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Tips on Buying Genuine Crocodile Wallet

With their attractive looks and sophisticated value as nature's most beautiful leather, crocodile skin and crocodile wallets are the perfect fashion statement when it comes to designer leather and is sort after by the biggest names in the fashion industry for their high-end finish. Luxury accessory designers as Luis Vuitton, Chanel, Versace, Burberry and other all sorts for crocodile leather as products made with genuine crocodile skin is always in vogue and when properly cared for its an epitome of forever luxury. Why are the skins so desirable aside that their elegance is exotic.


To have a genuine product made of crocodile skin screams class, but we have to differentiate between a crocodile and its cousins, the alligator, and caiman. These two reptiles also have their skins made into the leather like the crocodile skin.


The caiman and the crocodile are two very different species of reptiles: while the crocodile skin is soft, smooth and malleable, the caiman skin is brittle, dry and bony because of it ossifications under its scales. Though the value of a caiman skin is also expensive, it is quite different from the crocodile’s skin. A good leather manufacturer though can tell the difference between these two reptiles.


Crocodiles have over the century been used for food, oils from their fatty tissues and skin for leather which is still used to date. They are carnivores by nature and can prey on animals larger than their weight. Only a few young make it to the adult stage as they are preys to other animals but a crocodile can live up to sixty years with the female bearing between 10 to 100 eggs every year till death, even though they all don’t survive, that is a lot of leather when bred in captivity.


The crocodile environ affects the color of its skin and the outcome on the leather when processed. The freshwater crocodile usually found in New Guinea is the most exotic leather out there, they come in beautiful colors that can be glazed and tanned with sizes ranging from 35 to 60 centimeters. The saltwater crocodile is usually black, cognac or chocolate color with sizes ranging from 40 to 70 centimeter while the Nile crocodile is usually 28 to 35 centimeters and very good for the nonglossy finish.


With this in mind, the following are ways to spot a fake or check for genuine crocodile leather.

The look test: crocodile leather can either be shiny or dull. So when the skin looks too bright and artificially colored, the chances are that it is not real leather. Even when the bag is dyed, it has a uniform color all over. Also, pay closer attention to the patterns of the skin, the crocodile has an inconsistent pattern with markings.


The touch test: feel the wallet or bag or whatever you are purchasing by running your hand over it, pinching it, bending it. Crocodile leather is very flexible, thicker and quite dense compared to fakes that are thin and rubbery.


The smell test: even though the crocodile skin has been processed and tanned, it should smell like the habitat it came out from. That means it should smell murky and fishy and swampy just like its home.

The water test: spray cold water on the surface, real genuine leather absorbs water while faux leather doesn't absorb water. One should, however, be very careful as imitation leather will behave as real leather but in addition to the water test, smell the leather, and if it possesses all the above smell, then it is real.

The magnifying glass test: this test implores the use of a magnifying glass to thoroughly check the patterns and scales on the crocodile leather. Crocodile skin has patterns on both sides with the ridges on genuine leather deeper than those on fake leather. Even with this entire test above, it is highly recommended to buy you crocodile leather products from reliable stores with a stamp of quality and authenticity like for some fine crocodile wallets.


Crocodile leather products- handbag, purses, belts and wallets-are not cheap if authentic leather is used. Shopping for crocodile leather-based wallet from are the best because of the quality of the leather. Why are they different?


Tannery skill: the processing of any animal skin determines the finish look of the products, if the tannery is not well done, the leather will not create a good product regardless of its genuineness. This is because the shine and texture are bound to be lost in a wrong tanning process.


The tanners’ skill: this is an essential step in establishing the beauty and elegance that leather has, and thus a skilled craftsman with a wide knowledge in leather and skin with a passion and eye for a good finish is very important.


The measurement of the scales: the spacing apart each crocodile scale is about 1 to 2 inches while caiman is 1.5 inches apart. The quality of the animal skin also matters, the use of a section of the crocodile-like the tail rather can make the product because the skin is usually thinner and narrower.


Crocodile leather is durable, strong and tougher than most people think. Items made with crocodile skin are durable and long-lasting as to the popular myth that they are usually soft and weak.

Crocodile leather is versatile; if you are considering adding anything to your wardrobe, a croc wallet will be the way to go with is beauty and color variety, you can’t go wrong.


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