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Trends in Men's Jewelry

Fashion does not stand still. Although men's fashion certainly has more stability than women's, here new trends also affect what kind of clothes you wear and which accessories you complement your image with. Today, biker style is in vogue, and ornaments that once were inherent in the representatives of this subculture are now available to all fashionistas. So what are the current trends in the world of men’s accessories and how biker jewelry can help you remain an icon of style? This article gives answers to all these questions.

Silver VS Gold

No doubt gold is the most popular metal for manufacturing jewelry. However, everything flows, nothing stands still, and other materials come to replace gold. Now, to emphasize their style, men choose jewelry made of silver and steel. Such ornaments have more value regarding design and idea rather than a cost of metal they are made of. The trend for silver accessories is shown by many celebrities who add chains, bracelets, pendants, piercing, etc. to their look. This material demonstrates a daring and rebellious temper of its owner. Any man who wants to emphasize that he has individuality chooses silver.

A Symbol is Everything

Previously, as adornments, men wore only an engagement ring as a symbol that their heart is not vacant. Also, it could be a cross as a symbol of belonging to the Christian faith. Nowadays, jewelry also delivers a certain message. The combination of figures, snakes, lions, skulls and royal lilies are all symbols that speak when an owner of such ornaments walks down the street. If you are a biker, your jewelry will immediately give out your belonging to this subculture, even if you wear regular clothes. With a single piece of jewelry, for example, a skull pendant, you can let people know who you are.

Natural Materials

In principle, natural gems have always been popular. But here we are talking about something else. Wood, leather, nacre of pearl shells, rubber – these are materials that are ideal for creating unusual jewelry designs. Actually, everything is as old as the world: the Indians and the inhabitants of New Guinea are still actively using wood to make amulets, ornaments, and insignia. It is believed that any natural material stores and accumulates energy.

Technogenic materials

Along with absolutely natural materials, such techno materials as titanium, carbon, tungsten carbide, titanium carbide are widely used in modern men’s jewelry. The use of such materials is reasonable by convenience: they do not darken, do not fade; they are scratch resistant and it is impossible to break such an item. So, if you lead an active lifestyle, such jewelry will be just right for you.

Always a Few Pieces

Customization is a trend of modernity. This trend is popular in men’s jewelry as never before. Fashionistas don’t want just one ring for all occasions, they want 5 and that they can be worn all together. A 100% hit is a few bracelets and several rings on one finger. This gives a room for creativity and an additional opportunity for self-expression. Rocking your jewelry in such a way you show that you can have a one-of-a-kind look even if your pieces are not unique on their own. By the way, you don’t even have to opt for mass market accessories. With Biker Ring Shop, you can have uniquely designed and hand-crafted jewelry for a surprisingly affordable price.

To be in trend, you can combine, for example, a massive leather bracelet with spikes and a silver bracelet. Also, a necklace paired with a leather choker can become a focal point of your look. Multiplicity is in vogue and this is a fact.


If you want your style to always be fashionable, daring and eye-catching, compliment your look with stylish men’s accessories by Biker Ring Shop. Here you will surely find what you are looking for.

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