Eagle Airborne Ring
Product image 7Eagle biker ring
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Stamp .925 trademak inside the ring.
Ring face measure : 17mm x 20mm.
Ring weight : 17 grams.

The very definition of strength, leadership and courage, the eagle is one of the finest birds on our planet. Soaring high above the clouds, the eagle has few predators and is seen to be graceful and wise by all.

If you are looking for a ring that symbolises your intention to be a great leader, then this would be perfect for you. Made with 925 sterling silver, our chunky ring features some fine detailing and has been polished up to a high shine. The silver trademark has been stamped inside for proof of authenticity so that you know you are getting the real deal.

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