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Tips To Look Out for When Buying a Biker Belt

Biker belts are a beautiful addition to any wardrobe. Their smooth leather exterior and big brassy buckles have long had the ability to lift any outfit and take it from blah to smoking hot. A belt's primary function is usually to hold up a pair of pants, shorts or skirts. They are used to cinch in the waist to give an outfit a well-fitted look. Thus helping the wearers outfit look very structured and not sloppy.

Belts have long since stopped being bought only for functionality and are now being bought for aesthetic purposes. A good strong biker’s belt can make any outfit pop while the wrong belt can make your attire look fashion backward and all around unappealing. This is also coupled with the fact that not wearing a good belt when there are very obvious belt loops in your cloth can make you look incomplete and unattractive. They can also be used to fit a holster for the person who decides to carry a concealed weapon.

While we can all agree that the biker belt is a good wardrobe investment, it’s also easy to get overwhelmed by the plethora of biker belts available for sale both online and in store. A good belt needs to be both beautiful and durable. A non-durable belt runs the risk of tearing or snapping on the wearer, making it an unfortunate and bad investment.


Here are some tips to have on hand when making the decision to buy a bikers belt:


The material your belt is made from is probably one of the most important factors to consider before making your purchase. This is because it can probably be referred to as the sole determining factor as to how long your belt can last. Once the material begins to degrade, then the belt is as good as gone.

A good material for biker belts is leather. Belts made from leather especially those made from “full grain” leather look really expensive (probably because they are!), sexy and are very durable. They are strong and give the most value for money. The most popular type leather used in biker belts is cowhide while the softest leather is made from calfskin. So the best leather belts are usually made from full grain calf hide. Exotic leathers like crocodile skin are also used in biker belts construction.

Materials like suede and cotton are not really the best for biker belts. This is because they do not have the same quality as good leather and do not evoke the same feelings in the eyes of the wearer and beholder. It is clear that the material is one of the most important things to look out when going belt shopping as it determines how useful your belt would be for you.



When going belt shopping, your waist size should be the second thing at the back of your mind as this can mar or make your shopping experience. A badly sized belt gives an improper fit and in really bad cases wouldn’t go around your waist. A good rule of thumb when belt shopping is to go two inches above your waist size to get your accurate belt size. So if your waist size is 40 then you can get a belt of size 42, if your waist is 28 then your belt size is 30 and so and so forth for all waist sizes.

If however, you end up with the wrong sized belt then please refrain from fixing it yourself (unless you have the tools). It is always obvious when a belt owner attempts to use a knife or scissors to gouge a hole. It looks sloppy and distinctly unprofessional and this can also ruin the leather of your belt. Take your belt to a cobbler who would use the right tools to help you get your proper fit.



Buckle heads are entirely dependent on the taste of the owner. Most biker belts have obvious buckle belts. While some of them may not be too obvious they are certainly not known for being inconspicuous. They are made to stand out and be unique. When buying buckles make sure that they are attached properly to the belt leather, as the wrong head can pull out and ruin a perfectly functional belt. The style of the buckle is also important and you can look out and pick the buckle heads that suit your personality the most.

Different types of buckles include


This is common with most belts and is very popular. Here the strap goes through the belts frame and the prong is inserted into the holes on the strap to tighten it up.



This style is detachable and usually comes with snap belts. It is most likely going to be decorated, the hook is pushed through the front of the strap.


This buckle as the name implies is a hollow box and belts that come with this style do not usually have holes.



This is a more special buckle system and it also doesn’t need belt holes. It has a track, teeth and folding metal piece. The metal presses the teeth of the track into the strap In the process tightening up the belt.

 So depending on your personal taste in buckles you can then pick your best fit.



This is another tip that is dependent on the personal taste of the owner. Before making the purchase of your biker belts you have to make sure it fits your specific tastes and fashion style. Some belts come with studs, spikes, round metal holes and so on. Knowing exactly what you like can save you the stress of buying something which you'd never use. So make sure that your belt has the embellishments you like. If you prefer to buy a high-quality belt with a regular style, you can change and switch it up. You can buy buckle heads, studs to fit it to your taste.


A biker belt is a very important accessory and therefore care should be taken before making any purchase. As the wrong belt can ruin your style and your look.

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