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Silver Skull Cross Jesus Pendant

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Sterling silver skull cross Jesus men's pendant ~New

It goes without saying that rockers, bikers, and punks love provocative, outlandish, and ostentatious jewelry. And what can be more outlandish than a cross worn as costume jewelry, especially when it’s adorned with a sinister skull? If the combo of religious symbolism and biker flair is a feast for your eyes, this Silver Skull Cross Jesus Pendant can’t be overlooked.

We crafted it from solid 925 sterling silver providing the right dose of nobility, masculinity, and artistry. We made sure this piece is durable and massive because the right look and the right feel are our major priorities. As always, this pendant is 100% hand-made to ensure a touch of individuality and unsurpassed quality.It is not uncommon to see crosses and crucifixes in biker jewelry but this piece showcases them with a difference. A massive skull atop the cross is a reminder that death follows us every step of the way. If you live your life recklessly, you’ll meet it sooner than later. However, for bikers, a skull is a patron, and its job is to keep death away. The skull carries a dagger in its head and menacing red eyes as a reminder that you shouldn’t mess with death.

    • we crafted it from solid 925 sterling silver;
    • features red garnet stone inserts for the skull eyes;
    • pendant’s weight: approx 13 grams;
    • pendant’s size: 38 mm x 65 mm (approx 1.5” x 2.5”);
    • hand-made product.

Sterling Silver Skull Cross Jesus Pendant

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